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November 29, 2010 // 7:43 pm - A few weeks back graf_chokolo announced that he decrypted PS3 Firmware 3.50 and work on a free public PS3 Downgrader was underway, followed by a PSGroove Payload update to decrypt PKGs from PlayStation 3 PUP Files with today's update including the OtherOS.self and Lv2diag.self from a PS3 Service JIG decrypted!

Download: Decrypted Lv2diag.self from PS3 Service JIG (Teaser)

To quote via xorloser's blog, linked above, on the PS3 appldr interface reversal progress:

graf_chokolo says: Guys, i know you are waiting for the USB Dongle Master Key from me I have got now 2 fat PS3 with HV 3.15 but unfortunately no SX28 development board yet to exploit it

But i was not idle and the last and this week i was working on reversing of self decryption. And now i'm able to decrypt SELFs and SPRXs on my exploited GameOS by using HV calls only and no GameOS functions at all I reversed the interface to appldr which decrypts SELFs on GameOS 3.41.

So you won't get bored until i get the USB Dongle Master Key, i will make my findings and my source code public very soon and you will be able to decrypt your favourite games and programs by yourself :-) Let the fun begin, guys

Here is a "small" teaser of decrypted Lv2diag.self from service JIG

You cannot decrypt isolated SPUs with appldr, i think, because they are decrypted by isoldr.

I'm able to decrypt hdd_copy.self from 3.42 but not from 3.50

otheros.self decrypted

Graf Chokolo Decrypts OtherOS.self, PS3 Service JIG Lv2diag.self

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#11 - Kiriller - November 30, 2010 // 5:08 am
Kiriller's Avatar
Sweeet! thank you for the hardwork, can't wait for the great results

#10 - hacked2123 - November 30, 2010 // 5:00 am
hacked2123's Avatar
I’m able to decrypt hdd_copy.self from 3.42 but not from 3.50

So we can soon work on a PC port of the PS3's FS?

#9 - condorstrike - November 30, 2010 // 4:36 am
condorstrike's Avatar
this is what we've been waiting for guys... don't expect a downgrade, not gt5 in a week... check back in a month...

and Ptuchik above... how about Contller Firmwar at 387... devs make mistakes or just name things their way, big typos though, which would make anyone skeptic... nahhh.

#8 - Ptuchik - November 30, 2010 // 4:28 am
Ptuchik's Avatar
Hey, excuse me for this type of post, but if you want to say that this is decrypted and copy pasted official Sony code pastie there, I can't believe that they can do some mistakes in the word like "blu-ray" on string 398 in the hex file. There is "bul-ray" instead of "blu-ray".

Can anyone explain me?

#7 - mushy409 - November 30, 2010 // 4:25 am
mushy409's Avatar
Someone give this guy some glitch hardware for his 2 PS3 systems - BRING ON THE MASTER KEY!

Only then will the fun start... just imagine... upgrade & downgrade to ANY firmware you want & have plenty of fun with homebrew. You could just walk into a shop without worrying what firmware your PS3 will have

#6 - mygamingcard - November 30, 2010 // 4:19 am
mygamingcard's Avatar
nice stuff! just a matter of days...

#5 - Drakhen - November 30, 2010 // 3:54 am
Drakhen's Avatar
Incredible news, keep up the great work

#4 - KerKid - November 30, 2010 // 3:39 am
KerKid's Avatar
THANK YOU! fantastic news!

#3 - tjay17 - November 30, 2010 // 3:22 am
tjay17's Avatar
This is nice, hopefully I can soon play my games that require 3.50

#2 - cfwprophet - November 30, 2010 // 3:16 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
Yea will bring forward some more cfw's with time. And also installable ones