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March 16, 2011 // 2:19 am - Just under a month ago Naima released PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55, and today he has updated it to Naima PS3 CFW v3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid which is PSN ready Custom Firmware!

Downloads: Naima PS3 CFW v3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid PSN Ready Custom Firmware (Patch.diff) / Naima PS3 CFW v3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid PSN Ready Custom Firmware (Patch.diff) (Mirror) / Naima PS3 CFW v3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid PSN Ready Custom Firmware (Full) / PS3 3.55-60 CFW Naima Modbyivangelillo App_Home v3 / Charles Proxy SSL Proxying Certificate

From Logic-Sunrise, roughly translated: Remember, Naima was the first to have released a custom firmware (cfw) to directly connect to PSN or via Charles FckPSN.

Although since the ITA allow CFW to connect to the network without special configuration and especially without a computer, Naima back on center stage. Indeed, always starting the same basis as the cfw Kmeaw, Naima leaves a second CFW.

The big news is the addition of files from the official firmware 3.60. In addition, a file CA27.cer FckPSN modified to Charles and is already included. In the characteristics of this CFW, Naima has included the necessary but not least sufficient to ensure stability:

  • Support for Peek / Poke Fluke
  • Added "Install Package Files"
  • Support Pkg signed or unsigned
  • Replacement of certificate CA27.cer
  • Maximum stability and cleanliness in all the changes.

Naima chose to replace the 27 certificate because it is obsolete. He further reported that the certificate 24 was used by some games. Replace the certificate 24 could therefore have undesirable side effects. In addition, you will notice that he has chosen to delete app_home/PS3_Game for security measures, saying that playing without disc is more risky for online play.

Coment install cfw:

  • Beginnings official firmware is ideal,
  • Check the integrity of the original PS3UPDAT.PUP, it should be:

MD5: CA595AD9F3AF8F1491D9C9B6921A8C61
SHA1: a3a0d1c61e17c6a58a5fa247a3dbb51524329e0a

Check the integrity of the "PS3UPDAT.PUP custom", it should be:

MD5: 2C608AA99772E625BF708908AB6AF9DF
SHA1: c9db35a8d45c7d5286d581e87bb647ae4aa1e1b7

Perform the installation from the Recovery Mode. Warning, the archive contains only the patch. There is of course an OFW patch 3.55. A second archive with patched OFWs arrive in the day.

From Naima's initial post on Elotrolado (roughly translated):

Well, I present what will be possibly my last contribution to the scene of PS3. The reasons I'll explain later.

What is this CFW?
A hybrid 3.55, 3.60 includes some files, but to all intents and purposes acts as a 3.55

What features do you have?
The minimum necessary in order to provide stability.
- Support for Peek / Poke through patching lv1, lv2_kernel (Thanks to Flukes)
- Add 'Install Package Files' by modifying category_game.xml
- Installing. Pkg unsigned and signed by pseudo-nas_plugin.sprx patching (the only method that does not mean Sony reveal key)
- Modification of vsh.self and including index.dat, original version.txt 3.60, internal version is for 3.60 CFW
- Replacement of CA27.cer CA certificate by including in the implementation Charles Web Debugging Proxy
- Maximum stability and cleanliness in all modifications.

CA27 is included for various reasons:
- Allow research on communication protocols used by PS3 by MITM
- Allow changes on the fly, strengthened by example.

Why replace rather than add and why we chose the 27?
- Because it is not known if they add, and we chose the 27 because the license is included in the PS3 is outdated and therefore no longer valid. The 24 is also expired and was replacing the first, but was found later that it was used by a game, it was impossible to know this fact a priori. Replace an expired certificate is not therefore valid, would imply unwanted side effects.

Why replace it by including Charles?
Because any CA certificate which has the private key we serve, one that we generate for example, but since you are using the application for the MITM attack and certificate is as good as any other, we choose the same.

I also include the certificate attached to the post of Charles with the private key, any developer can use it without creating another.

Research on the content of the CFW, lv1 files, lv2_kernel, category_game.xml, nas_plugin.sprx, vsh.self are different from those known so far used in other CFW, why?
For the simple reason that he 'changed' me and not exactly the same, the encryption also increases the differences. But the functionality is the same as the patches.

Why not include the link in the XMB to app_home?
- For safety, say you play without disc inside is more 'risky' ivangelillo has made ​​a mod of the CFW with the link for those with damaged reader.

Installation is safe?
100% sure there is nothing, not even an official firmware upgrade. It is as safe as it can be an OFW or CFW of kmeaw. Of course, I take responsibility for any accidents that may occur.

How I can avoid risks?
- Start from a OFW is ideal.
- Check the integrity of the original PS3UPDAT.PUP, it should be: = CA595AD9F3AF8F1491D9C9B6921A8C61 MD5, SHA1 = a3a0d1c61e17c6a58a5fa247a3dbb51524329e0a
- Check the integrity of the 'Custom PS3UPDAT.PUP', it should be: = 2C608AA99772E625BF708908AB6AF9DF MD5, SHA1 = c9db35a8d45c7d5286d581e87bb647ae4aa1e1b7

So what I need with this CFW for connecting to PSN?
- Currently the CFW does not alter the version number of face-to PSN, we can connect only because Sony has left the door open for 3.55!

Why do you say that this is possibly your last contribution to the 'scene' for PS3?
- Several reasons but the main one is that the oven is too hot to make buns, especially from the police show house Graf_Chokolo

Moreover, the PS3 hacks is something that interests me only as a curiosity and personal challenge, otherwise I give a damn and given the legal situation not going to keep putting a target on his chest to shoot Sony.

Can anyone continue your work?
- Maintaining the credit, of course. Always keep it running 'the invention' I imagine Sony will soon show their cards.

Include post attached to the certificate used in. P12. Pem, password 1234 and private key independently, without encryption. Regards.


Naima PS3 CFW v3.55 / 3.60 Hybrid PSN Ready Custom Firmware

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#37 - slifer1231 - April 29, 2011 // 8:12 pm
slifer1231's Avatar
once the psn is back sony had stated that they are going to be using new servers and more than likely they are going to change the links that the ps3 uses to access the psn whch would mean they will put a new firmware update probally on the old server so all systems could update and use the new links and new security, but i would laugh if they left some hole in the service that was used in the past to get on with older firmware.

#36 - GrandpaHomer - April 28, 2011 // 1:23 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Indeed there WILL immediately a new FW and all uses will be also forced to change their passwords upon first login. This would certainly cause plenty of problems to many users as they simply have the passwords saved and might not actually even REMEMBER it and as long as plethora of people were using fake details they might not be even able to recover some of their accounts anymore. Just wonder how far the current 77 mil account count will drop

#35 - madmax69 - April 28, 2011 // 12:44 pm
madmax69's Avatar
I would be absoulotly amazed if the PSN system comes back on line and there isn't a firmware update to 3.61 , 3.65 etc , meaning that this may not be the best thing to change to at this moment , life is good for me and wanikoko v2 so may be worth waiting till PSN comes back online and see were we are at.

sounds like will be complete rebuild of all security systems so may be to much of a risk of getting banned by connecting to PSN when it comes on , we've been patient til now as well waiting another few weeks.

#34 - elser1 - April 28, 2011 // 12:30 pm
elser1's Avatar
thanks mate... it's the first thing that came up for 3.60cfw.. LOL

#33 - DaedalusMinion - April 28, 2011 // 11:05 am
DaedalusMinion's Avatar
No. It just spoofs 3.60.

#32 - elser1 - April 28, 2011 // 10:18 am
elser1's Avatar
will this fw work with 3.60 games?

#31 - MadMax - March 22, 2011 // 10:27 am
MadMax's Avatar
Do i have to install patch if i have to and how?

#30 - whinis - March 21, 2011 // 4:53 pm
whinis's Avatar
Not sure if it happened before as I just bought it after I bricked my other ps3 with waniko. I recently took it apart and replaced the thermal paste just incase as I read that could be the problem.

It happens at random times even when in recovery mode as I found out while replacing the hdd to troubleshoot. Last night I was playing mw2 for 4 hours no trouble and this morning it was having trouble even booting.

#29 - Chivafighter - March 21, 2011 // 3:17 pm
Chivafighter's Avatar
It wasnt freezing like this before Naima right? When does the Freeze/Graphic corruption happen, at what moments?

#28 - whinis - March 21, 2011 // 2:09 pm
whinis's Avatar
My ps3 has started to freeze randomly with Naima firmware after 4 days. I can find no reason for it freezing. Some times before it freezes it will get graphic corruption and then freeze or get graphic corruption and not freeze. It goes into recover mode fine.