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May 13, 2010 // 5:17 am - As a follow-up to his previous work, today JaicraB has updated his blog entry with a PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit and the related Source Code for PlayStation 3 developers.

Download: PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit (.BLD File) / PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit Source Code

This comes shortly after gow3forme shared a relatively larger PS3 OtherOS Exploit Module which seemed to be loaded (the command lsmod showed: exploit 10497032 1 - loading 0x000000000012000 (P+)) but nothing appeared on the video.

To quote, roughly translated: Good. Here you have a minimum base to build the otheros.bld. The BLD takes up 30 Kb and has functions to the HDD with ext2 to save the DUMP. The functions are described.

Call table incorporates LV1 and ASM functions. This ready to assemble the mechanism of the exploit. I hope this helps those concerned who did not know where to start. It has been compiled with the toolchain pdaXrom.

JaicraB Releases PS3 OtherOS Base Exploit and Source Code

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#8 - Warrorar - May 13, 2010 // 10:00 am
Warrorar's Avatar
and now we are heading to our target :-)

very nice. 30kb usage and the rest of the dump is untouched. thats awsome

very nice work. i hope this progress will get ahead that good.


#7 - Osirisx - May 13, 2010 // 9:41 am
Osirisx's Avatar
so we still need to take apart and mod our ps3s to get this to run? it would be great if not, i'd dump my 80gb LBP bundled ps3 today.

#6 - Wonderkik - May 13, 2010 // 9:08 am
Wonderkik's Avatar
If I understand this well, we still need to trigger the exploit but this a base to build the smallest Linux distro (can we even still call it a Linux?) so that we can dump Lv2 more clearly.

#5 - Jes03 - May 13, 2010 // 8:59 am
Jes03's Avatar
Dunno? But as I have a slim I think its useless to me....

#4 - ju2ef - May 13, 2010 // 8:56 am
ju2ef's Avatar
Does it mean that we are ready now to dump lvl2 without Geo's exploit? Can anyone do it, just like that or the code is not ready yet and still need some fixing?

If we can dump lvl2 with that i'll do it today and i'll send you dump if you want it, because i think you'll need dumps from all models. Correct me if i'm wrong please. I'm ready to help!

#3 - crckmc - May 13, 2010 // 8:25 am
crckmc's Avatar
i think this means we can now dump an almost untouched memory.

#2 - livpool - May 13, 2010 // 7:42 am
livpool's Avatar
what does this mean?

#1 - prins022 - May 13, 2010 // 6:37 am
prins022's Avatar
Thanks for sharing JaicraB.