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November 29, 2010 // 7:43 pm - A few weeks back graf_chokolo announced that he decrypted PS3 Firmware 3.50 and work on a free public PS3 Downgrader was underway, followed by a PSGroove Payload update to decrypt PKGs from PlayStation 3 PUP Files with today's update including the OtherOS.self and Lv2diag.self from a PS3 Service JIG decrypted!

Download: Decrypted Lv2diag.self from PS3 Service JIG (Teaser)

To quote via xorloser's blog, linked above, on the PS3 appldr interface reversal progress:

graf_chokolo says: Guys, i know you are waiting for the USB Dongle Master Key from me I have got now 2 fat PS3 with HV 3.15 but unfortunately no SX28 development board yet to exploit it

But i was not idle and the last and this week i was working on reversing of self decryption. And now i'm able to decrypt SELFs and SPRXs on my exploited GameOS by using HV calls only and no GameOS functions at all I reversed the interface to appldr which decrypts SELFs on GameOS 3.41.

So you won't get bored until i get the USB Dongle Master Key, i will make my findings and my source code public very soon and you will be able to decrypt your favourite games and programs by yourself :-) Let the fun begin, guys

Here is a "small" teaser of decrypted Lv2diag.self from service JIG

You cannot decrypt isolated SPUs with appldr, i think, because they are decrypted by isoldr.

I'm able to decrypt hdd_copy.self from 3.42 but not from 3.50

otheros.self decrypted

Graf Chokolo Decrypts OtherOS.self, PS3 Service JIG Lv2diag.self

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#41 - mushy409 - December 1, 2010 // 3:38 am
mushy409's Avatar
How would they patch this exactly? From what I understand the Jailbreak dongle emulates the JIG device used to boot the system into Factory mode.

I dont believe they would go down the route of changing JIG hardware, I think they would change the response challenge in the firmware itself, then update their JIG dongles.

Sony wouldn't lock themselves out of their own consoles (obviously)... unless this is a similar incident to when they removed OtherOS support.

LOADS of people whined, Sony metaphorically slapped everyone with the excuse "We did it to protect everyone's best interests..." more like "We did it to cash in on future hardware & to ditch the freeloaders from our system (Linux Users!)..."

Who exactly is the 'Everyone'? A small group of autistic aliens that sony keep locked up for game testing & feed them on crack & sushi?

#40 - hunterrr - December 1, 2010 // 3:19 am
hunterrr's Avatar
LOL before we know it, we will be on firmware 6.0

#39 - spawnofjago - December 1, 2010 // 3:19 am
spawnofjago's Avatar
hunterrr No. The ps3 erases all files and reformats it during downgrade, hence the need of backing up ps3 before use.

#38 - BwE - December 1, 2010 // 3:17 am
BwE's Avatar
i wouldnt get too excited. sony is holding off a 3.51 etc because of this.

as soon as we hack 3.50 its going to be patched. the only real point of this is to play later games lol.

small chance of future psn use

#37 - hunterrr - December 1, 2010 // 2:51 am
hunterrr's Avatar
Wouldn't all the firmware contents be in the other partition /dev_hdd1/?

#36 - hacked2123 - December 1, 2010 // 2:14 am
hacked2123's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by atlask2 View Post
Is it possible to load this 3.50 via Jaicrab FW usbloader ?

Now that there is the downgrader... maybe upgrade to 3.50, do a dd of the the hdd... downgrade to 3.41... load ftp program... start ftp... load mirrored 3.50 hdd... explore hdd content.

1 in a trillion chance of this working... but if you got the downgrader and the time, give it a shot.

#35 - atlask2 - December 1, 2010 // 2:09 am
atlask2's Avatar
Is it possible to load this 3.50 via Jaicrab FW usbloader ?

#34 - sorg - December 1, 2010 // 1:15 am
sorg's Avatar
3.50 games can be decrypted only on console with 3.50FW. graf_chocolo decrypts using some hacks on PS3. Until somebody will dump decryption keys and find out decryption algorithm and then write application for PC, we won't be able to decrypt 3.50 games.

Another hope is for patched 3.50 which will be able to run jailbreak.

#33 - itwong - December 1, 2010 // 12:57 am
itwong's Avatar
Now that we can decrypt .self, we are not too far away from an eboot decrypter for 3.50 games. Once decrypted, 3.50 games will probably work on 3.41 firmware just like psp games.s

#32 - SwordOfWar - November 30, 2010 // 11:51 pm
SwordOfWar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sinkec View Post
when the downgrade will be over do i need some jailbreak device or it will be i possible to install from any usb.

i'm on 3.50 so i'm asking you shell i buy it or not, and you let me now should i stay or should i go.

Obviously the only way to jailbreak is to have a jailbreak device. There is no way to hack the PS3 without the jailbreak hardware.

The downgrade software does not work without the jailbreak device.