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October 22, 2010 // 10:56 pm - Update: Today the latest PL3 Payload Update is available, which now supports PS3 2.76, 3.21 and 3.40 Retail Firmware versions and evilsperm has shared some Updated PL3 Hex Codes for those seeking them!

Just under a week ago we reported that Medal of Honor was working with Open Manager for PS3 JailBreak users, and today datalogger (JasonMcKey on Twitter) has updated the PL3 Payload which fixes the 80010019 error that Medal of Honor and other new PS3 titles gave users prior to updating them to run.

Download: PL3 Payload 80010019 Error Fix / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes (By Device) / PSGroove PL3 OpenKubus v1 (ATMega16U4) Hex Code / PSGroove Minimus 32 Hex Code Pack (from evilsperm) / PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes (from evilsperm) / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes (TI-84) / Arduino PL3 Hermes v4B / PSGrooPIC iLLNESS v1.0c (Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall) Hex Codes / PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes (Fixed LED's for Minimus v1) / Fix Permissions .PKG File / PSGroove PL3 Fix Hex Codes (TI-84) / TI-84+ PL3 (3.21 + 3.40 FW) Payloads

To quote: "OK, I gave the info to KaKaRoToKs and he added it to the 3.15 and 3.41 versions of PL3.

If you go ahead and get PL3, this should be fixed (along with MOH and others).

This only needs the param.sfo file to be edited... no changing the eboot.bin"

In related news, PSGroove reports that PlayStation 3 Kiosk support was also recently added to PL3, to quote:

"On another note, support for 3.41 Kiosk consoles was also recently added to PL3 by Mark Webber. Those of you with store/kiosk demo PS3 units can now join the jailbreaking party!"

New PL3 Payload Supports MOH Without Updates for PS3 JailBreak

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#263 - farenheit - October 26, 2010 // 6:58 am
farenheit's Avatar
Cheers guys, i'll give the ideas a bash later after work as i played around with the share folders in windows last night and had all sorts of problems lol...

I've not used linux much so a total noobie in that area although occasionally i have crossed paths with fedora and mandriva at some point but im still a linux virgin

Fingers crossed after a few sessions i should be a pro! lol

#262 - CuriousG - October 26, 2010 // 5:36 am
CuriousG's Avatar
Here's an updated TI-84+ PL3 dated 10-25-10 put together by remainnameless. I used the PATxxx payload and was able to run MoH. Since I'm not in the mood of trying to see if it would get passed install game data again, I didn't test that part.

This was tested running internal HD (ftp'd using Blackbox 1.2).

This has come a long way since having to run from external only, editing the SFO file, putting in patch mode, eternal wait for the game to loadup. Takes less than a minute to loadup once you have the game data installed.

#261 - neomacz - October 26, 2010 // 3:05 am
neomacz's Avatar
The easiest step to play MOH (tested with Hermes v4, not sure if this works with PL3)

1. Copy the game to external (don't include install.pkg, the one that has more than 4gb in size)
2. Fix Param.sfo with Gaia Manager
3. Run it with Open manager 2 (turn on HDD Int >Ext)
4. Put Bluray game inside
5. Run it, it will instal the game (mine take up to 30 min)

^.^ Enjoy the best FPS game for this year!!

#260 - evilsperm - October 26, 2010 // 3:04 am
evilsperm's Avatar
samba is going way too far... it's easy enough to just add the shared folder.

#259 - bledme - October 26, 2010 // 2:27 am
bledme's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
Can someone explain how to get files to and from the virtual image?

I was able to get a shared folder just now using this:

I did have to do one another thing. After you type nautilus, You'll receive a SAMBA error. Then type

[Register or Login to view code]


Then start from above again with nautilus - enter

When your done the share you created will utilize the shortcut already in the VM 'Link to windows'

#258 - dentnu - October 26, 2010 // 2:07 am
dentnu's Avatar
Well I got it to work by doing what you posted now I can see Vanquish in my internal thanks.

Now I have a question when I go to FTP with this PL3 I can only see the


but when I use the Hermes V4b I can see


So... Why can't I see the same folders that I see while using the hermes V4b is it a permission problem ?


#257 - neophyte5001 - October 26, 2010 // 1:43 am
neophyte5001's Avatar
Updated to the no_auth_syscall payload, and had all the permissions probs others here have reported. I followed one posts advice, and booted the ps3 with the hermes v4b payload, then I installed/ran the permissions fix pkg for dev_hdd0, then booted ps3 with the no_auth_syscall payload again. Well... now I am finally ftp'ing MOH over to the PS3. So now to see if it will work. Will report back.

#256 - dentnu - October 26, 2010 // 1:28 am
dentnu's Avatar
Hey EVIL thanks for posting the new version but for some reason when I use FTP i can not see all my DIR like with the hermes V4 so I think at least for me the problem is still not fixed any ideas ?

I give up going back to the hermes V4B FTW Version as I am tired of trying to get this work correctly. I will wait for the next version.


#255 - techp - October 26, 2010 // 12:55 am
techp's Avatar
I've read dang near every post on here, and i can't seem to figure this out. i'm trying to play moh, at first the game wouldnt load at all, now i'm to the point where it's asking me to install the 1.01 update and its giving me the error code 80029567.

it's doing this with hermes 4, 4b and the new pl3. can someone plz help me with this?

ps: i've also deleted the game and reinstall under all the different payloads, i have the moh disc.

#254 - datalogger - October 25, 2010 // 11:48 pm
datalogger's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
Can someone explain how to get files to and from the virtual image?
I didn't catch what Virtual Manager you are using, but if it's VirtualBox/Ubuntu, here is a link to another post that explains it well.

If all else fails, use a USB Thumb Drive..(Just remember if you do, most VM's need you to wait for the write buffer to close, so don't pop it out right away..)

Quote Originally Posted by lombers View Post
Just curious, has it been confirmed that the dev payload also contains the MOH patch and it works?

The GIT patch is in all payloads for 3.41 and 3.15 just look for "patch_func9".

Edit: As of today, the MOH of patch is in all three of the PL3 payloads. There is no such thing as a GIT patch... the GIT is a Source Code Version Control HUB.