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March 29, 2011 // 8:15 pm - Today Alegoria has updated his Magic PKG PS3 homebrew application to version 0.4 which now includes partial English support among the changes detailed below followed by version 1.0.

Download: Magic PKG v0.4 Beta for PS3 / Magic PKG v1.0 for PS3 / Magic PKG v1.0 for PS3 (Mirror)

To quote, roughly translated: Some days programming an operator of PKG, and since I have left something kinda cool, because what the public... I notice I am not a professional program and I do this with an altruistic and disinterested.

I must say it is only tested in Kmeaw 3.55, it also creates this pkg for CFW GeoHot have not tried. No need to have any program or folder keys, simply use the MagicPKG and go.

This program uses internally readself tools, unself, etc... but you need not have them.

Please, if you use it to go posting that you work and no play as well as if you ever find a fault. Thank you very much everybody.

OPERATION: The program itself has a fairly comprehensive tutorial.

Version 0.4

  • Analysis SELF game files.
  • Create Simple Edition PKG (Automatic)
  • Create PKG unedited.
  • Create custom PKG and analysis of PARAM.SFO.
  • Unzip PKG (for now unpack ALL pkg me I tried)
  • Tutorial
  • Ability to choose between Castilian and English.
  • Resizable.

Update: Version 1.0 Changes:

Greetings again to all... It's been a few days since I released the v0.4, I had time to make this software in the suite of tools that I wanted, and as promised here I am to present. Remember that it is a research tool, for nothing is a substitute for your backup manager


  • Create PKG by 3 different methods.
  • Unzip PKG's both retail and debug.
  • Download updates for games.

Suite graphical tool:

  • Readself
  • Unself
  • Make_Self
  • Make_Self_NPDRM
  • Elf_Builder
  • Self_Rebuilder
  • Psn_package_npdrm
  • Package_finalize
  • EbootMOD

Veritas (Tool created by me for carrying out the method Veritas)

  • Editor ELF files
  • Editor PARAM.SFO
  • Tutorial
  • Full support ESP / ENG, that if the English translation leaves much to be desired
  • Resizable



Here we create a PKG for our game using three different methods.

Method 1: Veritas

This method is based on the process described by Veritas, I have implemented the code, but this method may change in future versions, as it is designed to investigate the best way to create a PKG, and depending on the method of your comments will vary. We describe below that makes really, speaking at the moment.


dev_bdvd -> dev_hdd0
APP_HOME -> dev_hdd0
BDVD: -> HDD0:
PS3_GAME -> G / [+ chosen folder name (6 characters)]

5. - Edited the PARAM.SFO

For this method, you must specify the name of the installation folder in the PS3, can be any size but must be 6 characters.
To install the game by this method have two options, I will recommend the option Multiman.

WITH multiMAN (recommended):

1. - Delete the game data you may have your PS3 (this game).
2. - Copy the game to your PS3, you know, go into Multiman, and the circle button.
3. - Install PKG created.
4. - Back in Multiman, go to the file browser, GAMES folder, and go into the game folder.
5. - Brand PS3_GAME folder, press R3, we ask if you want to make a Shadow Copy of the folder, we say yes.
6. - Dev_hdd0 Now the folder is created G, enters it, you'll see that it has created a kind E00565 folder, rename it with the name you put in the time to make the PKG.
7. - Salt to XMB and launch the game ... Luck


1. - Delete the game data you may have your PS3 (this game).
2. - Install PKG created.
3. - Create the folder G dev_hdd0
4. - Enters it and creates a folder with the name you put in the time to create the PKG.
5. - Copy the folder created inside the folder contents · _GAME PS you are installing the game.
6. - Salt to XMB and launch the game ..... Luck

If the game asks us for a top firm, we can make a choice to force that suits us.
Remember that this method of creating PKG is subject to change depending on your opinions and knowledge I will acquire.

Method 2: ebootFIX (Recommended)

This method uses the tool of Dean (creator of Multiman) ebootFIX. By this method it is necessary Multiman. To install the game by this method:

1. - Delete the game data you may have your PS3 (this game).
2. - Copy the game to your PS3, you know, go into Multiman, and the circle button.
3. - Install PKG created.
4. - Back in Multiman, go to the file browser, GAMES folder, and go into the game folder.
5. - Brand PS3_GAME folder, press R3, we ask if you want to make a Shadow Copy of the folder, we say yes.
6. Salt to XMB and launch the game ... Luck

To say that we create ebootFIX PKG's both 3.41 and 3.55.

Method 3: No edition

With this method by editing the file EBOOT.BIN, ie not change the installation path, just edit the PARAM.SFO. To install the game by this method:

1. - Delete the game data you may have your PS3 (this game).
2. - Install PKG created.
3. - Now, the folder is created dev_hdd0/game mask with Game ID, enters it, enters USRDIR, and copy the contents of the folder USRDIR of the game, everything except the EBOOT.BIN.
4. Salt to XMB and launch the game ... Luck

As a curiosity that games like Assassins Creed's, both the method 1 and 2, mute function, (OJO, speak without BR!), However with method 3 work perfectly.


Extract the contents of a pkg, both retail and debug.


We allow you to download updates from the game, and it is clear that by far not served with the PKG's created with this program.
The sole purpose of this option is the research, as this software generally.


We can edit an ELF file, and search and replacement of text patterns.
When we drag one ELF file to the program, we will show the first 100 bytes in a small hex editor, if you enter a text string, and click on search, we show all

occurrences of the pattern provided, if we see them we can show the block of bytes containing just coincidence intorduciendo the desired offset, eye values must be in hexadecimal. Finally we can replace the data by the data you want, as long as the size of lal replace string is equal to the size of the supplied string. It is a simple, but the goal is to have a small editor for testing.


We PARAM.SFO edit the file and change the desired settings.

AS ALWAYS SAY THAT I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMING, so if you find BUGS course, IF I TRY rectify communicate them.

You have some screenshots below. A couple of final notes... On the one hand, and given that this software has been extended by various forums / websites, I only guarantee that the software is clean from possible threats if you download it from here. I leave the hash ... 6CD29821DD9031AB4054F1D52BEA9D82

A final consideration, this software will connect to the internet ONLY if you decide to download any Update, first establishing a connection to the page: and then Sony's servers to download the PKG. EDIT 1: Fixed problem with label force the firm.

Magic PKG v0.4 Beta PS3 App Updated with Partial English Support

Magic PKG v0.4 Beta PS3 App Updated with Partial English Support

Magic PKG v0.4 Beta PS3 App Updated with Partial English Support

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#9 - bitsbubba - March 23, 2011 // 12:24 am
bitsbubba's Avatar
I wonder if these pkg games are updatable..

#8 - towser - March 22, 2011 // 9:42 pm
towser's Avatar
Once we can encrypt eboots it's gonna be sweet... until then... DAMN!

#7 - daveribz - March 22, 2011 // 6:01 pm
daveribz's Avatar
Still no support for PSX PKGs.. Sad..

#6 - saviour07 - March 22, 2011 // 6:24 am
saviour07's Avatar
First Page:
Select the game by clicking the little folder in the top left.
Click Siguiente: Next.

Second page:
Donde instalaras el juego: Where to install the game.
Here choose in the radio buttons whether you will be installing the pkg file from an external HDD or the ps3's internal.
Anterior: Previous

Crear Tambien para CFW 3.55 Geohot: Also build for CFW 3.55 GH.
Conservar eboots y param.sfo modificados: Keep eboots and modified param.sfo.
No editar eboot.elf: Do not edit eboot.elf.
Modo depuracion eboot.elf (APARICIONES dev_dvvb): Debug mode eboot.elf (apps dev_dvvb)

Carpeta donde se creara el pkg: Folder to create the pkg.

Si, Es Correcto: That's right.
No es correcto, dejame editar el nombre de la carpeta: No that's not right, let me edit the folder name.

Crear pkg: Create pkg.

Once the PKG has been created a pop will open with instructions on what to do:

Atencion, lee detenidamente las instrucciones de instalacion.
¡¡¡Este pkg ha requerido de edición del eboot.bin!!!
¡¡¡pkg para disco duro interno!!!

Instrucciones de instalacion:
1, instal el pkg.
2, en tu ps3, entra en /dev_hdd0/game, verás que se habrá creado la carpeta HCES00xxx.
¡¡¡No toques esta carpeta!!! ¡¡¡No copies nada en ella!!!
3, En /dev_hdd0/game/ crea tú manualmente la carpeta HCES00xxx_ (Con el guión bajo incluido).
4, Copia el contenido de la carpeta USRDIR de el juego dentro de la carpeta que acabas de crear o sea la carpeta HCES00xxx_.
Solo el contenido de esta, o sea el juego en si.
5, Sal al XMB y ya puedes lanzar el juego...

A disfrutar.

Which says:

Attention, read the installation instructions carefully.
This has required pkg eboot.bin editing!!!
PKG for internal hard drive!!!

Installation Instructions:
1, install the pkg.
2, on your PS3, go into / dev_hdd0/game, you will see that the folder is created HCES00xxx.
Do not touch this folder! Do not copy anything on it!
3, In / dev_hdd0/game / create the folder manually HCES00xxx_ (with the underscore included).
4, Copy the contents of the folder USRDIR of the game in the folder you just created or HCES00xxx_ folder.
Do not copy USRDIR folder!
Only the content of this, or the game itself.
5, Go to XMB and you can launch the game ...


#5 - Tiger007 - March 22, 2011 // 3:35 am
Tiger007's Avatar
Will this work for all games?

#4 - IndyColtsFan84 - March 21, 2011 // 9:50 pm
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
maybe he will release the source code, wouldn't be hard at all to translate & recompile.

#3 - shummyr - March 21, 2011 // 9:47 pm
shummyr's Avatar
That's just what I was thinking, awesome too, too bad its in Spanish and can't wait for an English version.

#2 - IndyColtsFan84 - March 21, 2011 // 9:40 pm
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
too bad it's in Spanish, hopefully there will be a translated version uploaded soon. Thanks Alegoria!

#1 - PS4 News - March 21, 2011 // 8:55 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Over the weekend Spanish developer Alegoria from DemonHades (linked above) released Magic PKG v0.2 Beta, a PlayStation 3 homebrew application that allows users to create PS3 PKG files.

Download: Magic PKG v0.2 Beta for PS3 / Magic PKG v0.2 Beta for PS3 (Mirror)

To quote, roughly translated: We inform this new application is being developed by Alegoria to easily create PKGs.

The idea is to convert the physical format games DG HG property to run directly from the HDD without having to undergo any manager games (Multimedia).

I discussed this in beta but from DHorg want to give our support to continue developing and improving this tool that looks great

Also below is CrCreator v1.0.1 by nounsevah which allows users to create your own cracks for games and programs.


To quote: The program can create cracks for games and programs. It is very easy and intuitive to use. It really is a few steps:

1. in the path load executable file (.exe) and select CRACK
2. depending on the type of processor (preferably going on Intel CPU), and file size, this process may take several hours (for me from 30 minutes to 3 hours to i7)
3. STATUS when the information will be successfully completed, click Create. Crsucc.exe newly created file will appear in place (folder) in which it is installed CrCreator
4. crsucc.exe copy the file to the directory with the game / program and run it.

More PlayStation 3 News...