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October 30, 2012 // 5:13 pm - Following up on the previous update, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer deank has updated multiMAN PS3 game backup manager to version 04.09.00 Base and Full (20121030) with the changes outlined below.

Download: multiMAN v04.09.00 Base (20121030) (30.40 MB) / multiMAN v04.09.00 Full (20121030) (273.03 MB)


More Mirrors:


  • Updated online covers database (also fixed Fifa13/Maiden/Dishonored covers)
  • Updated gameDATA3, lastGAME3 and bdRESET3 to support 4.30CFW
  • Updated showTIME to 04.01.208 (standalone PKG and showTIME for mM)
  • Added hidden option in options.bin "kid_protection" (to control access to settings/mmos)

For 3.41-4.30 CFW (CEX)

  • multiMAN ver 04.09.00 BASE
  • Showtime 4.1.208
  • bdRESET
  • gameDATA
  • lastGAME
  • stDISC

For 3.41-4.30 CFW

  • multiMAN ver 04.09.00 FULL (CEX) (8700 PSX/PS2/PS3 game covers, 2 motion backgrounds)
  • multiMAN ver 04.09.00 BASE (DEX)
  • Showtime 4.1.208 (CEX/DEX)
  • bdRESET
  • gameDATA
  • lastGAME
  • stDISC
  • RetroArch (CEX)
  • PC Applications

MultiMAN v04.09.00 Arrives with More PS3 v4.30 CFW Support

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#546 - Azrial - May 18, 2013 // 6:37 pm
Azrial's Avatar
I think you go to your images via the MultiMAN XMB view, and select what image you want to use as a wallpaper.

#545 - d3adliner - May 18, 2013 // 5:59 pm
d3adliner's Avatar
Is there any way to change the game backgrounds in this view (see attached picture) to a be the same single static image for every game? I remember this was an option on earlier versions of Multiman but I don't see the option in the options.ini or options.bin. There is a setting to disable them in the XMB modes, but I don't see a setting for the game list view.

The reason I want this is because there is something wrong with that specific view, that makes the image not change to the selected game if you move through your list too fast.

#544 - dekaspace - May 15, 2013 // 1:16 pm
dekaspace's Avatar
Long winded but I have loads of games on my OFW console so data transferred them to new one but need to then backup them to pc since there is about 50 gig of stuff so I can put the hard drive from my old console into my new CFW console, ftp back the games then put the 60 gig hd in my OFW console and data transfer the same games so I have the games on both consoles.

How exactly do I copy games with multiman in such a way that the XMB still shows them as installed?

#543 - 2tailedfox - May 8, 2013 // 7:03 am
2tailedfox's Avatar
lol, thanks, that answers that part, but still don't know why I installed 4.40.00 and it still says 4.06.02. Every time I want to play a game it asks me to update and i have to say no because it puts on psmove stuff that breaks it with a 3d exclamation mark. I figured the old mmcm update server would have the right update.

So which version do I actually have, and where can I manually get non-psmove update files? so what version am i on? 4.4 or 4.06?

#542 - PS4 News - May 8, 2013 // 6:45 am
PS4 News's Avatar
One reason it may not be connecting is because according to deank there is no server any longer stating "The server issue is that there is no more a server."

As to what the alternative option is, only time will tell but some people suggested being able to create their own although that hasn't been implemented at this time.

#541 - 2tailedfox - May 8, 2013 // 6:25 am
2tailedfox's Avatar
Just updated my cobra to v6 and the firmware along with it. Went to update mmcm and it said that it couldn't contact the update server. It says in system info that it's 04.06.02.

I wouldn't care so much except that it also can't seem to connect to whatever server is needed to download game updates like it used to. Anyway, I got the 4.40.00 base cex pkg file and installed it.

Started mmcm again and it asked me the 3 questions and loaded the default theme. I went to system information and it still says 04.06.02 despite the xmb saying it's 4.40.00. It also still won't connect to any servers.

No there is nothing wrong with my network, I connected the ps3 a web site just fine and can ftp to and from it. What's going on here?

#540 - kalberto - May 5, 2013 // 3:49 am
kalberto's Avatar
try to re-enable bd, but still it didn't working ? it said 'BD-ROM emulator couldn't start' ??

Update: it was working, I read all the information about 4.41 CFW and also information about MultiMan 4.40 very carefully , then I realized I miss one step as recommendation to make it working with MM 4.40, there was missing one step 4.41.1 Lite CFW.

so, I tried to install 4.41.1 Lite again after backup then install 4.41.2 Lite and then install MM 4.40 again, the BDrom working perfectly without re-enable it.

#539 - yeopajee - May 3, 2013 // 7:15 am
yeopajee's Avatar
is STEALTH multiman working with rebug 4.41.2?

#538 - PS4 News - May 2, 2013 // 10:54 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on the previous update, today multiMAN PS3 back-up manager has been updated to support Rebug 4.41 CFW with the changes outlined below.

Download: multiMAN v04.40.00 Base (20130502).zip (104.59 MB) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Base (20130502).zip (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Update CEX (20130502).pkg (2.57 MB) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Update CEX (20130502).pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Base CEX (20130503).pkg (39.17 MB)

More Mirrors (via

To quote: Dean has come through and updated multiMAN to version 4.40.00. This quick update makes it compatible with REBUG's released 4.41 LITE CFW As well as any future 4.41 CFW's that are eventually released.


  • Added support for 4.41 CFW
  • All specific features (like BD Movie region Change, BD-Mirror, DYNAREC, PS1 BIN+ISO backups, PS2 Classics, discless, etc) work.

multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE (20130502).zip (104.59 MB) Includes:

  • multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE CEX (20130502).pkg (37 MB)
  • multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE DEX (20130502).pkg (32 MB)
  • multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE STEALTH (20130502).zip (35 MB)

Note: If you ran multiMAN on 4.41 before this update, you will need to re-enable the BD-ROM emulator (bottom option in settings) and restart multiMAN for it to work.

Note 2: lastGAME, gameDATA and stDISC won't work. bdRESET should still work. The function in mM for data works. If you have gameDATA installed you can switch back to HDD mode.

Update: Dean has compiled a new mM compatible version of Showtime. Showtime 04.03.211 [CEX] for multiMAN: Replace it (via FTP or mmOS) in /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/sys/:

Download: SHOWTIME.SELF (5.89 MB) / Showtime 04.03.211 [CEX].pkg (5.93 MB) / Showtime 04.03.211 [DEX].pkg (5.99 MB)

Update 2: multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE CEX (20130503).pkg is also now available above with the following additions:

  • Updated Showtime for mM to 04.03.211
  • Updated PS1 Emulator (ps1_emu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)
  • Updated PS1_NET Emulator (ps1_netemu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)

Now mM will use ps1_emu/ps1_netemu from 4.41OFW (patched of course) when launching PS1 ISO/BIN+CUE backups if your PS3 is running 4.40CFW/4.41CFW. I didn't change the mM version, but if you wish better PS1 backups compatibility and newer Showtime - update to this BASE version.

You can install this version either from scratch or update any installed mM version.

Finally, mMTools has also been updated for PS3 4.41 CFW with details below, as follows:

And here are the remaining tools:

Download: (722.63 KB)


  • lastGAME6.pkg (requires mM 04.40.00 if used for PS1 backups)
  • gameDATA6.pkg
  • bdRESET6.pkg
  • stDISC4.pkg

All tools should now support 4.41 CFW. Older firmwares 3.55 / 4.21 / 4.30 / 4.31 / 4.40 (CEX / DEX) are supported, too.

The server issue is that there is no more a server. You should have no problems playing retro roms with any mM version.

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#537 - PS4 News - April 29, 2013 // 4:01 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
You may want to try this Base version following by updating it through multiMAN or using THIS update afterwards: