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June 26, 2009 // 7:14 am - OK, do you remember the OLD PS3 Backup Tool? I've updated it, and now you can successfully write mixed backups on your PS3.

The new method mixes not all parts like before, but only half. Doing so, the PS3 recognizes the backup and restore, not only the "Integral" part, but even the part (50%) you added.

So the new formula is:

archive.dat + archive_XX.dat = INJECTOR
archive2.dat + archive2_XX.dat = DATA TO WRITE

You need the INJECTOR to begin the Write process. If you don't add Archive2.dat to your backup the PS3 writes the INJECTOR only. You need to create yourself the INJECTOR, in fact, it's unique for backups. If you have an old INJECTOR you can use it.

Here's a video demonstrating the process, with a guide below:

== HOW TO ==

1) Switch on your PS3
2) Go to Settings -> System Settings -> Backup
3) Connect a USB Drive or a Memory Stick to PS3
4) Select it in Backup utility
5) Make a Backup
6) Copy it to your Desktop
7) Delete backup from the USB Device or Memory Stick
8) Connect it to the PS3
9) Delete something in your PS3 (To make backup smaller)
10) Backup again and copy the 2nd backup to your desktop
11) Delete backup from the USB Device or Memory Stick

Now you have 2 different backups on your desktop.

1) Copy archive2.dat and archive2_00.dat from the bigger backup to the smaller one (see picture below).

2) Copy the Mixed (Bigger + Smaller) backup to a USB Drive or Memory Stick in:


(XXXXXXXXXXXX is the number of your backup)

3) Restore the Mixed backup from your PS3 (Go to Settings -> System Settings -> Backup -> Restore)

4) Once restore is complete, your PS3 has the files from the two Backup in HDD.

That means the PS3 writes files in the HDD, even if the backup is mixed with another. That can be useful in further hacking when you need to write a file in a directory, for example the Game directory.

100% Working (Giulio19992)

Guide: PS3 Backup Tool Reloaded - NO 99% ERRORS!

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#49 - gtxboyracer - June 26, 2009 // 10:34 pm
gtxboyracer's Avatar
To my understanding of the license you agree to when purchasing off PSN, is the title in question will be signed to a specific user that purchased it. The game can run under any user but *must* have the owner/purchaser registered on the PS3. So in theory you could restore a PSN game through a backup, but without having the owner added to the PS3 in question, you can't run the game.

This of course then means, why would you wanna share your Archive (backup) data, when you could just temp share your psn login to allow your 'mate' to download your psn games..

The only good thing would be if you could alter the game included in the Archive to change the Owner of the content. This won't work at present because it would need to be re-signed by Sony.

#48 - Giulio19992 - June 26, 2009 // 9:51 pm
Giulio19992's Avatar
eMail me with the link of the Backup when ready

[Register or Login to view code]



Thanks for support!

#47 - Giulio19992 - June 26, 2009 // 9:46 pm
Giulio19992's Avatar
OK Tnks all.

If you want to help just upload your backup in websites like Mediafire, rapidshare, megaupload and I'll download it and Test it!

Before doing Backup:

1- Formatt you PS3!
(In this way your Backup will be free of personal Password PSN)

2- Download a DEMO/MGS4 DB

3- Make sure that nothing except DEMO/MGS4 DB is installed
4- Make the backup
5- Upload!

Thanks for every one will help!

#46 - sivallakos - June 26, 2009 // 9:28 pm
sivallakos's Avatar
do it then if noone else is in send it to me i'll try to import it to my backup.

#45 - semitope - June 26, 2009 // 9:26 pm
semitope's Avatar
I dont know if testing this with a demo is the way to go but i have a 34mb backup of my system containing only 1 demo that can be sent. Its a start....

It makes sense that backups be transferable between systems since its no joke that people will need backups in case of a hdd failure and ps3 failure. You have to be able to move it to a new ps3 or be pissed off at sony.

#44 - sivallakos - June 26, 2009 // 9:24 pm
sivallakos's Avatar
i think teamviewer is the one you need bcause i think it has file sharing between the 2 connected pc's.

#43 - semitope - June 26, 2009 // 8:24 pm
semitope's Avatar
Wish i could help, but i am waiting for something like this before i invest in harddrives (sony if u want to make harddrives i will buy them... nice helpful circle ). Should be easy to get someone to send those files tho. Hmm maybe i will try using a thumb drive and send something to u, a demo maybe?

#42 - Giulio19992 - June 26, 2009 // 8:03 pm
Giulio19992's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SNaHHaN View Post
Giulio19992, can you confirm if you can mix something from one PS3 (say an add-on) and mix it with data to another PS3?

Well I've tried with 2 console sharing backup each other and it works. Off course I can't try with all PS3s out there, but for most cases it should work. Can someone give me a Backup file? (archive2.dat, archive2_00.dat) I can try, even just a free game from PSN like MGS4 DB.

#41 - sivallakos - June 26, 2009 // 7:33 pm
sivallakos's Avatar
i believe that's the theory behind all this. cause if i purchase a game on psn and its contained in the backup then we all have it. happy news... i think

without loosing our existing data. still think.

you were 1 minute faster

#40 - SNaHHaN - June 26, 2009 // 7:31 pm
SNaHHaN's Avatar

What you said is exactly what I was visioning Giulio19992 to do. However, I think the problem some of the people are having with this is we're not sure if we CAN mix HDD data from different PS3s considering we're only allowed to back-up data from our own PS3s.

Giulio19992, can you confirm if you can mix something from one PS3 (say an add-on) and mix it with data to another PS3?