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February 12, 2011 // 6:10 pm - Here is a new update of Killahs PS3 AIO Tool version with minor changes and error fixing.

Download: Killahs PS3 AIO Tool v2.1.0.5

Changes v2.1.0.5:

o fixed error in game search: now unwanted signs in the options/gamedir(s) will be removed
+ search for udpates: ability to search for update of all listed games with just one click
+ search for updates: now the search is multithreaded
+ showing games: added listbox to view the title of found games
+ downloading patches: abbility to download all selected udpates with just one click

Minor Changes:

+ Program update - Now you have the posibility to check for program updates manually or trough program startup, no more waiting on a new version )

+ Copy Games - Now you can easily copy games from one place to another and all this things are MULTITHREADED you can...

... easily select your drives with one button click
... sort files ASC or DESC
... copy & delete one or multiple files
... select file(s) or folder(s): press "+" or "numlock +" to select one or more files/folders / press "-" or "numlock -" to deselect files/folders
... if you select a directory with "+", the program calculates the directory size for each selected folder
... delete files/folders: press "Del"-Key to delete to recycle bin or press "ALT + DEL"-Keys to delete the files/folders directly
... Drag & Drop files/folders: You easily can drag&drop files from one place to another
... select multiple files/folders with the "Shift"-key, and drag & drop them (copystatus is shown with a progressbar)

In the next weeks i will add FTP functionality for easily transfering your games to PS3

With this tool you can search for game updates (retail, debug, q&a, release candidate...) and download them where ever you want, search for game titles (uses, add games with infos & covers into a database, Options Dialog, copy games

Please feel free to comment and PLEASE report me any bugs and/or ideas/wishes, what do you want in the program...

So, i hope some of you download it and will be happy to use it. The program is self explaining, each button, each textbox etc. has a tooltip in my opinion, it is n00b save But read below for a short introduction....

Working with it is totally easy:

1. click on "Options" and search for the dir(s) containing your games

2. Click on "Search files", the program searches all directorys you've configured and extracts the game id('s) and the path to the game

3. double click on the right side on a game id, it put's this id into the text box "Game ID" and searches for updates

3.1 if is no update found, select an other update type

4. click on a checkbox of the update you want to download and select the path to save

5. If you want an update for a game you don't have on your hdd, click on "Gamesearch", enter the game name, select game region and click on "Find Game". If the game is found, doubleclick on Game ID and the ID will be automatically entered in the update form and searches for an udpate

6. If you want to add some games to the database, click on "Database" and then "Search for games". Then, the program searches all dir(s) you've configured in the options and add them to the listview. After that, click on "Save to Database" and all infos you can see are in the database

Killahs PS3 AIO Tool v2.1.0.5 Homebrew App is Now Available

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#3 - dime - January 27, 2011 // 6:14 pm
dime's Avatar
really nice work eheheh thank you!

#2 - PS4 News - January 27, 2011 // 5:13 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Promoted to the main page now and +Rep to Headkiller also for the release!

#1 - Omorashi - January 27, 2011 // 3:00 pm
Omorashi's Avatar
Awesome work. May I request that dashes be ignored when searching for games? It seems that I have to input an arbitrary dash whenever I search for a game, which gets rather cumbersome after a while.

Other than that, great, user-friendly release man