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September 2, 2011 // 9:02 pm - Today the Spanish PlayStation 3 developer dospiedras1973 who recently revealed both the PS3 Firmware 3.6x Downgrade via Infectus and PS3 3.7x Downgrade for Slims and Fats with NOR Flash has discovered what he believes may be a new PS3 METLDR revision in a CECH-2504 console (shipped with 3.60 Firmware) that blocks downgrading.

Below are his findings, roughly translated: New revision of blocks metldr downgrade for that guys, I found a console factory cech2504 with fw 3.60 and I found this:

[Register or Login to view code]

In Plaintext:
[Register or Login to view code]

The console in question was a cech2504 with Datecode 1B. I guess that's where that will forward all Datecode and not downgrade for the moment

Lookin through the notice and the toil of extracting the rules and be 6 hours trying the downgrade in different ways

New PS3 METLDR Revision in CECH-2504 May Block Downgrading

New PS3 METLDR Revision in CECH-2504 May Block Downgrading

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#14 - HeyManHRU - September 4, 2011 // 4:50 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
You can use whatever you want, but here's my suggestion. If you already have Progskeet use that, if not you wait for the E3 to come out and see if it's any good. The Progskeet would most likely be cheaper but the E3 flasher will probably be easier to use.

... and If you're asking if your PS3 can be downgraded to 3.55 or less, it can.

#13 - house34 - September 4, 2011 // 4:39 am
house34's Avatar
I have a Ps3 Slim 160GB Cech 2504A Datacode 1A with Firmware 3.70. Did you guys think that i can downgrade with the E3 when it comes out? Or should i use the Progskeet method? Sorry for English^^

#12 - damox - September 4, 2011 // 1:24 am
damox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Osirisx View Post
mine was a uk 250gb and came with 3.40 date code is 0c looks like i won't be able to downgrade, currently on 3.61


  • 3.40 < 3.55
  • Datecode 0C is the 3rd quarter of of 2010.
  • Datecode 1B is the 2nd quarter of of 2011.

OFC you can still downgrade - you console was manufactured even before the original jailbreak was released (well before 2nd quarter of of 2011)!

#11 - elser1 - September 4, 2011 // 12:24 am
elser1's Avatar
i guess if you wanna buy a new ps3 and you wanna downgrade you better hurry up eh... LOL

#10 - mrgreaper - September 3, 2011 // 11:49 pm
mrgreaper's Avatar
what i don't understand is why people are trying to downgrade, once you are at 3.55 you lose the ability to play any new game (and some of the old ones).

#9 - Osirisx - September 3, 2011 // 4:40 pm
Osirisx's Avatar
mine was a uk 250gb and came with 3.40 date code is 0c looks like i won't be able to downgrade, currently on 3.61

#8 - damox - September 3, 2011 // 2:22 pm
damox's Avatar
There is also another metldr.

[*]metldr (before datecode 1B)

#7 - racer0018 - September 3, 2011 // 2:17 pm
racer0018's Avatar
I have one ordered so i can take a look at it. I will have to do some testing. Got someone that works for a store and i get it at cost. SO if i mess it up then i mess it up. THanks

#6 - NTA - September 3, 2011 // 2:04 pm
NTA's Avatar
Boooooooo 3.60

#5 - Natepig - September 3, 2011 // 8:57 am
Natepig's Avatar
Sony seem to have really got their act together after their earlier fail.