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October 16, 2010 // 7:21 pm - Update: PSGroove Hermes v4B is now released with a changelog detailed HERE along with PSGroove Hermes v4B Hex Codes and a Hermes v4B TI-84 Hex Code and Hermes v4B Hex Codes for all other boards along with PSGroove Hermes Linux v4B.

Since bidding farewell yesterday, Spanish PS3 developer Hermes has shared one final v4 Custom PSGroove payload with everyone!

Download: Hermes v4 Final Custom PSGroove Payload / Hermes v4 TI-84 / PSGroove Hermes Hex Codes / PSGroove Hermes Linux v4 / Hermes v4 PIC18FXXXX Hex Code / Hermes V4 Fixed for PIC18FXXXX / Rockbox PSGroove Payload Hermes v4 / Hermes v4 USB TinyMKII (LED Support) / Arduino PL3 Hermes v4B / PIC18FUSB PSGroove Hermes v4B

To quote, roughly translated:

Update: Added source code version v4 with the latest patches found (are grateful to Mathieulh their contributions). This is my final contribution for those who want to return to work and develop it, I go up for reasons of commitment and that the scene is a collective work.


- New Address 0x80000000007ff000 end of the payload at the end of the Kernel in order to add the extra code needed (the code is relocatable, if necessary)

- Added support syscall 8 with Stealth and other kernel functions such as copy, allocate memory, perform routine, add path table (for replacement / redirection of files and directories), etc. (see syscall8.h for details)

- Support for Homebrew in / apps_home/PS3_GAME similar to a flash drive or connected on / dev_usb000/PS3_GAME

- Syscall redirection 36 games to run diskless / apps_home/PS3_GAME

Sorry to keep you waiting, but today I had family commitments and the thread was closed when I'm gone.

First, say that I have uploaded what I have so far: includes the patches that we have mentioned in another thread and some new ones. The main novelty is that it has "cleaned" the source code to eliminate double relocation of the code, since we do not need.

Also included a new dynamic patching system comes in handy to allow redirection of / apps_home a / dev_bdvd in games, to receive as first parameter EBOOT.BIN path correctly, if that could cause some problem.

I climb the V4 that already had committed and if other people want to continue development (the scene is a collective, not as a team, everyone is free to contribute whatever they want and how you want and at a time want).

Secondly, I thank you for the support you have shown me.

If you do not mind, I would like to discuss a few things in the remainder of the post.

I have 41 years and at that age, one is clear about certain things and know why you get rings and what not. As some know, I'm not a professional programmer, but a construction worker unemployed (like many others, unfortunately), which devotes her time to a hobby (which is in unemployment assistance, that there is something to kill time ) And shares what he does with others, for the simple detail that positions and why not all benefit?

Interestingly, I usually get into these "fregaos" because sometimes I see things are rudderless and I think I can contribute ideas and my point of view and in the electronic scene, but never on a pair of hands and a brain that provides . So touching roll up, we roll up, all of course, non-profit or to cash in on any class that is not what is sought.

Obviously, one is not stupid and knows that is what's going on around here: there is always profiting rock that takes advantage of the work of others, without contributing anything (or if they bring improvements, "close" to each other) and there are always people strip of land the job of others.

This is what usually bother me, as is logical and understandable, since obviously I'm not here for companies that skirt the law or not, is profiting without contributing anything at all and I have a perfect right, such circumstances or otherwise, participate in setting the scene and fix my code working with this scene and its exclusions.

In this case, I decided that because a company is using not only the code, if not my nick as bait advertising, making misunderstand that I'm behind that product, fail to develop a code that make for entertaining and that you I offer to you as anonymous people who are, without either profit interests.

Some people do not want to understand this and think "bah, is a childish temper tantrum in plan" or "not as annoying, because Hermes is also a nickname adopted and this Easter."

Instead what I think is that who are they to judge my decision and I am the less I lose if I participate, so do not know why some people think that I win something by participating. And that applies to those who charge you 30 bucks for a chip applications or develop them as needed and not me.

And if I believe that one has crossed a line where I say enough, not only my right, but it seems logical to give back the ball and say "ale, nice people do not want to bring you the car?. Since take you peak and shovel and herding "

I have no financial backing behind consoles or debug or retail consoles with different firmware, or special devices that teensy but I rode or USBKey I bought. Is not it logical that those who live on this, whatever they have to make improvements? Or I have to do the time for R & D department inadvertently?

Anyway, I think the thing is clear: for the time step will continue doing nothing and being the turn of others to pick up the baton and show that besides making chips and collect dollars, also bring improvements to their customers or scene in general, without taking single code or a nickname borrowed from others as a decoy, because basically, they offer nothing.


Hermes v4 Final Custom PSGroove Payload is Now Released!

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#235 - evilsperm - October 26, 2010 // 2:28 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
I have posted up a git repo ( for hermes v4b. It will be updated once hermes releases v5 Or if anyone else wants to add to his psgroove fork seeing hermes hasn't setup a repo yet.

#234 - Angelcry - October 26, 2010 // 2:20 pm
Angelcry's Avatar
Quick question : I have God of War 3 Eur JB... with Hermes v4b and OM2.1... and when i try to start it it goes to XMB (even if i have a disc in)

Did anyone managed to make GOW 3 work ?


#233 - DeViL303 - October 25, 2010 // 3:55 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
Don't worry about it, It has always been this way with all jailbreak devices. I think this is due to to the fact that the method used to hack the console uses sonys service jig start up sequence (power then eject within 0.2 seconds) to initiate the hack, Put simply the ps3 does not look for a jig when resuming from standby so there is no chance of initiating the exploit.
This is only my guess but it seems probable.

Shouldn't really damage console but If you have a slim ps3 I would recommend getting an inline power switch for it or switch it off at the wall socket, I think all the wear and tear of placing and removing the power jack at back of ps3 slim over and over will eventually damage the socket , those sockets are not designed for constant daily use.

It feel would be better if we didnt need to power down completely everytime as im sure there is some little bit of extra wear on the hardware due to the cooling/heating (expansion/contraction) that *may* cause electronics to fail earlier but I dont think its enough to be worth worrying about. I have a multiway power adaptor designed for a PC ,on it one main socket gets powers always, the other 5 only get power if a draw is detected on the main one, I just have my surroundsound amp plugged into main socket, if I want to powercycle PS3 I just turn my amp off for a second, works very well .

This ( is a US style smaller version but its similar idea to my one.

Edit: meant euro version, The Site claims the following so its hard to say which senario is worse , powering down or leaving in standby!
Research suggests that leaving electrical equipment on standby can reduce equipment lifespan by an average of 15% and creates a needless fire risk.

#232 - Angelcry - October 25, 2010 // 12:49 pm
Angelcry's Avatar
Hello. This is working ok (minimus 32). Just one question: I start the console, JB loads ok (blue light, games working). I turn off the console and when i start it again the JB doesn't load. I need to turn the power of the PS3 off and on and then is ok.

Do i need to this every time? It's not going to burn the console, playing with the power like that?

#231 - Mobutu16 - October 25, 2010 // 12:30 pm
Mobutu16's Avatar
Thnks Hermes for this work. Forget the threats of kakaroto. His payload is very unstable in comparison with yours.

It is unacceptable that kakaroto insults you in your own home elotrolado. The envy is not very healthy.

take care

#230 - zzk2001 - October 23, 2010 // 8:54 am
zzk2001's Avatar
modmate: That's understandable but that does not really help us PIC18f users I am sure there are a lot of us out there and many more being added as it's a cheap and easy board to get.

Plus it's like a two in one board able to use for the 360 as well, LOL.

Maybe one day i'll update and get me one of them other boards

Thank you for the PIC18FXXXX .hex file For everyone who needs it click on this link Scroll down to this Post and click on the paper clip (you'll see the PIC18f file in there)

#229 - modmate - October 23, 2010 // 8:34 am
modmate's Avatar
I guess cause they got this damn Bootloader in it right. So all Boards mostly means , all boards working with Flip i.e.
For the Pic chips you need a different tool for each if i understand correct.

Dunno, don't hit me , it was just a thought. In my Opinion the usual USB DEV boards like Open Kubus or its little brother with the AT90USB162 and so on are the best out there. Also they are LEGAL to buy anywhere...

Greets Modmate

#228 - zzk2001 - October 23, 2010 // 8:14 am
zzk2001's Avatar
Why is it that when they do a pack for all boards they leave out PIC18FXXXX Boards ?

Well a PIC18FXXXX Hex file the v4b would be nice thank you.

btw i have a PIC18F2455

#227 - twiggy1818 - October 23, 2010 // 2:09 am
twiggy1818's Avatar
i just want to say that i use ps3key and i know you are behind the developement of this code... i appreciate it in every way and i hope ps3key continues to use your work... a lot of us know who you are and love what is being done on your part.

#226 - PcItalian649 - October 22, 2010 // 8:12 pm
PcItalian649's Avatar
I have better luck with this over PL3, thanks again for making things possible Hermes and those who compile for the boards.