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October 22, 2010 // 10:56 pm - Update: Today the latest PL3 Payload Update is available, which now supports PS3 2.76, 3.21 and 3.40 Retail Firmware versions and evilsperm has shared some Updated PL3 Hex Codes for those seeking them!

Just under a week ago we reported that Medal of Honor was working with Open Manager for PS3 JailBreak users, and today datalogger (JasonMcKey on Twitter) has updated the PL3 Payload which fixes the 80010019 error that Medal of Honor and other new PS3 titles gave users prior to updating them to run.

Download: PL3 Payload 80010019 Error Fix / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes (By Device) / PSGroove PL3 OpenKubus v1 (ATMega16U4) Hex Code / PSGroove Minimus 32 Hex Code Pack (from evilsperm) / PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes (from evilsperm) / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes (TI-84) / Arduino PL3 Hermes v4B / PSGrooPIC iLLNESS v1.0c (Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall) Hex Codes / PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes (Fixed LED's for Minimus v1) / Fix Permissions .PKG File / PSGroove PL3 Fix Hex Codes (TI-84) / TI-84+ PL3 (3.21 + 3.40 FW) Payloads

To quote: "OK, I gave the info to KaKaRoToKs and he added it to the 3.15 and 3.41 versions of PL3.

If you go ahead and get PL3, this should be fixed (along with MOH and others).

This only needs the param.sfo file to be edited... no changing the eboot.bin"

In related news, PSGroove reports that PlayStation 3 Kiosk support was also recently added to PL3, to quote:

"On another note, support for 3.41 Kiosk consoles was also recently added to PL3 by Mark Webber. Those of you with store/kiosk demo PS3 units can now join the jailbreaking party!"

New PL3 Payload Supports MOH Without Updates for PS3 JailBreak

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#283 - Scheisen2000 - October 27, 2010 // 3:37 pm
Scheisen2000's Avatar
I am still trying to figure out what patch_func5 in PL3 is really doing to our userlevel and why permissions are messed up after disabling this patch.

I just recognized, that blackbox ftp seems to be not able at all to read any permissions or ownership of files correctly. Every file has just the same settings.

The very first ftp app from early september seems to have better implementation of reading permissions. But CHMOD is not supported.

Just in case somebody is playing around with file permissions, like me.

We need a proper ftp tool with CHMOD!

#282 - edoom1981 - October 27, 2010 // 11:49 am
edoom1981's Avatar
Well, it seems Hermes v4b gives me the same results. I have tried booting up the console without any dongle inserted, and it seems fine to loading & saving from USB. This doesn't solve the problem while installing apps, though...

#281 - modmate - October 27, 2010 // 8:42 am
modmate's Avatar
Well, just go back to hermes 4B , its way more reliable and stable so far. If it works with hermes before remember this:

"Never touch a running system"

Greets Modmate

#280 - edoom1981 - October 27, 2010 // 8:35 am
edoom1981's Avatar
Hi guys!

I have a problem I'd like to share with you. It may have been answered before, but I can't manage to find an answer: since I switched payloads (from Hermes v3 to the latest PL3 posted in this thread two days ago), I have USB reading issues, both transfering data to external devices (e.g. doing a backup of my Castlevania savedata) and viceversa (installing Open Manager updates via pendrive).

Do you know whether this is a common problem, or is it an issue I alone have?

BTW, my dongle of choice is EcliPS3, and the PL3 versions I have tried so far are the compiled .hex for Teensy++ 2.0 and AT90USBKEY (both feature the same issue)...

#279 - Scheisen2000 - October 27, 2010 // 8:32 am
Scheisen2000's Avatar
Ok guys.

I just found some chat-log on pastie, where Kakaroto explains the whole unauth syscall thing and PL3 patches 5 to 7 to some members of a scene-board.

His explanation is way more detailed than mine was, but he is exactly telling you the same stuff. Wow, maybe i should change profession...

He explains, that in order to fix problems with backups, we need to find the right syscall which is just elevating permissions instead of doing some dirty patching.

This Kakaroto guy seems to be a bright mind, i tell you. He has good understanding of what he is doing and how to make it open source.

If you look at his github, he just added tools to better catch syscalls with a debugger. Wonder, what this is needed for...

#278 - neophyte5001 - October 27, 2010 // 1:07 am
neophyte5001's Avatar
Okay just a little off-topic but it has to do with compiling hexes from git. If I have a msys install already (opens up in cell dir), is there way to fetch what I need for git or do I need to install msysgit?

And if I do, should I uninstall my orig msys install, or install it in my default msys dir, or install it side by side in the directory msysgit wants to choose, (which is not c:\msys)?

#277 - dentnu - October 27, 2010 // 12:53 am
dentnu's Avatar
Thanks for replying, I understand.

#276 - Scheisen2000 - October 26, 2010 // 10:25 pm
Scheisen2000's Avatar
Yes, that is what I think.

Try it yourself. Borrow some games, that you have never installed on your PS3 before. So there are no folders with wrong permissions set on the internal. The games will backup and play with no_unauth_syscall_payload if it usually works with JB... That is what some friends of mine experienced. Maybe someone already prove me wrong...

Don't forget to delete backups when returning the games!

oh, maybe you should do the backuping process with the same payload you installed your bm with. Otherwise you can run into trouble, because the bm has wrong permissions itself.

#275 - dentnu - October 26, 2010 // 10:11 pm
dentnu's Avatar
So in other Terms I don't see those folders because no_unauth_syscall_payload was designed that way correct ?

Thanks for replying.

#274 - Scheisen2000 - October 26, 2010 // 9:34 pm
Scheisen2000's Avatar
If you use the original payload, hermes or PL3 payload_dev, it patches the memory with some kind of dirty root switch. This patch, which is referred to as patch_func5 in PL3, is left out in the no_unauth_syscall_payload in PL3. As a result, you end up at userlevel of LV2 game OS. This is, where u are usually interacting with the Game OS on an unjailbroken PS3.

Therefore it is possible to install and play games as this is the intended behavior of the console. With the dirty memory patching left out games run smoother. This is, because the 'dirty' patch does not patch only the file-access but also something even more general. We all don't know what it really patches. Maybe so should simply ask this Kakaroto guy. I'm sure he already knows!

That is just, what I figuered out till now. But I skipped the last two days, so maybe there is already a better explanation available...

Oh, just realized, that even with patch_func5 left out we are not on the normal user level but on some elevated user-level for developer consoles.