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December 11, 2012 // 7:38 pm - Following up on the previous revision, today PlayStation 3 developer deank has updated multiMAN to version 04.15.00 which now includes Remote Access functionality allowing you to link PS3 CEX and DEX consoles together alongside mmRAS (multiMAN Remote Access Service) by aldostools with details below.

Download: multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) (mM+ps3netsrv/GUI+mmRAS+installPKG - 3.21 MB) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD CEX (20121212) / multiMAN v04.15.00 UPD DEX (20121212) / PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.51 by aldostools

multiMAN 04.15.00 Changelog: This is only an UPDATE version (you need 04.14.00/04.15.00 BASE or FULL installed).

  • Updated PC application "ps3netsrv" to support fast folder-data retrieval
  • Greatly improved loading of remote /net_host folders (up to 4096 entries in mmOS and 2048 in other modes)
  • Greatly improved loading of remote Retro ROMs folders with covers
  • Added support to access remote PS3 system in mmOS or in game modes via /net_host
  • You can access all data of a remote PS3 to view/play photo/music/video files, transfer files/folders (and load ISO games/movies PS3/PSX/DVD/BD if used with Cobra CFW)
  • Added option in "Settings" - "Connect to Another PS3" - it allows full remote control (screen/pad) of another PS3 running multiMAN 04.15.00 and later
  • Added option in "Settings" - "Remote Access Permissions" (Disable/Files/Screen/Full) to restrict remote connnections to your PS3
  • Added support for mmRAS - PC application by Aldo (aldostools) which allows remote access to your PS3 (screen/pad) while running multiMAN
  • Screenshot feature in multiMAN (START+R2) will now save screens as JPEG.

The key features of this release:

  • The improved PC ps3netsrv application allows much faster access speeds when retrieving data from folders in mmOS or when browsing photo/music/video/ROMs from remote /net_host. You can now browse a remote folder with roms+covers and it takes a fraction of the time it took before.
  • The Remote Access feature allows you to connect to another PS3 anywhere in the world (be it in the other room or across the country) and copy files/folders, play Retro ROMs, view photos and play music and video files (after caching)
  • The Remote Access Control (PS3) feature allows you to connect to another PS3 running multiMAN and view its screen and control it with your pad. It allows you to minimize the current session and work with your own PS3 (to transfer files to the remote PS3 for example) and then return to the other PS3.
  • The Remote Access Control (PC) feature via aldostools mmRAS client allows you to connect to your PS3 (or any other PS3 around the world running multiMAN) from your PC. You can change the encoding quality of the picture, take screenshots in JPG (PrintScreen button) and control the PS3 with your keyboard and mouse. Click the [?] button for more information of the keyboard mappings.
  • The option in "Settings" (Remote Access Permissions) allows you to configure the access to your PS3. You can completely "Disable" it, you can allow remote connections only to access your "Files", you can restrict it only to remote control "Screen" or allow "Full" access for files and screen control.
  • The Remote Access Control provides 960x540 resolution (it doesn't depend on the remote PS3 resolution). The best results/quality and fastest response is achieved when server PS3 is running in 1920x1080.
  • To be able to use these features you have to configure your remote peers in "Settings" -> "Network Servers".
  • Any configured /net_host can be used for file access (PC and PS3) and for remote control (PS3)
  • If you are connecting to a PC you must have ps3netsrv application running on the PC side
  • If you wish to restrict access to your PS3 - change the setting in "Remote Access Permissions"
  • If you wish to connect to another PS3 configured as /net_host - use the "Connect to Another PS3" function in "Settings"

While connected to another PS3 you can 'minimize' the connection and work with your own PS3 and then resume the remote control. You will see the live minimized remote screen in the lower corner. To switch between local/remote control use [START]+[SQUARE].

To terminate a connection to a remote PS3 use [START]+[CIRCLE]. All other buttons you press will be sent to the remote PS3.

MANY thanks to aldostools for creating the PC application to connect to a remote-control-enabled PS3.

From aldostools comes a quick tutorial, as follows:

0- Run PARAM.SFO Edit.exe as Administrator to associate .SFO/.SFX extensions. Close it.
1- Backup your save data folder to a USB storage device (/PS3/SAVEDATA) or download them to the PC from /dev_hdd/home/0000000x/savedata via FTP
2- Backup your savedata folder in a ZIP/RAR/7z (just in case you make a mistak and corrupt your saves)
3- Start the Bruteforce and browse to your local savedata folder
4- Browse to a savedata with your account id and "Use PARAM.SFO as template" (you can do this manually copying the PARAM.SFO as "template.sfo" into the folder of Bruteforce)
5- Browse to a savedata with a foreign account id.
6- If the game has a key in the database it will be displayed, otherwise you will need to bruteforce it double clicking on the game and providing the ELF of the game (EBOOT or another self)
7- Once you have the key for the savedata to be resigned, press "Update Account ID" to update the PARAM.SFO with the account id in the template.
8- Press "Patch SFO" if the game is copy protected (it says YES in the Protected column)
9- Select all the files from the PFD using Ctrl+A and press "Decrypt PFD"
10- Use "Update PFD (Partial)" or "Update PFD (Partial update without Game setting) to update the hashes in the PFD. If you have the disc_hash_key for the game, you can use "Updae PFD (Full)".
11- Once the PFD is updated, select all files usingCtrl+A and press "Encrypt PFD"
12- Press "Verify PFD" to check if everything is OK.
13- Copy the resigned savedata to a USB storage device (/PS3/SAVEDATA) or transfer them from the PC to /dev_hdd/home/0000000x/savedata via FTP

Finally, from [email protected]: nice job master, i waiting for update STEALH version.

Put report_data.txt to your root usb go to install package file (Rogero 4.30 v2.03) on "APP_HOME/PS3_GAME" and push start for update your multiman 04.14.XX STEALTH to 04.15.00 STEALTH.


MultiMAN v04.15.00 with mmRAS: multiMAN Remote Access Service

MultiMAN v04.15.00 with mmRAS: multiMAN Remote Access Service

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#477 - joekrow - March 15, 2013 // 1:44 am
joekrow's Avatar
In the new multiman base 14.20 I don't seem to find the install pkg for mm stealth, anyone here with some help.. and also don't seem to know how to change the .txt to .self hoping someone may be of help thanks

#476 - williak6 - March 14, 2013 // 10:41 pm
williak6's Avatar

#475 - kikeadsl - March 14, 2013 // 7:26 pm
kikeadsl's Avatar
The update will be public as soon as possible.

#474 - williak6 - March 14, 2013 // 7:09 pm
williak6's Avatar
Is it true that update 8 is coming out in a few hours?

#473 - kikeadsl - March 14, 2013 // 5:39 pm
kikeadsl's Avatar
The Spanish dev MiraLaTijera (via has dumped sucessfully dongle cobra 6.0. The next update of 4.31 CFW will bring some interesting stuff...

I just dump the kernel loaded with 6.0 cobra

[Register or Login to view code]

Hola Cobra

Stay tuned!!!

#472 - PS4 News - March 10, 2013 // 8:55 am
PS4 News's Avatar
MultiMAN v04.20.04 PS3 Backup Game Manager is now available via deank with the changes detailed below, as follows:

Download: multiMAN v04.20.04 Update (20130309) (16.77 MB - Includes CEX/DEX/STEALTH updates) / multiMAN v04.20.04 Update (20130309) (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.20.04 Update (20130309) (Mirror #2) / LANG_AR.TXT by HAIDER

multiMAN ver 04.20.04 update is now available online and in the WEB column:

  • Improved discless compatibility (even more) on 3.55/4.21/4.30CEX firmwares
  • A BD-DISC icon with [PlayStation(R)3] text will appear in XMB to replace /app_home/PS3_GAME entry
  • Tested few games, which didn't work discless before and now work just fine (like LEGO:Indiana Jones and 30 other games)
  • Upon launch mM will try to restore default LV2 environment by resetting syscalls 35, 36, 37, 141, 142, 600, 604 (this should fix problems when mM is launched after Iris)

p.s. Please try to download the update from the link or the WEB column to save update-server-bandwidth.

Update: I fixed the issue and will post the link later when I'm back home or if you wish you can start mM by holding L2+R2 and update online.

Download: multiMAN v04.20.04 Update CEX (20130311) / multiMAN v04.20.04 Update CEX (20130311) (Mirror)

This should fix 8001003C errors on all supported firmwares and also should fix some more issues caused by Iris/mM launched one after another.

#471 - PS4 News - March 3, 2013 // 6:01 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
More mM 04.20.03 translation attachments for above...

Showtime 4.3.48 by Andreas Oman is now available for mM and as standalone (in the WEB column):

Download: Showtime 04.03.048 [CEX].pkg (5.67 MB) / Showtime 04.03.048 [DEX].pkg (5.73 MB)

Also below is an update on the Cobra ODE, as follows:

4 - 03 - 2013

Release date is a little delayed since we're ironing out the last remaining bugs with the software and hardware in preparation for release. This has taken a longer than expected due to the extended range of consoles we support.

Some pictures and further information about our hardware will follow over the next few days. Stay tuned for further info!

#470 - PS4 News - March 3, 2013 // 5:42 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
MultiMAN v04.20.03 PS3 Backup Game Manager is now available with Dynarec enabled from deank with the changes detailed below, as follows:

Download: multiMAN v04.20.03 UPD (20130303) (7.97 MB) / multiMAN v04.20.03 UPD (20130303) (Mirror) / PS3SX [BETA].pkg (5.95 MB) / lastGAME2 [COBRA FW].pkg (356.81 KB) / Attached below: LANG_IT.TXT by Dino05 / LANG_BR.TXT by ajts1989 / LANG_PR.TXT by kgb / LANG_RU.TXT by pvc1 / LANG_IN.TXT by aquarius / LANG_PL.TXT by djtom / LANG_HU.TXT by JohnDoeHun / LANG_JP.TXT by Kyan_dudl / LANG_FR.TXT by winch03200 / LANG_GL.TXT by ser8210 / (5.26 MB) by samson

multiMAN 04.20.03 update is available online and in the WEB column.

multiMAN ver 04.20.03 UPD (20130303)

  • Added support for 4.30DEX CFW (REBUG) (TBA)
  • Added support for PS1 BIN+CUE (using ps1_emu/netemu) for 3.55DEX, 4.21DEX and 4.30DEX
  • Added DynaRec support: New option in Settings "Enable DYNAREC"
  • DYNAREC support for 3.55CEX/DEX, 4.21CEX/DEX, 4.30CEX/DEX, 4.31CEX
  • Fixed few minor issues in 4x2 and 8x4 modes (refreshing the game title when insert/ejecting a PS3 game disc)
  • Fixed a very rare bug in mmOS when icon names/texts are getting corrupted

You must use lastGAME2 [COBRA FW].pkg on Cobra 3.55/4.30. It supports everything you need. mmCM 04.20.02 and lastGAME2 support:

  • PS1 Disc Backups
  • PS2 Disc Backups
  • PS2 ISO or BIN+CUE
  • PS3 ISO (unencrypted)
  • PS3 (folder format)
  • DVD ISO (decrypted)
  • BD ISO (decrypted)

...all these can be loaded from networked PC (wired or wireless LAN) from /net_host, Internal HDD and USB HDD (only exception is PS2 ISO files for BC consoles - ISO must be on /dev_hdd0 and PS3 games in folder-format must be on /dev_hdd0 or /dev_usbxxx and of course the Disc backups).

DYNAREC support tested on 4.21REX and 4.30ROGERO with ps3sx_Beta.pkg which is enough to assume that the implementation is proper. Thanks to Ing. Pereira for the htab info and PeteUK for the testing. All offsets can be found in my source below so Ing. Pereira can port his app for other firmwares, too. Also there is an easier way to detect all CFW firmwares and I posted about it at the end of this post.

Here is a slightly modified PS3SX:

  • You can install it on any mM supported firmware (3.55CEX/DEX, 4.21CEX/DEX, 4.30CEX/DEX, 4.31CEX)
  • The configuration file is USRDIR/CF.ini
  • Comes with bios and all paths set properly where the default ROM path is /dev_hdd0/PSXISO
  • EBOOT.BIN calls RELOAD.SELF so you can boot PS3SX directly from multiMAN
  • It has VERY POOR compatibility but shows that dynarec is working on all firmwares.

You can enable DynaRec in mM's settings and directly load PS3SX from mM's GAME column. Thanks to aldostools for the cover. Developers can use this dynarec option in mM if they wish to test their apps in this environment.

The implementation in mM is different than IngPereira's approach, because it doesn't use the 0x700000 area for the payload and the patches, there are no issues with PKG files and works on all firmwares. Still the kammy data for the hvsc redirections is used, but dynarec's usage is greatly simplified by an "On/Off" option in mM.

I'm just saying this because some morons will go again with their idiotic comments about copy/pasting. Parts of the mM code is here, along with info how to make it work on all firmwares.

It is as simple as that:
/* (c) 2010-2013 multiMAN, Dynarec Enabler
(c) 2013 Ing Pereira
#define HTAB_BASE 0x800000000f000000ULL

#define HTAB_LV2_START_421 (0x01000000ULL)
#define HTAB_LV2_START_421D (0x08000000ULL)
#define HTAB_LV2_START_430 (0x01000000ULL)

// base_addr = address of mM's payload
// base_addr + 0x100 = address of htab payload

void dynarec_payload()
u64 base_addr=0;
u64 patch_htab1=0;
u64 patch_htab2=0;
u64 patch_htab3=0;

if(c_firmware==3.55f && !dex_mode)
else if(c_firmware==3.55f && dex_mode)
else if(c_firmware==4.21f && !dex_mode)
patch_htab2=0x5D6DC; //+A38
patch_htab3=0x5DBA4; //+4C8

else if(c_firmware==4.21f && dex_mode)
else if(c_firmware==4.30f && !dex_mode)
base_addr=0x2D2418; //0x6ff000; to test htab
else if(c_firmware==4.30f && dex_mode)
else if(c_firmware==4.31f && !dex_mode)
else return;


if(patch_htab1 && HTAB_LV2_START)

Lv2Syscall2(7, base_addr + 0x100, 0x7C0802A6F8010010ULL);
Lv2Syscall2(7, base_addr + 0x108, 0xF821FF81F8410070ULL);
Lv2Syscall2(7, base_addr + 0x110, 0x3C40800060420000ULL);

Lv2Syscall2(7, base_addr + 0x118, 0x784207C664420000ULL | ( ((base_addr+0x198)>>16)&0xFFFF) );
Lv2Syscall2(7, base_addr + 0x120, 0x60420000E8020000ULL | ( ((base_addr+0x198))&0xFFFF)

#469 - Ozz465 - March 3, 2013 // 6:55 am
Ozz465's Avatar
pardon my ignorance but what do these files do??

Make sure you are using the latest versions of mmDM, ps3netsrv and mmRAS: DUMMY_BDEMU.rar

#468 - sharred - March 3, 2013 // 4:23 am
sharred's Avatar
No you cannot do that.