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March 29, 2010 // 2:47 pm - Today infamous PS3 hacker GeoHot has blogged that users should not update their PS3 entertainment systems to PS3 Firmware v3.21 when it is released this Thursday as it will disable the OtherOS functionality, and as incentive not to update he has promised the very community he isn't sharing details on how to dump lv2 with that he will work on a solution which could include PS3 Custom Firmware.

To quote: "A note to people interested in the exploit and retaining OtherOS support, DO NOT UPDATE. When 3.21 comes out, I will look into a safe way of updating to retain OtherOS support, perhaps something like Hellcat's Recovery Flasher. I never intended to touch CFW, but if that's how you want to play...

Two things, some people seem to think CFW will enable some sort of piracy. It won't. It'll just be a custom version of 3.21 that doesn't lose OtherOS support. Hacking isn't about getting what you didn't pay for, it's about making sure you do get what you did.

And this is about more than this feature right now. It's about whether these companies have the right to take away advertised features from a product you purchased. Imagine if an exploit were found in Safari on the iPhone, but instead of fixing it, Apple decides to pull web browsing altogether. Legally, they may be within their right to do so, but we have to show them it's the wrong move for the future of the product and the company.

First off, I want to apologize to all the people who use Linux on their PS3. Before releasing, I weighed the pros and cons, and considered the possibility of an impact on OtherOS support.

My logic was this. OtherOS support had already been removed from the Slim (not for technical reasons; I believe it only existed in the first place to promote the Cell for IBM) The builders had apparently no intention of including it in future products. So for the purposes of openness why not release? Not like anything else has (or probably will be) done on the PS3.

Now you go and remove a feature that people expected to be included with the expensive device they purchased, citing "security concerns". What security concerns? It's not like the exploit can be run even close to without the users knowledge.

You have to open the thing up. How could this harm users? Your blog post doesn't list positive reasons for upgrading like I think most users expect. Instead it lists things you will lose if you don't upgrade. Seriously?

The PlayStation 3 is the only product I know that loses features throughout it's life cycle. Software PS2 emulation, SACD playback, and OtherOS support are all just software switches you can flip. It's unbelievable you would go and flip one, not just on new boxes you are shipping, but on tens of millions already in the field."

Here is to hoping GeoHot releases a PlayStation 3 solution in a timely manner, as unfortunately the entire PS3 (and Linux) scene is left waiting on him at the moment.

GeoHot: Don't Update to 3.21, Promises PS3 Custom Firmware

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#87 - DENEGRAO - March 31, 2010 // 5:50 am
If someday someone make a cw, maybe those who have bricked ps3 before fw 2.4 (my case) can return the ps3 form grave and not pay sony 150$ to sony use a program and do the job in 5 min instead of liberate for the public for free..

i love ps3, but i hate sony.

#86 - dondolo - March 31, 2010 // 3:17 am
dondolo's Avatar
he's writing about the idea to create a cf just to mantain the possibility to run linux. i believe this is not true. the idea to create a cf for ps3 was in his mind from a long time ago, otherwise, how could you explain the "non-sharing-strategy"??

if you have nothing to do with the scene, why are you keeping all this stuff as "classified"??

#85 - hunterrr - March 31, 2010 // 2:15 am
hunterrr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by OneWingedReita View Post
I really hope that we get a software exploit. I always buy Good games but some games are bad but i want to play it ^^

Think i have to buy a second slim ps3 for original games and my trophies -.-
But my good old AT system WILL NOT BE UPDATED!

yeah man its good to have more than 1 ps3. I got 4 of them 2 of em i'm keeping un updated untill geohot breaks the bad news if you know what i mean...

#84 - OneWingedReita - March 31, 2010 // 1:54 am
OneWingedReita's Avatar
I really hope that we get a software exploit. I always buy Good games but some games are bad but i want to play it ^^

Think i have to buy a second slim ps3 for original games and my trophies -.-
But my good old AT system WILL NOT BE UPDATED!

#83 - hunterrr - March 31, 2010 // 1:34 am
hunterrr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bullie View Post
Why don't you fix the YLOD yourself, I did and seriously it's not hard at all. Just follow the many youtube clips to fix it with a paint stripper gun.

I paid $20 for one and fixed mine, just don't keep heat in one spot for too long and watch the clips until you understand how to do the motion.

Just be slow and careful and you'll be fine. Problem solved good luck

Sorry to get off topic but just becuase you fixed your ps3 doesen't mean everyone else can. This happened to me i reflowed 5 times in 1 month turns out it was a loose solder connection. little flux fixed it lol.

As for geoge he makes it sound like CFW is a easy thing to do, won't be a problem. Sounds kinda fishy.

To be honest this dude imo is a hypocrite. I give it a month before he says Sony patched it, nothin i can do, leading all those thousands ppl on. I remember reading his blog on the first post maybe? He says that he isn't into ps3 gaming etc... Then why doesen't he share the level 2 dumps with devs so we can acually get something c'mon GEORGE!

#82 - tonyqc - March 31, 2010 // 12:47 am
tonyqc's Avatar
If he find a way to preserve OtherOS. He will probably work on a software exploit...

#81 - Neo Cyrus - March 30, 2010 // 11:45 pm
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by vfxraven19 View Post
I'm all in for it to preserve OtherOS, so hopefully a custom firmware of sorts will appear... not to promote/endorse piracy for PS3 that is, buy your games! Support the industry.

Screw the industry if they're never going to release proper demos. I always download games to try before buying whenever possible.

Not to mention in Canada we get screwed over on prices, the standard price tag per game is $80, hurray for overpricing and taxes despite the dollars being almost equal.

#80 - Pcsx2006 - March 30, 2010 // 9:51 pm
Pcsx2006's Avatar
I'm sure he'll make a patched fw or cfw to retain otheros feature just like xbox360 patched dashboard update which prevent efuses to be blown to retain jtag hack.

#79 - livpool - March 30, 2010 // 9:19 pm
livpool's Avatar
well when you think about it, George is known for his easy to use hacks: blackra1n for example. its literally plug in your iphone and click one button and your iphone is jailbroken in under 20 seconds. no one expected that so lets see what he can do here. i have confidence.

#78 - PS4 News - March 30, 2010 // 5:24 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Arnie Pie View Post
If he manages to do anything related to CFW, then I would expect that it requires the current glitch hardware/exploit to gain control over the HV.

Correct, a likely scenario (assuming another hole isn't found) will be something along the lines of those with OtherOS on 3.20 will update to a "GeoHot 3.21" via the previously released glitch exploit to mount dev_flash etc and replace the data with a modded 3.21... which can be obtained by decrypting 3.21 via ldr's.

However, once this is done Sony will end up changing the ldr's and keys, although it may be possible to load in and use new ldr's unless checks against the Hypervisor version are added and so on... basically a cat and mouse game like with the PSP.

Needless to say, similar to the PS3 glitch exploit itself, unless a more user-friendly exploit surfaces this process isn't likely to benefit those who can't (or don't have the materials/patience) to perform/trigger the initial exploit so they won't be able to make use of a modded 3.21 Custom Firmware with OtherOS intact.