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Fix Update 4.21+ PKG for Fixing PS3 80010009 Update Error Arrives

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121w ago - Recently PS3ITA has released a Fix Update 4.21+ PKG followed by v0.9 used for fixing the PS3 80010009 error that occurs when installing some PlayStation 3 game updates, and the homebrew application is compatible with both 4.21 / 4.30 CEX and DEX Custom Firmware (CFW) versions.

Download: Fix_Update_4_21+_v0_9.pkg / Fix_Update_4_21+_v0_9.pkg (Mirror) / Fix_Update_4.21+.pkg / Fix_Update_4.21+.pkg (Mirror) / Fix_Update_4.21+.pkg (Mirror #2) / Fix_Update_4.21+.pkg (Mirror #3) / Fix_Update_4.21+.pkg (Mirror #4)

To quote, roughly translated:


  • Compatible with any CFW 4.++ CEX/DEX
  • Fixes 80010009 error in games updates that require firmware version 4.21+


1) Load any game from multiMAN.
2) Return to XMB, (if you have not already done so, start the game and download the update at this time, if the update is greater than 4.30 will usual error and return to XMB 8001009)
3) Start Fix_Update_4.21 +
4) It will return you to the XMB and start the game again.
5) You need to do this process only once after installing an update


If you've downloaded and installed the update, just load the game from multiMAN, run Fix Update 4.21+ and run the game.

Update: Fix + Update 4.21 has been updated to version 0.9. The new features are very important, we advise everyone to use this new version! The download link has been updated with the new version.


  • The program searches ALL files. SPRX,. Them self in the update and "fixa." This eliminates the freeze that occurred with some games (see Fifa 13 "career mode" ..)
  • Like the previous version Patcha also 'eboot.

Fix_Update_4.21 + is a new application homebrew issued by PS3ITA that will fix the error 80010009 on this new update of games that require a higher firmware to version 4.21. The PKG can be installed on any CFW 4:20 to 4:31 CEX / DEX (including our CFW 4.21 PS3ITA DEX).

I remind everyone that this error 80010009 on their backup has already been solved by a fix this in later versions of multiMAN, while the PKG Fix_Update_4.21 + solve the same mistake this directly in the update installed on your console.

Below are the specs:

  • Compatible with any CFW 4:20 to 4:31 CEX / DEX (including CFW 4.21 PS3ITA DEX)
  • Resolves the error 80010009 on this new update of games that require a higher firmware to version 4.21
  • Interacts directly with the update already installed in the console ( / dev_hdd0/game/titleid/USRDIR)

How to use it:

1. Uploading a backup of any game from multiMAN
2. Returning to the XMB, if you have not already done so, start the game and download the update at this point if the update is greater than 4.21 will give the usual error 8001009 and return to xmb (you can download and install the update using different methods)
3. Fix_Update_4.21 Launch + 4. Returning to the XMB, start the game again

NOTE 1: If you have already downloaded the update just run the game from multiMAN, just back to the XMB, run the pkg and run the game.

NOTE 2: The fix for that 'update is permanent, if you already have a fixato do not need to re-run the update pkg.

A big thanks to Rancid (o) who created / the entire project.

Finally, from deank on the possibility of incorporating this game updates fix into multiMAN (multiMAN EBOOT Fix up to 4.31): I know about the app but I had no time to check what it does. If they come forward and say what it does without me wasting few hours to investigate - it will be better.

Update: Rancid(o) has now called deank out for including this in the latest multiMAN / stealthMAN without crediting the PS3ITA team, and deank attempted to save face stating the following:

I added the 80010009 fix almost a month ago in 04.11.13... This time I extended it to:

  • fix self/sprx files of the game backup
  • fix any installed updates on internal hdd (including updates installed when game loaded is from original disc)
  • fix any installed updates on external usb hdd in GAMEI folder (if gameDATA/Ext.Game Data is used)
  • fix the param.sfo of the update
  • keep track of the installed updates/changes so it doesn't have to re-scan the game each time you load it

They released an app that does what mM did for a while and extended its features, kudos!

Shortly following, Rancid(o) reminded deank of the following: The method for fixing the error 0x80010009 was made public (via ps3ita.it/forum/post35204.html#p35204) before of the release of multiMAN 04.11.13 but concluded by giving deank the benefit of the doubt stating: But if you have not seen then kudos to you.. no problem..

Fix Update 4.21+ PKG for Fixing PS3 80010009 Update Error Arrives

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#75 - Ragequit - 13w ago
Ragequit's Avatar
80010009 Fix?

#74 - zaemon83 - 14w ago
zaemon83's Avatar
Such a good post

#73 - IModAllWeek - 14w ago
IModAllWeek's Avatar
I need this to work also.

#72 - Skorge88 - 14w ago
Skorge88's Avatar
Hey, does this work?

I'm getting the error on usf4, pls help!

#71 - Noodfan - 15w ago
Noodfan's Avatar

#70 - delson999 - 15w ago
delson999's Avatar

#69 - romzalmighty - 15w ago
romzalmighty's Avatar
Does this fix the crashes for Far cry 4?

Actually, I'll just wait and have it downloaded, and give it a shot.

But I would appreciate it if you can answer my question. Thanks!

#68 - andrezabeu - 15w ago
andrezabeu's Avatar
yes! very good job my friends.

#67 - yaqoobalvi - 15w ago
yaqoobalvi's Avatar
Thanks for fix.

Still can't play advanced warfare.

#66 - PS4 News - 15w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by hihe56 View Post

but why i have to wait 2 days

It used to be 7 days and 7 posts, but we lowered it about a month ago to only 2 days and 2 posts... it's in effect both to encourage activity and prevent spammers from registering BS accounts.


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