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GeoHot PS3 Custom Themes Hack Demonstration Arrives

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258w ago - Today GeoHot has posted a few pictures (below) with the title "Custom Themes?" on the latest PlayStation 3 blog entry, however, no other useful details are available of the PS3 hack demonstration.

To speculate, it appears to illustrate modifying the PS3 GameOS XMB memory areas, but this was already known over a month ago when word first spread of the PS3 Hypervisor lv2 being dumped and reversed.

It's an RCO file edit, just like RCO edits on the PSP (almost same format too). RCO files are resource files for VSH plugins, live in the dev_flash, and aren't signed. To edit them on your system, patch your hypervisor to allow encrypted access to the partition (flash on old systems, hd on new), and mod ps3pf_storage. dev_flash is just a FAT partition, mount it in Linux and change what you'd like.

Nevertheless, it looks like progress is indeed being made editing and replacing an RCO in /dev_flash/vsh/resource/, although it would be nice if the information was made public so that other PS3 Devs in the scene could join in the fun.

From NDT: Le foto sono vere al 100% Ha modificato gli RCO dal dump della ram ma dato che non sono signed questo significa proprio poco. Si vede che stava cercando anche lui qualcosa da postare.

Rough translation: The photos are real 100% Changed the RCO by dump ram but since they have not signed this means just a little. One can see that he was looking for something to post.

Mathieulh: It's real, it has nothing to do with custom backgrounds, what he did was replace a rco file in dev_flash with one he edited (with a custom text in it).

To do that he had to mount dev_flash as rw because it is normally read only. You can do that if you know how to using his exploit under otheros.

As always, more details to come as they are available!

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#32 - sapperlott - 258w ago
sapperlott's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ekrboi View Post
So even if we decrypted the whole gameos then modified it it would still need to be resigned before it would run or it will run unsigned if decrypted?
I don't think that retail boxes will be able to use unsigned files.

#31 - livpool - 258w ago
livpool's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
Way way later, possible to emulate 360 games with PS3 since it is much more powerful ?

lol. maybe for PS4.

i don't think we even have xbox1 emulators yet

#30 - ekrboi - 258w ago
ekrboi's Avatar
So even if we decrypted the whole gameos then modified it it would still need to be resigned before it would run or it will run unsigned if decrypted?

#29 - dante489 - 258w ago
dante489's Avatar
impossible!!, even thought you're joking i just wanted to say that even if a 12-core cpu appears! we won't be able to emulate the 360 unless it's colcked @1200mhz or something lol.

seriously, the number of cores don't matter that much in the emulation world so computing power doesn't equal emulation power, the best thing ps3 could do is emulating the wii or the original xbox!

anyway lets wait until we say a "hello world" program or maybe a "hello goehot" as he always does it lol.

#28 - SCE - 258w ago
SCE's Avatar
OK : Two dumb questions.

Is 360's architecture Cell too?

Way way later, possible to emulate 360 games with PS3 since it is much more powerful ?

#27 - sapperlott - 258w ago
sapperlott's Avatar
As I see it, CFW is still quite far away. Remember - he modified an unsigned file. The more important files are signed.

But it's way cool that he found a way to mount the flash just like any other partition from OtherOS. This makes it much easier to play around with its contents

#26 - craig2k9 - 258w ago
craig2k9's Avatar
he definetly is a very smart boy.. from the iphone to a ps3 genious! i'll sit patiently waiting on something happening with it! hopefully cfw dosen't mess up online game play... ie.. mw2 + xbox360 + god hack or what ever it was called.

#25 - Wonderkik - 258w ago
Wonderkik's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SCE View Post
Believe me if it was an easy thing, geohot wouldn't even bother posting it

Well, if we listen to Geohot, everything is easy in the Ps3 hacking, but we are just too dumb to see it ^^

I'm thankful, but I really dislike him, strange feeling...

#24 - KallaiR - 258w ago
KallaiR's Avatar
so what are the benefits for the end user if he will switch to debug mode his console?

#23 - weii - 258w ago
weii's Avatar
I hope this pave the way to downgradable firmware... even if it is not quite there yet.


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