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December 13, 2010 // 12:02 am - PS3 Developers JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma have brought another way to enable writing to the PS3's /dev_flash partition by mirroring it to /dev_Alejandro.

This follows in line with nr4u's Flash Loader, which itself was a successor of JaicraB's USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3 - but in a more compact, stripped down version.

Download: Mount Alejandro

To quote (via Spanish to English translation):

FLASH Write Enable:

This application allows the mounting of the unit / dev_Alejandro. This unit is a mirror of the unit / dev_flash, with this active alike.

Unit / dev_flash no writeable useful to read as the old way, but the new SI is writable.

This is why we are not responsible for any misuse that may be made this application, the method used, etc. As end users ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE WILL you do ON YOUR MACHINE!

Taken into account before trying to manipulate the firmware, XML files, etc.

Happy Xmax!

JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma

P.S Why the name of Alexander? Who knows, maybe it has something to do with any of us ...

Mount Alejandro: PS3 Homebrew - Write to Dev Flash

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#185 - BwE - December 14, 2010 // 2:59 am
BwE's Avatar

I think 3.15 has the old one.

#184 - barrybarryk - December 14, 2010 // 2:55 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
That's because i'm pretty sure the raf tools are just for compiling, not decompiling. Even if you did get it decompiled you'd just be left with a load of assets.

I suppose you could try switch the file for the old one with the old playstation 3 font without the sparkles but for the life of me i can't remember which firmware changed that.

#183 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 14, 2010 // 2:51 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
No need for this sort of app, ps3 bootsound is just plain ole .ac3 sound file. Plenty of apps out there that can do this converstion.

However in my testing it does seem that decompression to .wav first produces best results. Straight from .mp3 to .ac3 didn't work so well for me.

#182 - DNR8 - December 14, 2010 // 2:44 am
DNR8's Avatar
I'm no good at coding or stuff but maybe you could have a Homebrew app that converts the PSP Bootsounds that we used on CFW to the PS3 Version and then places them in if you get what i meen ?

#181 - cfwprophet - December 14, 2010 // 2:44 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
Jop true

He Indy if you can get this raf down i will love you and for sure the scene too

#180 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 14, 2010 // 2:43 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
a bit offtopic but it is kind of surprising that noone has publicly demonstrated what the raf tools can do, guess its not high on any of the ps3 dev's list.

#179 - BwE - December 14, 2010 // 2:39 am
BwE's Avatar
useful pdf, but doesnt explain the needed xml properly.

i'm sure its not that difficult though, but yeah i'm not the man for the job either ^_^

#178 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 14, 2010 // 2:28 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
those documents contain the information that is needed but i do not have any sample data. I guess it could be made from scratch but i'm definitely not the guy for that job.

#177 - DNR8 - December 14, 2010 // 2:20 am
DNR8's Avatar
ahh see my ideas keepin everyone busy lol !

#176 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 14, 2010 // 2:16 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
this may help SK: