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October 22, 2010 // 10:56 pm - Update: Today the latest PL3 Payload Update is available, which now supports PS3 2.76, 3.21 and 3.40 Retail Firmware versions and evilsperm has shared some Updated PL3 Hex Codes for those seeking them!

Just under a week ago we reported that Medal of Honor was working with Open Manager for PS3 JailBreak users, and today datalogger (JasonMcKey on Twitter) has updated the PL3 Payload which fixes the 80010019 error that Medal of Honor and other new PS3 titles gave users prior to updating them to run.

Download: PL3 Payload 80010019 Error Fix / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes (By Device) / PSGroove PL3 OpenKubus v1 (ATMega16U4) Hex Code / PSGroove Minimus 32 Hex Code Pack (from evilsperm) / PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes (from evilsperm) / PSGroove PL3 Hex Codes (TI-84) / Arduino PL3 Hermes v4B / PSGrooPIC iLLNESS v1.0c (Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall) Hex Codes / PSGroove Payload_No_Unauth_Syscall Hex Codes (Fixed LED's for Minimus v1) / Fix Permissions .PKG File / PSGroove PL3 Fix Hex Codes (TI-84) / TI-84+ PL3 (3.21 + 3.40 FW) Payloads

To quote: "OK, I gave the info to KaKaRoToKs and he added it to the 3.15 and 3.41 versions of PL3.

If you go ahead and get PL3, this should be fixed (along with MOH and others).

This only needs the param.sfo file to be edited... no changing the eboot.bin"

In related news, PSGroove reports that PlayStation 3 Kiosk support was also recently added to PL3, to quote:

"On another note, support for 3.41 Kiosk consoles was also recently added to PL3 by Mark Webber. Those of you with store/kiosk demo PS3 units can now join the jailbreaking party!"

New PL3 Payload Supports MOH Without Updates for PS3 JailBreak

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#293 - lombers - October 28, 2010 // 4:56 am
lombers's Avatar
Just to clarify, does this mean that using the NUS payload is actually installing the game data correctly as the user? If this is the case and you can then run this game even in non JB mode with the original disc, this is probably the best payload to use for compatibility.

It will mean that you have limited file rights outside of /dev_hdd0/game/, but this may be a small cost to pay. I still see some reasons to use a dev payload, ie if you want / need root access for debugging / developing.

The only slightly annoying thing with using the NUS payload is you WILL have to re-install your game data and patches as it will install at user level.

#292 - Scheisen2000 - October 27, 2010 // 11:15 pm
Scheisen2000's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dentnu View Post
So in other Terms I don't see those folders because no_unauth_syscall_payload was designed that way correct ?

Thanks for replying.

I did some further studies on that toppic. The issue with no_unauth_syscall_payload in PL3 is as follows:

When a game installs itself to the internal hdd, the instalation routine sets the file permissions for all the files and dirs in the install dir e.g. /dev_hdd0/game/BLESXXXX. As it seems, often file permissions are set to 700, which means, only the owner of the file can read and write to it. This is intended and no problem with unpatched memory on an unjailbroken PS3. If you install a game on userlevel, ownership isnt set and every useraccount on the PS3 can read and write to the files.

This is where our patch_func5 (as it is refered to in PL3 source) comes in. This patch seems to have been present in all previous payloads before no_unauth_syscall_payload. So this is no Hermes vs. Kakaroto thingy...

When you install a game with Patch 5 enabled, the ownership of every file and dir you copy to the hdd is assigned to the root account. So when the installation routine sets the permission of a file to read and write access only for it's owner, this file can from now on only been handled from root account. It's obvious that this is not the intended behavior of Game OS. For example, you cant play your original games in unjailbroken mode, if u installed them with a patch5 payload on root. Furthermore you run into trouble if you are trying to tweak your patching and leave patch5, which means 'root access plus some unwanted garbage', out. On debug console user level you cant even see the files which are 'root only'. On the other hand, you can't reinstall the game, because the game files are already present, but you dont have access.

Solution: Go root, fix everything up, than boot back to normal user level.

Fixing is pain in the arse if you dont want to 777 your whole hdd, which i dont recommend. Keep in mind, that blackbox ftp doesnt show the right permissions and ownership.

Backup Manager developers should please keep in mind, that it will never be possible to create something like /dev_hdd0/Games from userlevel, because /dev_hdd0 is set to 755 and owned by root.

#291 - winthur - October 27, 2010 // 10:59 pm
winthur's Avatar
am using TI-84+ with Hermes v4b loaded. using latest OM, tried pressing select, run from HDD, use OM patch, still cannot get MOH and eyepet move version to work... will gurus please guide me along? what are the steps to take to run these games... :'(

#290 - sean222 - October 27, 2010 // 10:31 pm
sean222's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by HondaGuySi View Post
Installing MOH goes fine but when installing the update just freezes at 0%

Try pressing O to cancel the update then let it install game files to HD and run game. Then restart PS3 and use the mem patch in GM to run MOH and it'll update... at least that worked for me

#289 - GTluver - October 27, 2010 // 9:17 pm
GTluver's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
your backup is corrupt, I had this issue last month with 3d dot hero game. Just rerip the game and you should be good.

Thanks... that did the trick. Just got my 2nd trophy!! wohoo... now If u excuse moi, I gotta go "clear the ruins"

#288 - evilsperm - October 27, 2010 // 7:52 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
your backup is corrupt, I had this issue last month with 3d dot hero game. Just rerip the game and you should be good.

#287 - GTluver - October 27, 2010 // 7:23 pm
GTluver's Avatar
UPDATE: WELL, it installs game update and game data, but when I get to the first screens, i get a message saying" Could not register trophy set, the game will now quit. (00000xxxxxx) error" any takes on this?

I gotta mention this tho, while It was downloading game update 1.01 from the internet, the power to my house went out, so I started it up again, but didnt wanted to wait for it to download from the internet, so I installed the one I had in my external HDD already (.pkg, 57mb in size).

Dunno if the power going out in the middle of the game update has anything to do w/ it? Maybe I should delete the update and also game data (mandatory... just shy of 3gb in size) and do it again.....maybe that'll work?

#286 - chronoz - October 27, 2010 // 7:09 pm
chronoz's Avatar
Please, could someone can help me to fix my problem? I'm using a google nexus one phone with the latest psfmod recovery that let me load various payloads from the SD card, i have a problem to load the hermes v4b payload.bin, i got a payload not supported error! Does someone know if there's any other way that let me use the herme v4b payload with my nexus one?

i need this to fix the permission problem.. Thanks in advance!

#285 - GTluver - October 27, 2010 // 6:48 pm
GTluver's Avatar
Well, I updated from Hermes V4b to kakaroto's 3.41 PL3 PAT.8xv on my 120gb slim using a TI-84 Plus and Gaia 2.0 with only discless: ON. Nothing else, I launched it, says that it had FW 3.42 and that If i wanted to try and force 3.41, said "yes", went back to xmb, and now it's intalling 1.01 update from the internet, not for the .pkg.

Currently it's at 21% done and not stuck/frozen at 0% like some ppl are experiencing. I should update in about 30 mins to see if I have any problems.

I didnt EDITED anything and and "made" a back-up of the LIMITED edition. Original eboot.bin and param_sfo are intact, UNTOUCHED.

p.s. the only thing i did was removed the WHOLE PKGDIR (classic MoH game, 4.33 gb in size) from the main game. P.s.s Running it from external

p.s.s I love how you can "download covers" from gaia itself... some aren't downloading right tho, for example, I have an original Modern Warfare disc in but the cover for it that downloaded is MW2. Also, Army of Two (part 1) has the cover for Army of Two (part 2).

#284 - HondaGuySi - October 27, 2010 // 4:27 pm
HondaGuySi's Avatar
Slim 3.41 FW..Hermes.4b with GM 1.02... Using XPlain at90usb1287_8hex, internal 640GB HD.

Installing MOH goes fine but when installing the update just freezes at 0%