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January 25, 2011 // 7:34 pm - Not long after Gaia Manager for Custom Firmware v3.55 arrived, PlayStation 3 developer drizzt84 updated his OBM PS3 Mod which includes support for PS3 backups to version 2.05.

Currently the release supports PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 and can be found to download in the first post linked below.

Download: Gaia Manager V2.05 (3.55 PS3 CFW only)

Changes in Gaia Manager v2.05 include:

  • Use harcoded payload (less crashes)
  • Use another payload (with syscall36), it should never crash inside game now
  • Reminder Gaia Manager has the Sony logs cleanup since October 2010 and it's always active and working...

Gaia Manager v2.05 for PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 Arrives

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#1210 - Seb87 - February 3, 2011 // 4:13 pm
Seb87's Avatar
No, Gaia need to be signed for use with CFW 3.55 Waninkoko. We can just wait for have a Gaia Manager like 1.04.1 with no hardcoded Payload.

I unpack, unself, self and make pkg for Waninkoko v2. Here is the GAMEZ and BDRIPS dir.

Add with GAMEZ version, thanks

#1209 - Maihkyz - February 3, 2011 // 1:33 pm
Maihkyz's Avatar
i can install this while p3key is inserted?

#1208 - Seb87 - February 3, 2011 // 1:33 pm
Seb87's Avatar
You can just install Gaia 1.04.1 but it don't launch. CFW Waninkoko v2 use the same key like 3.41 Hermes I think

#1207 - pyroblage - February 3, 2011 // 1:28 pm
pyroblage's Avatar
Is there a way to change the game's name that appears on Gaia Manager? So instead of seeing like

CALL_OF_DUTY_4_MODERN_WARFARE it could be simplify down to Call of Duty 4 with out the underscores or something.

Can someone explain the process if possible?

#1206 - oust62139 - February 3, 2011 // 10:28 am
oust62139's Avatar
Yes, I use the same CFW and it installs fine for me.

#1205 - hacktek - February 2, 2011 // 12:02 pm
hacktek's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oust62139 View Post
For everybody else on the non-waninkoko's cfw's, version 2.07 has been released.

Is this signed for GeoHot?

I'm using Wutangrza+GH so if it's not signed for GH it won't install.

#1204 - ColonelFUM - February 2, 2011 // 11:53 am
ColonelFUM's Avatar
Hi all !

Do you know if the last patch Multiman 1.15.00 "Black Screen Games" will be integrated into Gaia Manager ?

Thanks for all ^^


#1203 - theshadowrunner - February 2, 2011 // 9:24 am
theshadowrunner's Avatar
Hi Drizz, did you receive my message about the Japanese font/character support for game titles in GAIA?

#1202 - oust62139 - February 1, 2011 // 10:36 pm
oust62139's Avatar
No version of gaia manager will work with waninkoko's cfw. It is supposedly on drizzt's todo list for his next release.

For everybody else on the non-waninkoko's cfw's, version 2.07 has been released.

Forgot to add the change log info to my previous post:


  • Enabled discless on syscall36
  • Changed syscall36 implementation, from two payloads to only one payload

#1201 - nicotine - February 1, 2011 // 8:22 pm
nicotine's Avatar
which method/fw are you on, and what did you install?

i've tried multiple packages, they won't even INSTALL. (wanin v2)