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237w ago - The members over at the Spanish forums (linked above) state that they have been testing the new official PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 for PS3 and have the following feedback thus far, to quote:

"I am currently trying the new Backup Manager v1.1 now.

I will update you on its new functionalities.

More information soon.

• Allows you to play your backups without a disc.
• Works with current clones.
• Current Backed up/Ripped games with version 1.0 do not work. We must re-do the ripping via version v1.1
• Faster reading/backing up (rip).

PS: I have noticed that the game compatibility has increased significantly. At the moment they all work. Interesting..."

New Official PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 for PS3 is Tested

New Official PS JailBreak Backup Manager v1.1 for PS3 is Tested

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#37 - xroc88 - 237w ago
xroc88's Avatar
1:1 copies? pfff i am a videogame music ripper so this will just kill my hobby

#36 - kamenrider - 237w ago
kamenrider's Avatar
re-rip? nah... i think i'll stick with open manager.

#35 - Lakerfanalways - 237w ago
Lakerfanalways's Avatar
Hopefully this new open manager or whatever it is fixes the issue with 3.42 games, once that is resolved the sky's the limit.. we wont have to worry about future games not working anymore.

#34 - modmate - 237w ago
modmate's Avatar
That's the error i get after editing the param.sfo of the new MOH wich needs 3.42. Just want to try a bit even if this ends in nothing good.. lol

#33 - farenheit - 237w ago
farenheit's Avatar
There's a fix due out for this


#32 - modmate - 237w ago
modmate's Avatar
Well, i would like to know if this "new" BM can play games with edited Param.sfo.

Just an idea to get rid of that 80010019 error.

Greets Modmate

#31 - mcx997 - 237w ago
mcx997's Avatar
I stay with Jurai's version of OM.

#30 - darkominator - 237w ago
darkominator's Avatar
still no ntfs support?

#29 - GrandpaHomer - 237w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Well - having image dumps it's easier on one side on other side it will effectivelly prohibit playing majority of the games from externall hard drives (or at least untill some alternative FS would be supported) as well as easy "patching" and modding of the games etc.

#28 - laptopfreek0 - 237w ago
laptopfreek0's Avatar
Personally I feel that if it works will 100% of the games, the only way to achieve that would be 1:1 dumps. Personally I hope that open manager adds this feature reguardless of if the offical manager does or not.