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November 8, 2010 // 4:53 pm - Just under a week ago Heden of PS3 scene release group DeLiGhT'2010 released some PS3 Scene Intros, and today he has released Force_Package_NPDRM v1.0 for PS3 JailBreak users followed by Force_Package_NPDRM v1.50 + PSN_Package_NPDRM v1.00 with changes detailed HERE along with a PSN Package NPDRM PDF Guide.

Download: Force_Package_NPDRM v1.0 for PS3 / Force_Package_NPDRM v1.50 + PSN_Package_NPDRM v1.00 / Tutorial PSN Package NPDRM

To quote: "The tool is a modified version of Sony's own make_package_npdrm. However, this version allows the repackaging of games, even those with DRM.

Currently it is only working with internal games, but will be improved in the future. Please note it requires MingW/MSYS to run."

Finally, from the included ReadMe file:

FORCE_PACKAGE_NPDRM - 11/08/10 - V1.00 - Initial Release

This tool is a modded version of SONY's "MAKE_PACKAGE_NPDRM"

• It enables the repackaging of gamez into a .PKG file
• It only works (for the moment) with internal games (ie. PSN games)
• Still the problem of licence (act.dat) to run the game on another PS3


• It prints the "extended" help of the original version ;-)
• It packages YOUR EBOOT.BIN
• It repackages files even if they are already DRM'ed :
• SELF files
• SPRX files
• EDATA files

What it will do later :
• It will package the TROPHY directory (in the root of the game)
• It will package an entire BD games keeping its associated structure


First create the following structure:

• ...
• Original EBOOT.BIN renamed to whatever you want
• ...

Your EBOOT.BIN must launch the original EBOOT.BIN (ie. GAME.BIN) ("sys_game_process_exitspawn2" instruction is not yet very stable)

Future DeLiGhT's releases will include in the EBOOT.BIN:

• On the fly patching (LV2) to run games (no need of a specific payload with the exception of PEEK and POKE syscalls)
• Ability to launch games from XMB / Dashboard (much more tricky ;-))

Force_Package_NPDRM v1.0 for PS3 Arrives from Team DeLiGhT

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#22 - shummyr - August 4, 2011 // 3:28 am
shummyr's Avatar
no you can not use it with any newer firmware than 3.55

#21 - Operstamphur - August 4, 2011 // 2:51 am
Operstamphur's Avatar
can i add it to firmware 3.66?

#20 - tpryor00 - November 29, 2010 // 5:25 am
tpryor00's Avatar
is it possible to repackage and run successful retail disc games?

i made a pkg with force-npdrm of the retail game dark sector pal. of course i had to use the debug eboot to repack but it worked. i set hdd game install to sfo and all, but if i install and run it it goes only to the screen where the script says game data install but no background image and no progress. i can open the menu and return to xmb but then the screen gets black and my ps3 beeps and then reboots. is it because hdd games don't need game data install? i have no official psn game.

#19 - Belmondo - November 26, 2010 // 2:58 am
Belmondo's Avatar
Nice one Heden, always good to hear that progress is being made from the source. love the tools by the way. very cool.

#18 - Beamsbox - November 25, 2010 // 9:28 pm
Beamsbox's Avatar
.Rif's in the "home"

Cheers, man, I'll loook into it. I should have that around here somewhere.

Thanks much.

#17 - Heden - November 25, 2010 // 8:00 pm
Heden's Avatar
Hey mate, this tool enables to repackage directories. It does not bypass the licence file !

If you want to reinstall your games, you need to backup the associated .RIF file (they are in your "home" directory).

We are working on removing the need of these licence files.
Progress has been done

Heden / DeLiGhT'2010

#16 - Beamsbox - November 22, 2010 // 12:31 am
Beamsbox's Avatar
So I'm just pissin' around inside my system and figured I'd attempt to back everything up that I wanted to keep (deleted all my crap first, then backed-up all that showed in dev_hddo). The formatted my HD, I know I know.

Attempting to reinstall my PSN Game Downloads, like Cuboid and Sudoku, I've managed to repack them into .pkg's using the force_repackage tool. Installed them, etc. But they wouldn't boot from XMB, swapped the eboot.bin the package installed with my backed-up version, and voila! It tells me I can play it if I renew the license.

Only catch, I'm running on 28k dial-up here in Alaska, and can't connect to PSN.

I believe the issue is with the "k_licensee" of the SFO config file... does anyone know where I might find this in my backups to USB?

I'd like to get a couple of these games working again...

#15 - xbox1080 - November 14, 2010 // 7:08 pm
xbox1080's Avatar
cool tool, i like it. i am able to repack PSN pkg now.

install PSN pkg to PS3
copy back to PC
repack the game to pkg file

is this possible to repack Retail game to PKG? just start the game like PSN game.. no need backup manager.

#14 - PS4 News - November 13, 2010 // 7:40 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is an update and PDF guide, I will add them to the first post also: FORCE_PACKAGE_NPDRM V1.50 + PSN_PACKAGE_NPDRM V1.00

Changelog: 11/11/10 - V1.50 - Updates

  • Based on SONY's "MAKE_PACKAGE_NPDRM Rev. 1732"
  • Repackaging of SDATA DRM'ed files
  • Repackaging of TROPHY directory

#13 - TheMormegil - November 9, 2010 // 8:16 pm
TheMormegil's Avatar
Can you not install those and then see what's there?