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November 15, 2010 // 7:05 pm - As a follow-up to the previous PL3 WIP, here is what should be the final Hermes v4b PSN Payload to spoof PS3 Firmware 3.41 to 3.50.

Download: Hermes v4b Xoeo Cyberskunk Evilsperm Eco Hex Codes / Hermes v4b Xoeo Cyberskunk Evilsperm Eco Source Code / Main Link to All Payloads/Hex Codes (as they are added)

Cyberskunk over at psx-scene has barely slept in the last 4 days getting PL3 and hermes updated along with myself, and then out of nowhere xeoe ported Hermes v4b to spoof 3.50 and beat us to it by a matter of hours =)

Once xoeo released his hermes mod Cyberskunk and I were able to get our hands on it and start to clean it up and port it for 3.41 use.

This is pretty much a FINAL release for hermes v4b unless something else useful comes along that needs to be ported in but hermes v4b is not our main focus because we are moving onto something that xoeo has come up with and are currently porting it to work with 3.41, this will most likely be the most stable port of PSGroove yet!

So please Thank Cyberskunk, xoeo, and ecosystem_mod as well as anyone else that has contributed to PSGroove for all of their insanely hard work they deserve it!

As you all know github crashed the other day, I have since fixed everything and made all the pushes so everything is good now. I also had a nightmare of a time getting the to work with the latest hermes port so I have retested it about 100 times and its working perfectly.

Just to give a brief explanation of what this payload has:

• xoeo - PSN Support
• ecosystem_mod - 3.50 Spoof
• math - corrected offset
• 0x82 - debug console
• 0x09 - CECH20A / CECH20B (120GB/250GB Slim) - DYN-001

Hermes v4b PSN Payload - Spoof PS3 Firmware 3.41 to 3.50 Final

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#108 - Moegames - November 17, 2010 // 9:57 pm
Moegames's Avatar
To the OP - I think its pretty awesome that you guys put in long hours and put aside a bit of sleep to get this project going and available. I have a lot of respect for those that dedicate their self for the happiness of others... to me thats an example of a damn good heart which in all honestly is hard to find today.


#107 - evilsperm - November 17, 2010 // 9:43 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
this doesn't work with x3max.

any/every backup manager simply doesnt mount the game.

There was a bug with the x3max they corrected it. I am trying to get them to send me samples so this doesn't happen again. If they don't send samples though I wont bother to even remotely support that board because it makes it very hard to test a working payload on a board I don't have when people run into errors like this.

#106 - stretfordred - November 17, 2010 // 6:52 pm
stretfordred's Avatar
Evilsperm - do you have an iphone3g comiled version you'd be able to upload? cheers.

#105 - BwE - November 17, 2010 // 8:37 am
BwE's Avatar
this doesn't work with x3max.

any/every backup manager simply doesnt mount the game.

#104 - Thursday - November 17, 2010 // 3:23 am
Thursday's Avatar
works great! was able to get some psn stuff i needed.

does anyone know of a "nus payload" for htc hero or other android devices that will work?

#103 - swg1251 - November 17, 2010 // 2:07 am
swg1251's Avatar
Is there a way to get this payload working on the 360 jtag kit? Would any of the available releases work on that board?

Edit: the 360 nand flasher uses the PIC18F board, right? The release posted seems to be for 3.15 to 3.50 spoof, does it work from 3.41 also?

#102 - TheShroomster - November 17, 2010 // 1:58 am
TheShroomster's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Zenka View Post
someone pls post psfmod bin file.

if the one for android is what you want i posted the recovery image for androids. up to android 2.2 works best with cyanogen mod. if you have any issues message me the phone model and i will get ya the files ya need and i'm guessing a walk-through if your not into into adb and fastboot commands.

bl0wme you don't need a specific hex... you need to edit some files to change the file to 3.41 vs. 3.50 so the game thinks your up to date.

check that out it should help you.

#101 - IndyColtsFan84 - November 17, 2010 // 1:55 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by spideygower View Post
i have the ti 84 payload of this spoof , do i select this in the calculator like i would hermes 4b

yes set this as your stage 1 payload.

#100 - TheShroomster - November 17, 2010 // 1:55 am
TheShroomster's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bl0wme View Post
everyone is saying they are having problems with black ops, can you elaborate on how you got it working?

what manager are you using, if you had to delete trophies etc..

i had issues until i put a original blu-ray in and it played fine.

#99 - Zenka - November 17, 2010 // 1:28 am
Zenka's Avatar
someone pls post psfmod bin file.