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June 4, 2010 // 10:01 pm - It's nice to see Spanish developer JaicraB still plugging away on hacking Sony's PS3 entertainment system, and today he has detailed how to perform his RAM dump method on a 60GB PlayStation 3 console.

Using PS3 Pulse Generator V2, it allows PS3 developers to keep the RAM dumped after rebooting the PlayStation 3 meaning no data loss is present.

Download: PS3 Pulse Generator V2 with Source Code

To quote, roughly translated: Hello! I received a few requests on how to apply all other models. Here I put it.

Model 60-gigabyte PS3:

• Keep the RAM after the reboot, so no data loss.

• Remove the two resistors. I do not remember if it was pulled out when the double resistance or if they were single. Otherwise, you can burn. Yourselves!

Exploit by LPT:

• I advise that from the point of welding the transistor is as short as possible. Transistor to the PC does not matter. Mine is 1 Metro.

• If the power transistor exceeds soldier to the yellow light will result, blockades, general instability...

• On the Version 2 software to use, fits any CPU.

JaicraB Details PS3 RAM Dump Method for 60GB PlayStation 3

JaicraB Details PS3 RAM Dump Method for 60GB PlayStation 3

JaicraB Details PS3 RAM Dump Method for 60GB PlayStation 3

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#5 - DanyL - June 5, 2010 // 7:18 am
DanyL's Avatar
what you trying to do, is to keep the ram data while rebooting the PS3, am i right?

so why don't you use this method?

#4 - skotosa - June 5, 2010 // 6:14 am
skotosa's Avatar
It would be kool like for the PSP when your playing a game and turn it off then back on the game is still there right where you left it.

Would this allow the Ps3 to do the same thing?

#3 - ionbladez - June 5, 2010 // 6:11 am
ionbladez's Avatar
nice find, no doubt - I just got my 60gb I'll have this thing dumped sooner or later after my video review updates.

#2 - jabberosx - June 5, 2010 // 5:34 am
jabberosx's Avatar
Nice! At least someone is still plugging away at the behmoth! Sometime it feels like its never gonna happen. And then JaicraB shows up !!

Way to go buddy!

#1 - tripellex - June 5, 2010 // 5:31 am
tripellex's Avatar
This is great news JaicraB! Glad to see you're making so much headway into opening up the system.

Any ideas on what may potentially be contained within the RAM dump?