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Graf Chokolo Installs Gentoo Linux on PS3 Internal HDD

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209w ago - Today PlayStation 3 hacker Graf Chokolo has posted that he has successfully installed Gentoo Linux on the PS3 internal hard disk drive.

To quote from his update: Great news, guys I was very busy in the last days and I managed to install Gentoo on the internal HDD of PS3 Slim

I created a new VFLASH region of size 40GB and installing my Linux kernel there right now And GameOS doesn't touch this region when I boot it So you can reformat your HDD (but not VFLASH) and Linux will be still there I resized VFLASH from 256MB to about 40GB

Next steps:

• Compiling petitboot for PS3
• Installing petitboot on VFLASH
• Creating HV CFW which is capable of booting GameOS or petitboot. petitboot can boot Linux (or other OS) from HDD, FLASH, USB, CDROM or NFS (just like 3.15 did it or me on my PS3 3.41)
• Creating a more user-friendly approach for installing Linux on internal HDD

BTW, check out my new ps3stor-utils and Linux device driver ps3stormgr. It allows you to create/delete storage regions on PS3 Linux I used it to create a new VFLASH region for Linux.

Here are my Linux partitions on VFLASH:

brw-rw–- 1 root disk 253, 112 Mar 25 19:19 /dev/ps3vflashh
brw-rw–- 1 root disk 253, 113 Mar 25 19:19 /dev/ps3vflashh1
brw-rw–- 1 root disk 253, 114 Mar 25 19:21 /dev/ps3vflashh2
brw-rw–- 1 root disk 253, 115 Mar 25 19:23 /dev/ps3vflashh3

OtherOS++ will be back and even better than my 3.41 version

HV rules !!!

Also be sure to check out: PS3 Linux kernel patches for storage devices; GCC 4.3.5 patches here.

Graf Chokolo Installs Gentoo Linux on PS3 Internal HDD

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Comments 26

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#6 - Chivafighter - 209w ago
Chivafighter's Avatar
Wow this progress is awesome, just that it seems like 3.41 is the main firmware where everything is being accessible such as this and the ps3 cobra with its new features, even though we have 3.55 cfw.

#5 - crud26 - 209w ago
crud26's Avatar
Great work Graf!! I can not wait to install this on my ps3!

#4 - costocart - 209w ago
costocart's Avatar
keep up the good work...

#3 - elser1 - 209w ago
elser1's Avatar
its better he's on this side than sony's side... i never have but i'd like to get linux on a ps3 and see what it's all about.. go graf!

#2 - SinnerShanky - 209w ago
SinnerShanky's Avatar
Graf is one of the most talented people... Sony is doing a big mistake suing him.. Instead they should pay him to test their console security which i'm sure he'll compromise each time...!!

#1 - jarvis - 209w ago
jarvis's Avatar
Awesome!! As a professional programmer, I am humbled by the work you have done. You are a truly gifted individual. I don't support piracy, so steps like this to allow us to use our own hardware without directly enabling piracy is fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!


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