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September 27, 2011 // 12:28 pm - Following up on his Guide to Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drives to other consoles, today PlayStation 3 developer Mark Webber has shared another on how to recover Blu-ray drive playback on 256MB FAT PS3 consoles.

To quote: Ok, so finally....

How To Recover BD Playback On 256meg Fats

  • You will need to QA flag your PS3
  • IF you are on 3.55: Using the special 3.55 downgrade PUP by Jaicrab, then down again to 3.15 or 3.41 using stock PUP files
  • Follow this guide to QA flag your PS3

By ps3nemesis: (EASY QA FLAG INSTALL)



Note: Only works on Otheros++ 3.55 or 3.41 CFW at the moment, so you'll have to reflash to it, then go back to your cfw's (i.e 3.55 CFW > Otheros++ > QA Flag > 3.55 CFW )

Requirements / Installation Instructions:

  • PS3 on OtherOS++ 3.55 CFW PUP
  • Rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP
  • Install the firmware
  • QA Auto Flag .PKG
  • Install the qa_flag.pkg
  • Then run the qa_flag program
  • If you hear a beep, it worked.
  • Restart ps3
  • Go to network settings (Do not enter it) and hit or hold L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+down on the dpad
  • QA auto flagging is now done
  • Turn on the 'system update debug' in the debug settings
  • Play a BD disc with the highest MKB version you can get..Latest release from Blockbuster or whatever.

Note: It may start to play and then you get no video output to the tv. This happened a few times to me. Just power off, accept the "naughty boy" messgage from Sony and try again until it plays.

If it keeps doing this, you need to change to AV or component leads since your TV seems to not be 100% HDMI/BD compliant. I have tested this on several (at least 5) PS3's with 100% success rate.

Update: Mysys has now shared a Blu-ray playback in DEX mode 0x800299D2 fix for those interested as well. To quote:

There you have it:

[Register or Login to view code]

From Joonie: AMAZING... !!! IT WORKS!!!!!! tested on REBUG 4.75.3 REX [DEX] w/ COBRA 7.1. Tested couple BDISO rip and loaded fine without any error.

From Dr. L Ron Bumquist: Here is all the files resigned for 4.65:

Download: 4.65.rar (10.03 MB)

Just use the three files detailed in the first post (above) for bd playback but I included the rest just in case you wanted them. Note to everyone these files are only for 4.65 dex.

Here are tested and working files for 4.75:

Download: (10.03 MB)

This is what I used:

[Register or Login to view code]

Note the control flags I am using for bdj.self

From pinky: Here are my files. I'm not sure if they work, 'cause I couldn't test at all.


I forgot to mention that this is from 4.75.1 rex, but it should be the same for .3 unless. I just had the pup decrypted on my laptop to hex compare a few files.

From Dr. L Ron Bumquist: Just tested your files, Bd plays fine if I don't use your bdj.self. The other two files work great.

It seems you have the same problem I do with bdj.self or that file just doesn't work on 4.76 lite for whatever reason. I'll try again with a dex firmware later.

Finally, from Joonie: How to Change BD Region /w Cobra CFW Guide

1. multiMAN Method

1. insert your bd disc
2. launch multiMAN
3. go to the setting
4. set your bd movie region to EUR

5. go to video column
6. launch showtime from there
7. open bluray drive from showtime's file manager
8. try launching bdmv file from there
9. exit out
10. mount blu-ray disc from multiMAN
11. it will exit to XMB
12. try watch bd movie from XMB

If the 1st trial didn't work then repeat it. I had to do this twice to get it working... very weird.. [multiMAN seems to have bugs or not using cobra way of doing this properly, I highly recommend webMAN method over mmCM method]

2. webMAN *MOD* method

1. install the latest webMAN MOD 1.43.04 with updater [it will automatically update the webman that's bundled], make sure to enable webMAN before you update
2. go to the webman setting from either xmb or your own web browser
3. change your bd region from webMAN.
4. Reboot
5. DONE!! enjoy region B movie on NTSC consoles

[Register or Login to view code]

Tested on:


4.75.3 REBUG REX /w COBRA 7.1
4.76.1 REBUG LITE /w COBRA 7.1



Guide: Recovering Blu-ray Playback on 256MB FAT PS3 Consoles

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#43 - NTA - March 10, 2012 // 12:01 am
NTA's Avatar
Sweet. Putting in that extra effort

#42 - PS4 News - March 9, 2012 // 11:33 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on their previous 3.55 release, today the anonymous PlayStation 3 developers have shared details on remarrying PS3 Blu-ray drives on Firmware 3.15 and 3.50 without the need for downgrading the consoles.

Download: Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drive on 3.15 FW / Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drive on 3.50 FW / Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drive on 3.50 FW (Mirror) / Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drive on 3.55 FW / Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drive on 3.55 FW (Mirror) / Remarry PS3 Blu-ray Drive on 3.55 FW (Mirror)

Changes: Small error fixed, FDM is resigned proper now for all versions (3.15, 3.50, 3.55)

From the included ReadMe files via the PlayStation 3 Developer Wiki (linked above), to quote:

Remarry guide for 3.15 firmware

1. Have the console on a working 3.15 firmware

2. Download the Remarry files (remarry-3.15.rar) and unpack to root of USM Mass Storage device. The following line is already changed from 1 to 0:

[Register or Login to view code]

This will make sure the drive init PUP is not installed, thus preventing RLOD because of syscon hashes on downgraded consoles.

3. Download official firmware

#41 - tilla - March 8, 2012 // 4:20 am
tilla's Avatar
Tried again but still no dice. However this time the remarry program DID Pass successfully, it just wouldn't play the BluRay in factory service mode afterwards

#40 - NTA - March 7, 2012 // 11:32 pm
NTA's Avatar
Hooray for anon devs

#39 - mukumuku - March 7, 2012 // 1:54 pm
mukumuku's Avatar
In slims you can change the whole disk drive without the need of this? Because I've seen some ebayers selling drives for slims. I am not sure if I should buy just a lens or a drive for a damaged slim I got last week.

#38 - Reborn - March 7, 2012 // 7:27 am
Reborn's Avatar
It shows a lot of promise and may be useful for broken BD disc drives but I wont risk screwing anything up until people figure out how to restore the DRL files while re pairing the drive on every fat console.

Before anyone suggests to me to try the DRL gen and the old method of restoring them I will say that I have tried several times and I can't get my BD playback to work so I wont bother to go through the tedious process of getting the MKB files from every blu-ray I own just to "try" to get it to work again.

Still I really like to see progress in fixing broken consoles drives so they can play their favorite games again. I am never paying $150 dollars again for $0NY to screw me over when the laser dies out. That much is great news! A big Thank you goes out to all who created these modified .self files and also to those who made the tutorials and those who continued to improve upon the first release. =)

#37 - niwakun - March 7, 2012 // 6:13 am
niwakun's Avatar
in step 4, it just matter that you need your PS3 to enter in FSM right? So I can just use the homebrew here that puts PS3 into service mode without any dongles.

#36 - Neo Cyrus - March 7, 2012 // 5:54 am
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
I'm actually surprised this wasn't released long ago, this was a serious problem... and a serious jerk move by Sony to begin with.

#35 - tilla - March 7, 2012 // 5:15 am
tilla's Avatar
Update: Got an NG error, not sure why that might be - my BluRay works perfectly normally.

#34 - elser1 - March 7, 2012 // 4:51 am
elser1's Avatar
i don't watch blu rays anyway but this is a great step forward it seems.. excellent work!!