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November 6, 2010 // 5:03 pm - Recently we learned how to use PS3 game Title IDs to Download PS3 Game Update Packages on Your PC, and today I have made a simple PC application called IdentifyMyGame which will give you information about the PS3 game by inputting the Title ID of it.

Download: IdentifyMyGame v1.0 / IdentifyMyGame v1.0a / IdentifyMyGame v1.0b / IdentifyMyGame v1.0c / IdentifyMyGame v1.0d

This is still the first version. I can guarantee an update by tomorrow which will add more features!

Below is the IdentifyMyGame changelog. Enjoy!


1.0: First Public Release. SFO Support, EBOOT.BIN in future.

In related news, d0zs released PS3 Title Finder followed by PS3 Title Finder Custom Titles and PS3 Title Finder Updater which allow you to search either by game ID or title and it'll add the best result to the list and search for application updates.

IdentifyMyGame v1.0 PC Application for PS3 Game Title IDs

IdentifyMyGame v1.0 PC Application for PS3 Game Title IDs

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#26 - TechGeek990 - November 7, 2010 // 9:06 pm
TechGeek990's Avatar
Nice app Luckluka. This should help some of the newbies to the PS3 scene.

#25 - saar - November 7, 2010 // 2:53 pm
saar's Avatar
if you wanna know the name of game then just open PS3_GAME/PARAM.SFO and you will see name there.

Another way: open PS3_GAME/ICON0.PNG. Name usually is present on this picture.

#24 - Luckluka - November 7, 2010 // 8:54 am
Luckluka's Avatar
Oh! Yeah, i know this error it looks to be a problem with your PC!

Try running this in the runbox:

regsvr32 \windows\system32\findstr.exe

It must work, otherwise, your windows is malfunctioning, I would recommend upgrading from XP to VISTA and from VISTA to 7 to preserve settings Cheers!

#23 - SixShooter - November 7, 2010 // 7:51 am
SixShooter's Avatar
Lol now I get the following:

#22 - Luckluka - November 7, 2010 // 7:47 am
Luckluka's Avatar
Oh! I forgot that there are users that are still on XP!

1.0d is going to be released!

I am really rushing up the stuff! Sorry BOSS!

I promise that the next update will be tommorow

Please download 1.0d

#21 - SixShooter - November 7, 2010 // 7:26 am
SixShooter's Avatar
Took me a while but I was finally able to get a screen shot before it disappeared again, here it is.

#20 - Luckluka - November 7, 2010 // 7:20 am
Luckluka's Avatar
If it flashes and goes away, that means no result is found. I am still updating the list. It is hard to find everything.

So thats why I unlocked the Decrypted EBOOT.BIN LIST to get more information

Update Coming Up!
Will Display no results found, if no results are found

1.0c Released: Please download!

#19 - SixShooter - November 7, 2010 // 7:05 am
SixShooter's Avatar
Sure thing. I'm running Windows XP Professional version 2002 with service pack 3 under an admin account.

#18 - PS4 News - November 7, 2010 // 7:01 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Odd indeed.. the best suggestion I have is to post your PC OS details and perhaps Luckluka can replicate the issue in order to fix it.

#17 - SixShooter - November 7, 2010 // 6:58 am
SixShooter's Avatar
I been having this problem since the first version came out. I don't think its due to the update. It will load just fine but after I do a search, it will close quickly after getting the result.