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July 14, 2009 // 7:16 am - Update #2: Casshern23 has now created an updated guide on How to Get Closed Beta & Other Items Free in PlayStation Home.

Update: For those having issues with the FilePack below, give the PlayStation Home Item Hack FilePack Fix a try with the Updated Guide!

Today we received an e-mail from Leviathan letting us know of a recent PlayStation Home hack that he wishes to share here!

Similar to the PlayStation Home Replacement Posters & Custom Trailer, this basically uses SimpleDNS/PowerDNS, Apache Server and WireShark for HTTP sniffing.

Below is a FilePack and guide for those who wish to give this a try!

Download: PlayStation Home Item Hack FilePack

PlayStation Home Item Hack

Tools Required:

• SimpleDNS ( or PowerDNS ( = Redirect
• Apache Server (
• WireShark ( = Tool for HTTP Sniffing


First install Apache Server using basic settings, once installed stop the Apache Server Service. Then copy files located in Apache File "httpd.conf" "mime.types" to C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/conf and yes when prompted overwrite Files, then start Apache Service.

Then copy HUBPS3_SVML to C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs.

Now install Simple DNS, then set a Redirect to Redirect to your PC IP.

Zone Name is

Now set your PS3 to go through Simple DNS set all Settings to Default till you come to DNS Settings. Then type the IP of your PC. Finish the setup then run Home.

Note: Don't forget to set Internet sharing on the PC.

Now Play Echochrome, once you unlocked an item leave Home then remove the redirect from SimpleDNS then Run Home.

You should now have the Items. Locked to your account.

WARNING: Any harm done to accounts doing this hack PS3 News take no responsibility for. This hack can remove items you currently have "Free Items". It will not effect paid items. You can use WireShark to find items and add them.

Credit to Leviathan.

Guide: PlayStation Home Hack - Closed Beta & Other Items Free!

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#80 - MoodyJ - July 30, 2009 // 4:17 pm
MoodyJ's Avatar
Hi people,

i have notice the link to the walkthrough to all this.. i want know is only the echrome game is that you only can play to do this? and where do you view these items codes when your on ps home?

#79 - ScottD - July 25, 2009 // 9:21 am
ScottD's Avatar
i've built a web program the when you enter the item code it will show you the thumbnail of the image...

#78 - Casshern23 - July 22, 2009 // 12:27 pm
Casshern23's Avatar
Well, If anyone needs some help. I will gladly do so, I have taken each step and done them perfectly, But I still get the lockup at verifying purchased content. So im guessing my vista`s firewall is acting up with it, so the way I figure it, if I can get someone else`s working, maybe they can help me back?

#77 - PS4 News - July 22, 2009 // 2:23 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I moved the rant posts to their own thread HERE for those who wish to continue that discussion.

Also, here are the full Home Item lists from Leviathan for those who already know what they are doing... it would be GREAT if you can help others here who are still struggling.

#76 - xDie4Herx - July 20, 2009 // 3:24 pm
xDie4Herx's Avatar
Apache is telling me it has a couple of errors even though it installs either way, I cant extract the files using winrar, WHY? When i do it said access denied along with other errors, does this matter or can I just go ahead onto the other stuff?

ugh apache doesn't want to run

#75 - PS4 News - July 20, 2009 // 10:52 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dmx6468279 View Post
Im in the US so i used scea and that lets me go through but i even tried scee to see and that gives me the same thing as everyone else (stuck on verifying purchased content or whatever that says)

This weekend Leviathan commented on this via e-mail briefly:
One more thing is if people get stuck on verifying content it means they may own a club house which needs a small extra part, Home can't load the items list or cant find it.

#74 - dmx6468279 - July 20, 2009 // 3:09 am
dmx6468279's Avatar
Well i used some of the tags from page 4 and tried it out. i did everything listed on this thread. then tried it on my alternate account and even made a new account. both times i didnt get anything other than what i was supposed to unlock from the game. Im in the US so i used scea and that lets me go through but i even tried scee to see and that gives me the same thing as everyone else (stuck on verifying purchased content or whatever that says)

Is there anyone that actually got it to work?

#73 - AlbaMeira - July 19, 2009 // 6:43 pm
AlbaMeira's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dmx6468279 View Post
Like i said, i know how to use the program. I just need help on where exactly to find the item tags when i use it cuz dont see anything that even closely resembles an item tag.

Im at a similar part I would like help on this a lot hell if someone can just point to where the tags are and how to filter out the extra stuff from the tags i'd be home free.

#72 - LKJHGFDSA - July 19, 2009 // 6:27 pm
I'm having trouble with apache, can't run it, it says "The requested operation has failed!" when I click start.

any idea what the problem is?

#71 - toxsik - July 19, 2009 // 6:18 pm
toxsik's Avatar
i get pretty far in this tutorial but then when i goto connect home the (hdd) thing in top right corner freezes every time, i've waited over 10 minutes before giving up a couple times as well.