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September 21, 2010 // 2:54 am - Following up on his previous work, today AerialX Tweeted that the beginnings of a PS3 LV2 Userland (GameOS) patch framework dubbed Kammy are available for PSGroove linked above at Github or directly below.

Download: Kammy Userland PS3 LV2 GameOS Patches for PSGroove

To quote: Kammy is a system for loading patches to lv2 (PlayStation 3's Game OS) from a user application, using PSGroove or any other implementation of the exploit that adds the peek/poke syscalls. Kammy was inspired by Treeki's Nintendo Wii game patching system, Kamek.

Building Kammy requires three different gcc compiler toolchains.

• gcc: A normal host gcc is required to build the raw2h application.
• ppu-lv2-gcc: Used to compile the loader, only available from Sony.
• ppu-gcc, ppu-binutils: A version of gcc that will compile 64bit PowerPC instructions is required to build the patches. Linux packages can be found on (note: ppu-lv2-gcc may suffice for this, untested)
• xxd: Creating patch bin files requires the xxd tool to be installed.
With these dependencies installed, you can build Kammy by simply cd'ing to the loader directory and running:

make clean

Kammy must be used with a payload that supports poke/peek. This includes PSGroove and most of its forks - including my own - among others. To apply a Kammy patch, a loader application must be started on the PS3. This is usually done from XMB from an installed package, or from USB using my PSGroove fork's apploader payload.

Kammy is made up of two main components:

• lv2: This folder contains the lv2 patches to be built. See the main kammy patch for an example. It is up to the patch to apply any hooks needed to lv2.
• libkammy: This is the basic library that handles the loading of Kammy patches.
The loader/ folder contains an example of using libkammy to load a patch from the lv2 folder.

Internally, Kammy obliderates syscalls 8 and 9, so try not to run it with payloads that provide those syscalls (like my debug payload).

Kammy Userland PS3 LV2 GameOS Patches for PSGroove Arrive

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#7 - evilak - September 21, 2010 // 1:50 pm
evilak's Avatar
Basically what he calls kammy is a loader for loading binary patches to lv2 (gameOS) and these binary patches can only be made currently with Sony's own SDK.

It's just a new name for lv2 patching, which can already be done, but more systematically.

#6 - redwings1905 - September 21, 2010 // 12:38 pm
redwings1905's Avatar
Can this be used to patch games with updates as they're released?

#5 - whinis - September 21, 2010 // 12:14 pm
whinis's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by knocturnal81 View Post
can anyone translate this for us ppl not in the know plz lol

I am not entirly sure ( different levels have different stuff) however I do believe that this will lead to custom firmware as we could add functions to the xmb that did not exist before such as the debug functions or possibly a permanent iso loader( may need lvl 1).

This is earliest of the early of custom firmware essentially.

#4 - garretts228 - September 21, 2010 // 11:35 am
garretts228's Avatar
Hackers: 1337 Sony:1 lol i missed other os!!

#3 - knocturnal81 - September 21, 2010 // 11:03 am
knocturnal81's Avatar
can anyone translate this for us ppl not in the know plz lol

#2 - cheadda - September 21, 2010 // 10:38 am
cheadda's Avatar
this would lead to a custom Framework and hopefully soon.

#1 - stoprocent - September 21, 2010 // 10:01 am
stoprocent's Avatar
good news, good effort.. so in other words what exactly can be done using this tool?