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September 30, 2010 // 8:38 pm - Today Hermes has updated his PSGroove payload on the Spanish site and French site (linked above) has made available some updated hex codes, both of which reportedly fix PS3 controller issues with some titles including F1 2010 and Street Fighter.

In addition, wanapaki and evilsperm has shared a PSGroove Hermes v2 Pack which includes most compatible boards.

Download: Hermes v2 PSGroove Payload / USBKey/Teensy Hex Codes / PSGroove Hermes v2 Pack / Hermes v2 PSGroove Hex Code/SRC

To quote, roughly translated: "Looking looking, I've noticed where the problem that makes the game Formula1 2010, does not recognize the controls.

This is a patch which is not its function, but removing it, I have not noticed anything unusual: perhaps a sort of check related to the modules that has USB and F1 games like this, do not recognize the command. Perhaps it is only relatively necessary in the initialization process and then beaten.

Anyway, I uploaded an update to the source, but does not include that set off the patch, if marked with a warning (see line 169) and includes a define to disable the USB and also another DESTINATION, which states the address where the code is installed (and added a new patch file, if it stayed in another place)

Here I note that we have a table (memory_patch_table) that is about to address 0x700710 (because we needed space) and that concerns me, because it may be crushed at any time if new modules are loaded (such may be best off finding another site or directly load the payload in another direction more convenient, at the end of the kernel (I've done this and it has worked, as it has worked to put the code in the DESTINATION so low that it appears aside in the source, but the same is not an appropriate place, of course)

The fact is that there is another way to override the patch using the POKE role in eg open_manager:

void pokeq( uint64_t addr, uint64_t val)
system_call_2(7, addr, val);

pokeq(0x80000000000505d0ULL, 0xE92296887C0802A6ULL);

Adding that code to any program, you can disable that patch that prevents the proper functioning of at least F1 2010, without touching the payload.

Requires that if your "spike" has the functionality peek / poke, because otherwise it will not work.

The source of the second version you can download the first thread, but you know that it is not necessary actualicéis your "thorn", as the modifications are more source code to allow the payload to carry any other direction.

PS: I included hex teensy version with at90usb162.√Ī In my case I use two LEDs, but that should be a issue!


This update enables the detection of the F1 shifter 2010, it is no longer mandatory to have the steering wheel.

You are in the archive files for Hex:

•†Teensy AT90USB162 16Mhz
•†Usbkey AT90USB1287 8Mhz

Dongles or other port should therefore also be updated soon.

Hermes v2 PSGroove Payload Arrives, Fixes PS3 Controller Issues

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#150 - PS4 News - October 2, 2010 // 5:16 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post

go back to hermes v1, mods close/lock this thread till hermes puts out a fix.

OK, roger that- I am going to close this thread now until the next update arrives.

Edit: Please continue discussion here now guys:

#149 - evilsperm - October 2, 2010 // 5:14 am
evilsperm's Avatar

go back to hermes v1, mods close/lock this thread till hermes puts out a fix.

#148 - j0hnny - October 2, 2010 // 2:11 am
j0hnny's Avatar
i'm totally confused.. i patched my teensy++ 2.0 with the hermes v2 in the first post and installed the patched openmanager (somewhere here in this post, lost track)... tried tekken 6 but crashed after the namco bandai screen... which combination works with f1, sf4 and all other games flawlessly? hermes 1.1? where to find those builds?

#147 - IslaTurbine - October 1, 2010 // 11:10 pm
IslaTurbine's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Mobutu16 View Post
Could anybody compile hermes v2 file for teensy 8Mhz? Thanks !!!

Don't use Hermes v2. Doesn't work well.

#146 - Mbb - October 1, 2010 // 9:46 pm
Mbb's Avatar
Does this update work with backup manager v1.1?

#145 - Mobutu16 - October 1, 2010 // 9:32 pm
Mobutu16's Avatar
Could anybody compile hermes v2 file for teensy 8Mhz? Thanks !!!

#144 - hbk2004v1 - October 1, 2010 // 7:36 pm
hbk2004v1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by lukifer View Post
With either of the hermes payloads that support playing without a disk you need to look for the game in the /apps_game/ folder of game menu. It should appear there after a few seconds. It does NOT appear as a disc like before.

ok i know this but you are not understanding me im saying the games that need the disc inserted do not work because the disc icon never changes.

games can play from ps3 game folder without the disc fine but thats IT. compatibilty is rubbish as i can't get the disc icon to change for games that do need the disc.

this is really hard to explain. i don't have this issue with hermesv2 so im using that this is just 1 big headache.

#143 - EagleOne984 - October 1, 2010 // 7:27 pm
EagleOne984's Avatar
Does anyone know what file .Hex can be loaded on the USB drive EcliPS3? I mean, what chip is mounted inside? As you know, the program to install the firmware EcliPS3 now has the function to load a custom hex so I was wondering which of the many that are here we could enter.


P.S.: Maybe a hex with the new Hermes fix will be awesome

#142 - Nigredo - October 1, 2010 // 6:47 pm
Nigredo's Avatar
Maybe someone can compile it for USBTiny Mkii?

#141 - janhei77 - October 1, 2010 // 6:44 pm
janhei77's Avatar
any can compile it for AT90USB646 with 8 Mhz PLS!

or can say me how to compile it...