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November 20, 2010 // 10:09 am - Today Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 is making its rounds on the Internet by release group DComics, while PS3 JailBreak users are working on how to get it running without updating the PlayStation 3 console to 3.50 Firmware as required by the title.

The full US release name is Gran.Turismo.5.PS3-DComics and the game weighs in at 19.4GB (20,882,698,502 bytes) in size unpacked for those wondering (packed at 19515.8MB), with the leaked European version coming in at 13.72GB in size.

According to the NFO File, the following important note states: "To play the game you need to spoof your fw as 3.5 with one of the payloads available in net."

There is also now another scene release named Gran.Turismo.5.EUR.JB.PS3-PEMA in which the NFO File states the following: "Spoofed firmware 3.5 required" and under Install Notes: "Unrar files and copy gamedir dir to external harddrive or use some PS3 FTP server. Files must be placed in the GAMEZ folder."

Although there have been a few reports of it working they are unconfirmed thus far, with most currently reporting getting a black screen or error 80028F08 that the data is corrupted when editing the PARAM.SFO file and using various PS3 payloads and Open Managers applications.

The US release version (BCUS-98114) was compiled with PS3 SDK 3.50 while the Euro leaked version (BCES-00569) of the game was compiled with PS3 SDK version 3.30, however, many users believe until a Debug Patch Update surfaces (as opposed to a 403/404 error) PS3 JailBreak users may have to hold off playing it.

As always, we'll update this article when a JailBroken PS3 GT5 fix or work-around arrives.

Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 Arrives, GT5 PS3 JailBreak WIP

Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 Arrives, GT5 PS3 JailBreak WIP

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#401 - OGroteKoning - November 29, 2010 // 7:58 am
OGroteKoning's Avatar
I wanted to post this last week already, but had problems with my internet. This is a bit old, but perhaps it could help in the process to investigate avenues to get GT5 to work.

I backed up GT5 with no issues to the internal HDD. As a rule, I backup/copy all my games to an external HDD. Then for the first time it happened that on completion of the copy process to the external HDD, the system freezes. I used GAIA 1.03.01. Initially I thought that something went wrong in the copy process. So I deleted the file on the external HDD and copied again with GAIA. Same result. I deleted the file again and Used multiMAN 1.10.08 to copy to external HDD and it copied it over properly.

I noticed that with the copy of multiMAN, it didn't show up a a split-file-copy of the game (like copies of large files of other managers do) - probably a slightly different way of saving the file. This is not the issue though, but deanrr is welcome to comment. Then I thought I'd give copying another shot with OpenManager 2.1I-2. Exactly the same issue. The system freezes after copy is completed.

In all instances, pressing and holding the triangle button does not do anything after the freeze nor does pressing the PS button. I tested with other games afterwards to see if there are any problems with my external HDD or even the BM's on my PS3 and they are all fine.

Has anyone else encountered this? To add to MRDOCA's (and others') posts and - it seems that $ony have included a BD emulation check that prevents the game to be played with a BM.

See attachment - the size of the backup/copies from all BM's are the same.

Hope this helps

#400 - afiser13 - November 29, 2010 // 6:07 am
afiser13's Avatar
until 3.50 is hacked, we wont be getting those keys, and if 3.50 is hacked, we would just update to that in the first place.

#399 - Helmax - November 29, 2010 // 2:34 am
Helmax's Avatar
Is there anyway we could get the encrypted keys, and somehow include them with a payload, and store them where the other keys are in 3.50 on 3.41? That way we boot with the new payload, in 3.41, have the keys temporarily placed in flash memory, or wherever they go, and just use them when we want to run a game?

Maybe make a backup manager rename the keys each time? I'm not sure how all of this works as far as the keys and where they are stored, but here is an example...


So that's how they would be in 3.41, then we add the new keys


then when new uncreated backup managers loads a game, it interprets the SFO. SFO wants 350, so guess what...

Rename KEY.BIN to 341_KEY.BIN
Rename 350_KEY.BIN to KEY.BIN

Then there are no overwrites, nothing gets deleted, and we always have the original keys.

Am I completely wrong and in the dark, or is this somewhat helpful?

#398 - Osirisx - November 28, 2010 // 10:51 pm
Osirisx's Avatar
it's been tried and does not work.

#397 - Jttd - November 28, 2010 // 10:44 pm
Jttd's Avatar
has anyone ever tried having 2 harddrives in their ps3 that both executed the ps3 xmb but one with 3.50 and one with 3.42 and you choose which harddrive to use when you power on the ps3? that would be an incredible mod...

#396 - effbee - November 28, 2010 // 10:09 pm
effbee's Avatar
That's why you get a black screen, FW less than 3.50 doesn't have the keys needed to decrypt EBOOT.

#395 - hunterrr - November 28, 2010 // 9:55 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
Funny they don't put any debug updates up -.-

you think by dumping the RAM it would decrypt the EBOOT.BIN, even if you get a black screen?

#394 - Osirisx - November 28, 2010 // 9:47 pm
Osirisx's Avatar
no i'm not saying that, if i had been able to make it boot i would have stated that.

i did try one more thing and that was to use gaia manager (latest version) and the disk is listed in the games menu, when i select it. it goes back to the XBM as normal and i see it in */app_home/PS3_GAME and on the disk icon.

again if i select it from app_home it just black screns and does not say any thing about a firmware update. proberly becsue im using the spoof if i try it from the disk icon i get the same result a black screen, i can't access the xbm either.

maybe we need a new payload to make orignial disk run on older FW? but if i have to end up getting a 2nd ps3 for all the new stuff then thats ok

i want to keep the jailbreak for the hombrew stuff, Linux especially.

#393 - Bishoff - November 28, 2010 // 9:24 pm
Bishoff's Avatar
No mate, even though his english is bad, he says he put in the original GT 5 disc. That is something completely different.

#392 - n4ru - November 28, 2010 // 9:12 pm
n4ru's Avatar
Whoops. Firmware does have something to do with it, but the BD Emulation IS another problem we need to fix.

Are you saying you got it to boot and viewed the movie?