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December 13, 2010 // 12:02 am - PS3 Developers JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma have brought another way to enable writing to the PS3's /dev_flash partition by mirroring it to /dev_Alejandro.

This follows in line with nr4u's Flash Loader, which itself was a successor of JaicraB's USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3 - but in a more compact, stripped down version.

Download: Mount Alejandro

To quote (via Spanish to English translation):

FLASH Write Enable:

This application allows the mounting of the unit / dev_Alejandro. This unit is a mirror of the unit / dev_flash, with this active alike.

Unit / dev_flash no writeable useful to read as the old way, but the new SI is writable.

This is why we are not responsible for any misuse that may be made this application, the method used, etc. As end users ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE WILL you do ON YOUR MACHINE!

Taken into account before trying to manipulate the firmware, XML files, etc.

Happy Xmax!

JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma

P.S Why the name of Alexander? Who knows, maybe it has something to do with any of us ...

Mount Alejandro: PS3 Homebrew - Write to Dev Flash

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#175 - barrybarryk - December 14, 2010 // 2:14 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
I'm pretty sure that .raf file is a collada file not a raw image, meaning its an archive containing a 3d scene editing it will be alot more complicated than replacing it with another image.

#174 - BwE - December 14, 2010 // 2:09 am
BwE's Avatar
yeah it's very vague. it appears to only be files to compile a raf file from other files put together.
# Geometry
[BIN]raf_geom.exe --enable-scaled-skinning --inv-bind-mats-out [OUT].edge.invbind [IN].dae [OUT].edge

# Skeleton
[BIN]raf_anim.exe -skel [IN].dae [OUT].skel

# Animation
[BIN]raf_anim.exe -anim [IN].dae [SKEL].skel [OUT].anim

# Texture(jpeg)

# Texture(dds)
[BIN]dds2gtf.exe [IN].dds -o [OUT].gtf

# Script
[BIN]raf_script.exe [IN].js ; mv [IN].jsx [OUT].jsx

#173 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 14, 2010 // 2:08 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
i have the 3.41 SDK installed for making pkg's but i have not messed with the raf compiler. can't seem to find any documentation on it to figure out how it works. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? Maybe i can get a working custom coldboot.raf out of it.

#172 - hunterrr - December 14, 2010 // 2:05 am
hunterrr's Avatar
Just found some pretty cool stuff for people to edit in the firmware. in the /dev_flash/vsh/resource/qgl/ the files in this folder
are ZLIB compressed, decompress them and they contain a numerous amounts of .DDS files (textures) I found over 86, they seem to be textures for like the play button in the video category, or pause button etc

#171 - DNR8 - December 14, 2010 // 2:01 am
DNR8's Avatar
Well i get my e3 this week obeen waiting a week should be by friday downgrade gt5 3.50 on my slim to 3.41 it was originally 3.42 so i can test this stuff !

#170 - BwE - December 14, 2010 // 1:53 am
BwE's Avatar

btw this will help

#169 - FMAranda - December 14, 2010 // 1:51 am
FMAranda's Avatar
Oh yeah, that is interesting, there will be a lot of videos on YouTube saying that is possible to run Xbox games on PS3.

#168 - DNR8 - December 14, 2010 // 1:44 am
DNR8's Avatar
That confuse people so badly having the Xbox 360 boot logo on the ps3 and say my xbox can play ps3 games lol that be classic !

#167 - BwE - December 14, 2010 // 1:42 am
BwE's Avatar
h3 also: coldboot.raf

i tried opening it in photoshop and it failed - so

#166 - DNR8 - December 14, 2010 // 1:40 am
DNR8's Avatar
sk group Loving the hummer lol H2 sweet motor.. shame it won't fit round the uk roads lol and hmmm i'll look into that Image thingy.