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May 2, 2011 // 4:19 am - Today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has released a PS3 homebrew game he calls Goodbye World made PSL1GHT with the source code below.

Download: Goodbye World PS3 Homebrew Game / Goodbye World PS3 Source Code

To quote: "Hello world" programs are so cliche. So here is my first simple piece of homebrew made using PSL1GHT (everything else I've released for PS3 was made with the leaked SDK).

You control a space ship using the left analog stick well the world relentlessly follows you and pleads for you to stay. There is no real objective, scoring or anything like that. It's a non game.

I've just realized that it doesn't seem to be working at lower resolutions. It works fine in HD with an HDMI cable but when using component cables it just goes to a black screen.

The same thing happens with the RSX test sample (which is what I used as the basis of this) so the problem isn't something I introduced. I'm guessing there is probably some flaw with the videoGetResolution function but that's just a blind assumption. I haven't done any real testing yet or made any attempt to correct the problem. It would be helpful if there was documentation to consult...

The source code is available for anybody that wants it.

Goodbye World PS3 Homebrew Game via PSL1GHT is Released

Goodbye World PS3 Homebrew Game via PSL1GHT is Released

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#5 - SuperSaiyen - May 16, 2011 // 5:31 pm
SuperSaiyen's Avatar
LOL.. yep.. definitely some mindless fun there.. good looking fun demo!

#4 - HeyManHRU - May 8, 2011 // 9:09 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
I played this game for 10 Mins straight, lol.

#3 - moja - May 7, 2011 // 10:06 pm
moja's Avatar
Great concept! Did the lower res get fixed yet?

#2 - PS4 News - May 2, 2011 // 8:14 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Maybe he is scared of being sued by Sony.. can't blame ThatOtherPerson though the way they are suing everyone lately.

#1 - kimdalanxa - May 2, 2011 // 3:49 pm
kimdalanxa's Avatar
Lol! everyone knows who he is, why he calls himself Thatotherdev now? rofl

Anyways, i like the concept but i would like 2 see more from this!