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279w ago - I just started to take a look at Folding@Home / Life with PlayStation as part of my PS3 research. There are several little details which are pretty interesting...

One thing which got me interested, is that the "game" has more permissions than any other game or application. Normal games do not have access to the root of /dev_hdd0/ but F@H has.

It can read, write and execute which was found out as it creates a folder called /cntlnk/ in /dev_hdd0/.

There it caches several music files you play while running the application. This is handled via a SQL Lite Format 3 DB (db1.1.sqlite) in /NPIA00002/USRDIR/data/wlop/.

Another thing is, that F@H/LWP can override the PARAM.SFO. Normally the option window when u press triangle in XMB on a game just reads the data, PARAM.SFO passes to it.

But here, the automatic start option is not loaded via the .sfo. It seems it comes from an external XML file in the game directory.

The last I want to write about now is, that older F@H versions were able to control the SPU's partly. For example it was possible to define how many SPU's are used at all.

These are just some points that came up so far. I will keep you updated when there is more!


Folding at Home / Life With PlayStation PS3 Research - Take 1

Folding at Home / Life With PlayStation PS3 Research - Take 1

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#14 - livpool - 279w ago
livpool's Avatar
could be useful, crashes are always good signs

your english is good btw

#13 - numero53 - 279w ago
numero53's Avatar
I don't know if this could be useful, but probably i've founded another bug in folding@home that freeze the ps3. This is my configuration:

- Ps3 slim 120 gb
- Firmware: 3.01 (this could be the real problem)
- Folding@home: 1.21

Every time i start folding@home it says me to wait because it's preparing to download... But after minutes it doesn't download anything and the progress bar is still stopped... so I exit the game, but the ps3 hangs up for 2-3 seconds and then restart himself.

This problem occur everytime i start folding@home... I hope could be usefull to you (also if I think no... XD)

I think that the probem is that I'm still using 3.01 firmware with a recent version of folding@home. Probably new firmware add some function that folding@home uses...

If you want I can upload a video that explain everything better...

Sorry for my English... I'm Italian...

#12 - bazza980 - 279w ago
bazza980's Avatar
keep up the good work..

#11 - mekisi - 279w ago
mekisi's Avatar
and there is only one raw SPU (i dont know but maybe it can help).

#10 - Assignator98 - 279w ago
Assignator98's Avatar
yay! if this leads to a exploit then that means ps3 slim will be hacked you are the man SKFU

#9 - B4rtj4h - 279w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Good finding. I think F@H is a serious flaw for the PS3 ... first we were able to install PS3 downloads with a hacked link and now this

#8 - mekisi - 279w ago
mekisi's Avatar
i know that there are 7 spus in use but the codes that SKFU posts there are 5 spus in use i underline where it writes in the capture.

#7 - SKFU - 279w ago
SKFU's Avatar
ps3 uses 7 spu's. 6 in general plus one for the hv. 8 spu on cell processor is deactivated/defect/not in use.

#6 - STARS - 279w ago
STARS's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
7 SPU's in use, 8 in total.

Yes but in linux only 6 SPU's, with the exploit we can, actually use 8 thats correct.

#5 - CyanCaze - 279w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mekisi View Post
There are 5 SPUs in use..
7 SPU's in use, 8 in total.