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212w ago - Today D_Skywalk has updated his PS3 game backup manager homebrew application to IrisManager v1.2 with changes detailed below including the addition of Drizztz from Gaia as a collaborator.

Download: IrisManager v1.2 for PS3 / GIT

To quote: IrisManager is a port of HermesManager based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP, is a completly legal open code manager made with Homebrew tools.

Changelog English: v1.2 - r57 (commit - 4786f42849ff4110ef07903038c6c696a6a9e204)

  • Game Opt - Support for external EBOOTS activated (see readme).
  • Game Opt - Removed Perms option (We dont need this on 3.55)
  • Game Opt - New option to mark BDVD required games.
  • Interface - Support for left analog stick (thx Drizztz)
  • Interface - Support for change page with L1/R1 (suggested by orma)
  • Interface - Minor font and color changes.
  • Cache Files - Added info of space saved before init the copy.
  • Minor bugs fixed from last 1.1
  • PKG - IrisManager PKG for Geohot/Wutangrza CFW (thx Drizztz)
  • Drizztz joined as collaborator.

IrisManager v1.2 PS3 Game Backup Manager with Drizztz Arrives

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#11 - elser1 - 213w ago
elser1's Avatar
i'll stick with 3.41, it may merge the split files on the fly or similar...

#10 - barrybarryk - 213w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
probably copies split files to the internal and merge them there then shadow copies the large file to where it needs to be on the mounted drive.

#9 - Xalies - 213w ago
Xalies's Avatar
na, just joins them it sounds like.

#8 - dyceast - 213w ago
dyceast's Avatar
Multiman is amazing and wish all Devs helped work on 1 Manager... I don't really see the point in different managers, yeah OK i see some people are use to the layout etc, but if all DEVs worked on the 1 Manager just imagine what could be done at and at a faster rate...

#7 - infidel1690 - 213w ago
infidel1690's Avatar
- Support to run games with bigfiles from external USB devices (caching the big file from the internal HDD) - Icon Red.

Does this mean it can read ntfs or is it split files it reads ?

#6 - Madpacman - 213w ago
Madpacman's Avatar
Gonna take a whole lot to get me from the Multiman but I like the games all on one screen kinda like the wii. Some stuff on multiman is too easy to touch and I really would like to be able to lock it as you could on the xbox. Like file manager it should be easy to hide from prying kids eyes. And wayyy to many pages but I cant complain too much for all the hard work put into the program.

Like I said this is gonna have to do a lot to make me move from multiman but we've seen it before with the xbox and 360 a new manager comes along and makes things much easier.

#5 - bl0wme - 213w ago
bl0wme's Avatar
so far every game i play works with multiman, the only thing thats making me use this is that it supports big files from external Hdd instead of copying it to my internal.

#4 - racer0018 - 213w ago
racer0018's Avatar
There are some games that i could not get to work with mulitman but do work with this one.

I was having a lot of problems with homefront and on this one no problems as of right now. Thanks

#3 - oVERSoLDiER - 213w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
There is no reason why to switch from multiMAN to this one. Thanks for sharing but multiMAN is the best and updated solution on the market.

#2 - bl0wme - 213w ago
bl0wme's Avatar
omg look i'm first, this is big news!

this should be ported to multiman soon.