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March 29, 2010 // 12:47 pm - Today infamous PS3 hacker GeoHot has blogged that users should not update their PS3 entertainment systems to PS3 Firmware v3.21 when it is released this Thursday as it will disable the OtherOS functionality, and as incentive not to update he has promised the very community he isn't sharing details on how to dump lv2 with that he will work on a solution which could include PS3 Custom Firmware.

To quote: "A note to people interested in the exploit and retaining OtherOS support, DO NOT UPDATE. When 3.21 comes out, I will look into a safe way of updating to retain OtherOS support, perhaps something like Hellcat's Recovery Flasher. I never intended to touch CFW, but if that's how you want to play...

Two things, some people seem to think CFW will enable some sort of piracy. It won't. It'll just be a custom version of 3.21 that doesn't lose OtherOS support. Hacking isn't about getting what you didn't pay for, it's about making sure you do get what you did.

And this is about more than this feature right now. It's about whether these companies have the right to take away advertised features from a product you purchased. Imagine if an exploit were found in Safari on the iPhone, but instead of fixing it, Apple decides to pull web browsing altogether. Legally, they may be within their right to do so, but we have to show them it's the wrong move for the future of the product and the company.

First off, I want to apologize to all the people who use Linux on their PS3. Before releasing, I weighed the pros and cons, and considered the possibility of an impact on OtherOS support.

My logic was this. OtherOS support had already been removed from the Slim (not for technical reasons; I believe it only existed in the first place to promote the Cell for IBM) The builders had apparently no intention of including it in future products. So for the purposes of openness why not release? Not like anything else has (or probably will be) done on the PS3.

Now you go and remove a feature that people expected to be included with the expensive device they purchased, citing "security concerns". What security concerns? It's not like the exploit can be run even close to without the users knowledge.

You have to open the thing up. How could this harm users? Your blog post doesn't list positive reasons for upgrading like I think most users expect. Instead it lists things you will lose if you don't upgrade. Seriously?

The PlayStation 3 is the only product I know that loses features throughout it's life cycle. Software PS2 emulation, SACD playback, and OtherOS support are all just software switches you can flip. It's unbelievable you would go and flip one, not just on new boxes you are shipping, but on tens of millions already in the field."

Here is to hoping GeoHot releases a PlayStation 3 solution in a timely manner, as unfortunately the entire PS3 (and Linux) scene is left waiting on him at the moment.

GeoHot: Don't Update to 3.21, Promises PS3 Custom Firmware

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#67 - sharks - March 30, 2010 // 5:05 pm
sharks's Avatar
Oh wait, but what if... he actually FAILS to provide a truly working CFW. Ha! That's one for the masses (and most especially Sony) to enjoy. Or what if he takes months to release his CFW, making thousands, if not millions, of people stifle their urge and rage to go back to playing their favorite games online.

That's a pretty huge trade off to me. I play mostly online on my PS3, but i'm willing to give GeoHot a few days... maybe a week. But after that, i need to hurry back to my Warzone on Killzone2!

#66 - y2kkingboy - March 30, 2010 // 4:38 pm
y2kkingboy's Avatar
i find it really misleading and a bad move from Sony when they are saying that you have to update your system FW so you can log in to PSN. OK, we get it. you want us to update so you can remove the OtherOS option. but it's still not your right to refuse other services you've promised me when i bought the system. because honestly i don't think Sony will change any thing in the new FW that is really essential to be able to connect to PSN. because then other companies would have to update too.

in some countries refusing to pay the rent does not give the landlord the right to personally evict the renter and change the locks. you have to inform the authorities and they should handle the situation. because the renter is still a human and he has rights. i know it's not the same but somehow close. what if some how something big happened and apartments got scarce. landlords would get greedy and want higher rents. but they already signed contracts with renters. so they don't have the right to raise the rent unless the contract ended.

what I'm trying to say is, not updating and accepting their agreement should not mean not being able connect to PSN. not because they covered their butts with a couple of verses in the TOS means that we are not humans and just pockets of money that.

sorry for ranting i just wanted to speak my mind.

#65 - Bakke - March 30, 2010 // 2:51 pm
Bakke's Avatar
Just when I started to have fun with Zerogame. Sony is so stupid =(

#64 - Warrorar - March 30, 2010 // 1:53 pm
Warrorar's Avatar
i'm not a fan of piracy, but i hate it when my discs get a scratch after 10 hours of gaming... i hope something of this custom firmware speeches will lead to a cfw witch supports backup gaming from a hdd...

#63 - djkarupt - March 30, 2010 // 1:05 pm
djkarupt's Avatar
Come on if anything its always been known that Sony was going to remove the OtherOS... they been stating that since 2 years ago.. when all the fake Loaders came out... ITS JUST VIDEO GAMES.... who cares.. when it happens it happens.. get an xbox hack it play all the backup on their.. buy the 2-3 games for ps3 only and your all set.

Also get a better job.. higher pay allows you to purchase 99% of you wont go running to buy a Blu-ray burner once a Loader is available right? because truly i dont care to see another emulator on another console.. the ones for xbox1 or wii/gamecubes WORK GREAT.

#62 - NaTaS69 - March 30, 2010 // 11:54 am
NaTaS69's Avatar
I guess that $ony has bought a war with this annoucement. PS3 wasn't "cracked" bcz it has linux and "open-minded" features.

Now that door closes and every hacker will attack with fury. Geo just post it his opinion on that and, i would guess, is not very different for other great names. Will wait and see what news will appear on the annual CCC.

$ony made a public challenge.

#61 - Hosted - March 30, 2010 // 8:25 am
Hosted's Avatar
Who downloaded ps3_app_loader.rar? upload somewhere please

#60 - proskopina - March 30, 2010 // 7:54 am
proskopina's Avatar
i think geohot will come with something good!! i feel it!!!

#59 - bullie - March 30, 2010 // 6:57 am
bullie's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by uytruy View Post
OK I am really conflicted on what I should do now... I have a Launch 60 GB PS3 that got the YLOD. I have been holding on to it with hopes of a hack or custom firmware. After seeing the OtherOS feature being removed I immediately decided I would have to sell it.

The only other alternative is to Keep it til there's a hack and then send it off to sony and hope it doesn't come back with 3.21. What should I do??

Why don't you fix the YLOD yourself, I did and seriously it's not hard at all. Just follow the many youtube clips to fix it with a paint stripper gun.

I paid $20 for one and fixed mine, just don't keep heat in one spot for too long and watch the clips until you understand how to do the motion.

Just be slow and careful and you'll be fine. Problem solved good luck

#58 - Reaper2122 - March 30, 2010 // 6:51 am
Reaper2122's Avatar
guess all we can do at this moment is wait and see or for the egohoters whine 24/7 until it possible release