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December 15, 2010 // 10:00 pm - Just over a month ago Adafruit Industries offered and paid a bounty for an Open Kinect Driver, and today German site (linked above) reports that running homebrew Kinect applications may soon be possible on PS3 via OtherOS and API OpenNI drivers.

To quote, roughly translated: "Kinect for Xbox 360 might also operate on the PlayStation 3. Thanks to recent API OpenNI Drivers for Windows and Linux could allow PS3 consoles with older firmware with the OtherOS function also Kinect Underground.

The drivers allow access to all Kinect functions. Both the depth sensor and the audio and video capabilities of Kinect would theoretically available on the PlayStation 3.

So far, we have some Kinect videos from amateur hobbyists found, do the fun things with Kinect on the PC. Below are videos of a cool Minority Report-application and a player to come out with invisible Kinect makes.

A video to a Kinect application on the PlayStation 3 we have not found, yet."

Kinect Applications Possible on PS3 via API OpenNI Drivers

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#15 - SuperDre - December 19, 2010 // 3:41 pm
SuperDre's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by thePS3dB View Post
the fight does head tracking with the ps3 eye, if your lighting isn't perfect though then you are SOL.

but that's actually also the case with kinect, it doesn't really work great in a badly lit room.. hmm.. come to think of it, I wonder how the eye icm with Move will work in a badly lit room (I have a projector as 'tv' and therefore my room is only lit by the projector, but since the ball itself is lit I guess it might even work better hihi)..

#14 - thePS3dB - December 18, 2010 // 4:07 pm
thePS3dB's Avatar
the fight does head tracking with the ps3 eye, if your lighting isn't perfect though then you are SOL.

#13 - Lumute - December 17, 2010 // 5:57 am
Lumute's Avatar
I though the hardware was just a simple motorized camera with infrared included for depth... I would think the tracking, face and voice recognition and all that kinect is is actually done by the software / firmware inside the 360 and if so, why can't you do the same tracking with the ps eye? is the tracking actually done by the camera??

#12 - Xplic1T - December 16, 2010 // 10:32 pm
Xplic1T's Avatar
I think that's what psmove should of actually been.

Seems kinda on WIIs level when i tried it but patent infringement... what are you gonna do.

#11 - silencephaze - December 16, 2010 // 5:46 pm
silencephaze's Avatar
Waste of time.. Playstation already has move we don't need kinect, but its always a plus having something that your not suppose to have haha.

#10 - atlask2 - December 16, 2010 // 4:12 pm
atlask2's Avatar
Brenza it's sure. If they could create a lib for this kinect with the psmove, they will have something very precise.

Imagine: the kinect will recognize you body, and the move add a precision on one hand like a tool... it just 'll be magic.

#9 - Brenza - December 16, 2010 // 3:38 pm
Brenza's Avatar

But i think there'll be not compatible games! =(

#8 - rocco99 - December 16, 2010 // 2:44 pm
rocco99's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ZERZIA View Post
Cool! Finally Microsoft and Sony fans will be together


this is very nice information... and next step would be playing Xbox games on PS3... but difference in hardware structure probably won't allow that...

#7 - clouduzz - December 16, 2010 // 10:27 am
clouduzz's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
Yes, when Sony PS3 user buy that Kinect motion capturing system it will be very bad for them ...

hey, last time i checked there are pc drivers also. So you ever thought some of us have actually more than one system or intention of using it for more than just the xbox? I already have the kinect and being able to use it on more than one device is a plus.

#6 - B4rtj4h - December 16, 2010 // 10:20 am
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Hmm... I hope... and it's not such a strange idea... That SONY will use the library and develop some games as well!!