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215w ago - Following up on his previous work, today Spanish PS3 developer Hermes hasreleased HManager v1.5 and bids the PS3 scene farewell.

Download: HManager v1.5 for PS3

To quote, roughly translated: Well everybody, the day has come and this is my message: I’m not just leaving the scene, but as a user altogether (along with EOL).

As a final gesture, he published the source code needed to compile my latest project (HManager + PSL1GHT + + Tiny3D ps3soundlib updated) should anyone want to continue the work in my place (of which I have already done enough)

Why I’m going? Well, because I’m tired; the pitcher plant filled and the trap snapped shut.

So, good bye, I wish you all well, a big hug to those who really deserve it as well (as those who don’t deserve it), keep it all up because maybe one day life will throw you a bone, but then maybe it’ll give you a kick in the teeth, because that’s the price we pay. In any case, perhaps I’ll read your posts once in a while, but my participation is over. Hermes has written her last post here.


Hermes Releases HManager v1.5, Bids the PS3 Scene Farewell

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#43 - ShroomRaza - 213w ago
ShroomRaza's Avatar
Damn, gone a week and see what happens.. lol. Thanks for all your very tedious work and great homebrew apps. You will be sorely missed!

Hope you can throw us one of those bones you talk about every now and again!

#42 - tworok - 214w ago
tworok's Avatar
What a fantastic hacker we've lost. I wish you the best Hermes, farewell

#41 - ramo34 - 214w ago
ramo34's Avatar
Thanks Hermes so much so what you have done for community, you have helped out so much and i wish you all the luck in what you work on next.

#40 - syphonlord - 215w ago
syphonlord's Avatar
Thanks for all your hard work hermes gonna miss ya man, all the best dude, see ya on the ps4 one day.

#39 - OGroteKoning - 215w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
If history repeats itself, then sir Hermes will be back!!! Watch this space... we all can hope... right??

#38 - final94 - 215w ago
final94's Avatar
This is one of the sadest days for the scene. He has given the community so much. Sorry to hear that.

Whatever you do in your life, i wish you all the luck a man can have.

A million kudos to you!

#37 - wroxtar - 215w ago
wroxtar's Avatar
I guess, he or she, has been hired by SONY...

#36 - sharks - 215w ago
sharks's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
it is a misspell, Hermes is not a girl.

LOL that was also my first reaction to comment.

But it's sad to see him go. Hermes probably can't find much of a challenge? The PS3 is already fully opened up. Now it's just up to the community devs to customize and release more homebrew and make the various exploits user-friendly.

#35 - dyceast - 215w ago
dyceast's Avatar
Wish you well Hermes... Will always be a big name in the early ps3 hack developments...

Hopefully you were one of those "hackers" that got asked by Sony...

#34 - condorstrike - 215w ago
condorstrike's Avatar
it is a misspell, Hermes is not a girl.