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March 31, 2010 // 11:18 pm - With the release of PS3 Firmware 3.21, many are now planning to hold off updating their PlayStation 3 consoles and use one of the PS3 Proxy applications to bypass the required PS3 Firmware update to connect to PSN.

While most of the applications, guides and videos are quite dated (from 2007-2009), below are links to some to make navigating easier. Special THANKS to ekrboi and themiker for making recent guides as well, also available below.

We will continue to add relevant links as they are dug up, and also links to posts with all new guides that prove useful.

How to Bypass PS3 Firmware 3.21 and Connect to PSN Guides:

- LG5Tool (Logan5) Guide
- PS3.ProxyServer.GUI Guide
- PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed Guide
- PS3 Proxy Server GUI Bypass Method Guide
- How to Bypass PS3 Firmware Update 2.30+ via PS3 Proxy
- How to use PS3 Proxy Server Guide
- PS3 Proxi v1.0 is Now Available
- Video: PS3 Proxy Server Demonstrated on Firmware 2.60
- PS3 Firmware 2.35 and PS3 Proxy Guide
- How to Block PSN and Retain PS3 Media Server Usage
- Bypassing the PS3 Firmware Check Guide
- Guide on PSN Links Questions
- How to use PS3 Proxy Server Guide
- Guide: How to Bypass the PS3 Firmware Check
- PSN Firmware Bypass using only PS3 Proxy
- Installing PS3 Demos / Bypassing PS3 Firmware Check Guide
- PS3 Online Without Updating When an Update is Available

Related PS3 Files:

- PS3 Proxi v1.1 R3
- PS3 Proxi v1.1 R2
- PS3 Proxi v1.1
- PS3 Proxi v1.0
- PS3 Prox v3.3
- PS3 Proxy/Update Bypass v0.1
- PS3 System Update Bypasser BETA v0.1
- PS3 Proxy
- PS3 ProxyServer Installer (ENGLISH)
- PS3 ProxyServer Installer
- PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed Video
- PS3 Proxy Multi-Region Standalone Background Service
- PS3 Proxy Standalone Background Service
- PS3 ProxyServer GUI Controller v1.0.1011 With Source Code
- Auto-start PS3 ProxyServer GUI Final With Source Code
- Auto-start PS3 ProxyServer GUI With Source Code
- PS3 Firmware Check All-In-One Remover

Feel free to reply to this thread with which application and guide you found easiest, as they all accomplish essentially the same result.

How to Bypass PS3 Firmware 3.21 and Connect to PSN

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#188 - jabberosx - April 14, 2010 // 6:38 pm
jabberosx's Avatar
Yep. That about sums it up. Thing is "IF" Geo's custom FW ever comes out. We can bypass this completely by using our reals certs .. lol.. as it would negates Sony's check on FW version by Actually giving the correct fw even though its on the lower one.. heheh.. too much optimism.. i'll go get a shot of reality and come back.

#187 - jtdc - April 14, 2010 // 6:26 pm
jtdc's Avatar
In a small way (in which experts know about this already), I did some sniffing of things going on the as that site does the authentication before allowing to login. There were various exchanges of certificates to and from that server to the console. Somehow it triggers some command where it extracts the infos of the console then sent for checking and outputs 8002A212 if not latest firmware. The commands and info exchange are all machine language and its visible that its verisign encrypted.

Its very elementary and easy if all strings with lower than 3.21 on the UserAgents are replaced correctly, but that will be useless because all the critical info exchange are in the encrypted streams. The bad thing about this is how, where, when, and what packets to inject therein because essentially its intruding on an encrypted data exchange.

I see that there is some checking in place also to verify the authenticity and integrity of the data being exchanged (there are several followup connections to the auth server), so the modification coming from data injection would be tricky and difficult.

Perhaps a way to get this is extract a successful handshake from a 3.21 running console and replicate it on a lower firmware console via packet injection. But then, its a whole new different console altogether, and probably the certificates would not match.

This challenge seems beyond my current skill, but again, if I can assist on anybody else here with better progress, I am in.

#186 - jabberosx - April 14, 2010 // 6:25 pm
jabberosx's Avatar
So far as i can tell.. The authentication has been moved to server side (FW verification part). And It is in SSL. You can sniff the packet and see the xml sending the FW package info to the sony servers. Unless some one can write a reverse proxy kind of app to replace that xml with one we want it to tell it has.. No one is going back online without upgrading.

Of course, logically its simple enough. Practically.. all together a new ball game. Not to mention that every PS3's public cert will have to be read individually. To inject that xml back into the stream... ah.. the nightmare.. I don't want to upgrade.. (only on principle though, as I want the feature I paid for, even if I dont use it much )

As i posted earlier.. In some other thread.(shorter ver of the Rant ) I dont mind upgrading. Just hate what Sony is doing. So won't. Call me stubborn. But only to a point. After that, id rather go online and play with buddies than make my ps3 a doorstop just like the xbox

Though I should point out.. that Sony ALSO said PSN "would be free"... heheheh.. food for thought.

#185 - Raze1988 - April 14, 2010 // 3:44 pm
Raze1988's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
If you consider 3 - 6 months minimum as "soon" then yeah but if you're planing to play some online matches this months than you'd be UBER optimistic

I could care less about online if OtherOS is the only option we'll ever see homebrew on the PS3. I just hope we can play RDR offline if we don't install the update.

Also, DH says that Sony's new check will lock out Geo's modified PUP of the PSN. He better come up with something better.

#184 - GrandpaHomer - April 14, 2010 // 3:00 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Raze1988 View Post
Hopefully we'll get a REAL CFW soon.

If you consider 3 - 6 months minimum as "soon" then yeah but if you're planing to play some online matches this months than you'd be UBER optimistic

#183 - Raze1988 - April 14, 2010 // 2:34 pm
Raze1988's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by red8316 View Post
It doesn't work for me. 8002A212

Yeah, PS3PROXi doesn't work anymore. DAMN IT! Now's the time where only the strongest withstand the urge to update.

Hopefully we'll get a REAL CFW soon.

#182 - gsdt4yhfd - April 14, 2010 // 2:19 pm
gsdt4yhfd's Avatar
Wow, that's all very elaborate, I figured that I would show my disgust by not buying any more games...hit 'em in the pocket.

BTW...I am no pirate, and I normally do not support piracy. It is theft, or at least half a theft. However, sony removing OtherOS is a theft as well, and should be punished in kind. I truly hope that the PS3 becomes a fully-cracked, pirate-ready platform just like the PS2 the point that it is easier & faster to run a pirated game than a legal one.

Would this teach sony a lesson? NO - lacking linux support on the PS2 was the primary catalyst for it being broken (this is a big part of the reason why the PS3 launched with linux support in the first place!). Now they kill linux support, and in the process start a whole new revolution. And guess what...the PS4 will probably launch with Linux as well; and it will probably be removed by a firmware update too. Sony never learns...

#181 - ionbladez - April 14, 2010 // 7:33 am
ionbladez's Avatar
You know guys, when the PS3 does become openly accessible to consumers, let's just think out of the box here.

We'll have our own network to let our ps3's connect to. PSN won't be our only option to go online anymore. Sounds like an idea that would/will be released for us. I mean it's the only option that will keep us off sony's network and allow us to share/play/chat/etc/

I'm sure we'll have filesharing apps on the PS3, XMB mods to allow custom friends lists, servers, etc.

If people don't want to be controlled, we have the brain power and audacity to get out of it.

Plain and simple

tl;dr = I doubt we'll be under $ony's control after the PS3 exploit is publicly released, patch as they must - the users that aren't on their network cannot be affected. Show them who's boss.

#180 - jtdc - April 14, 2010 // 7:18 am
jtdc's Avatar
Solution: PACKET INJECTION using a PC middleman.

How? Will have to study how. But then, the more experts here should be way advanced than me and can do this sooner. I will not claim to be an expert but my work is with linux, unix, and networks. If any help I can extend, let me know.

#179 - red8316 - April 14, 2010 // 5:48 am
red8316's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by 0verdrive View Post
just curious if PS3 Proxi v1.1 R3 still works. trying to get onto psn, and i heard reports that none of the proxy programs work anymore, but there isn't anyone on this thread that has said that PS3 Proxi v1.1 R3 is not working. just curious.

It doesn't work for me. 8002A212