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October 24, 2010 // 9:19 pm - While under development for the last few weeks and not to be confused with the recent Gameboy Color and NES Emulators for PS3, this weekend shinhalsafar has released his FCEU NES Nintendo emulator PS3 port via GameOS for emulation fans along with some updates below.

Download: FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 v1 (3.41) / FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 v1 (Less Than 3.41) / FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 v1 Source Code / FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 v1.1 / FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 v1.2 / FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 v1.3 / FCEU PS3 1.4 (FW 1.92+/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/Geohot CFW 3.55)

To quote from the included readme file:

FCEU PS3 v1: Finally FCEU for PS3 is ready for release. The updates will come often now.

Supports: 480, 720, 1080P at either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.
Not yet supported but to be desired: SRAM and state saving.

Please visit:

Reports bug and feature requests:

Special thanks:

•To the snes9x-ps3 team (TheMaister, Squarepusher64 and myself shinhalsafar).


•Just enough to play a ROM
•4P Support


•Up - Go up
•Down - Go down
•Left - Go back five file entries
•Right - Go forward five file entries
•L1 - Go back one page
•R1 - Go forward one page
•Cross - (If directory selected) enter directory/ (if ROM selected) start ROM
•Triangle - Same as Cross
•Circle - (If not in root directory) Go back to previous directory
•L2 + R2 - (If you previously exited a ROM) return to game
•Select - Go to settings menu (see 'CONTROLS IN SETTINGS MENU' section)


•Up - Go up one setting
•Down - Go down one setting
•Left - Change setting to the left
•Right - Change setting to the right
•Circle - Go back to ROM menu


•Display framerate - This will show the FPS (Frames Per Second) onscreen
• Resolution - Switch between resolutions - 480p mode, 720p mode and 1080p mode (depending on your monitor's supported resolutions)
• Aspect Ratio - Switch between aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:10 (16:9 will come shortly, for now choose 16:10 on widescreen - perhaps small
• cutoff at left and right))
• Hardware Filtering - Switch between Linear interpolation (Bilinear filtering) and Point filtering.


• Nothing worth really explaining here
•R3 + L3 - Press these two buttons together while in-game to go back to the ROM browser menu.

TIP: You can use any USB controller you like and it will map the buttons on the fly - it is even possible to hotswap joysticks - remove one from the USB port, replace it with another one - it should all work fine. even SNES-to-USB converters should work.

To play a game with a USB controller as Player 1, start up your PS3 and rather than using the Sixaxis/DualShock3, plug in an USB port before connecting the controller to the PS3 - your USB pad should then become Controller 1.


This release corresponds with revision = 768cf9df52

Source code repository is here:



1 - Edit the Makefile and remove the following from PPU_CXX_FLAGS and PPU_CFLAGS:


3 - Do 'make clean && make && make pkg'


* Please start reporting them on the google code bug tracker


For people running this on HDTVs complaining about input lag:

•Turn off all post-processing filters you may have running - on Sony Bravia HDTVs, display Motion Flow (this also causes input lags with most games in general, not just this SNES emu. If your HDTV has a 'Game' mode or something of the sort, select that as well.


•100% everywhere, let me know otherwise.


•SRAM save
•State save


•See the entire snes9x-ps3 team.

FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 is Now Released!

FCEU NES Nintendo Emulator Port for PS3 is Now Released!

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#31 - ClausG76 - January 11, 2011 // 11:20 am
ClausG76's Avatar
Are you planing to support saved rom path, So we could have the emulator to start up directly in the roms folder, like the other emulators. I tried to edit the conf file, but it didn't respond to the changes.

#30 - SaveU - November 14, 2010 // 5:28 pm
SaveU's Avatar
Nice update. 2xHQ works great at 1080p in all the games I tested. I didnt use the framecounter, but it feels fullspeed.

#29 - pepijndamen - November 14, 2010 // 1:04 pm
pepijndamen's Avatar
Nice update. Thanks

#28 - clouduzz - November 14, 2010 // 4:24 am
clouduzz's Avatar
thanks for the update.

#27 - PS4 News - November 14, 2010 // 4:04 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks for the update halsafar, added to the first post now and +Rep.

#26 - halsafar - November 14, 2010 // 3:37 am
halsafar's Avatar
FCEU PS3 has not received an update in awhile.

I have updated FCEU PS3 with a bunch of bug fixes, performance improvements and brought in line with our cellframework.

SHADERS (hurray, Cg format) are now an option. The emulator is packed with a few of your favorite already. Not all run at full speed at 1080p. Aspect ratio and resolution can make or break the performance with some shaders. 2xSAL and Bloom are particularly nice.

Will continue porting and optimizing more shaders, releasing often!


Code repo:

Please report any bugs to:


[Register or Login to view code]

FCEU PS3 1.4 (FW 1.92+/FW 3.15/FW 3.41/Geohot CFW 3.55):
Build 1.4 (11/01/2011)

  • PAL ROMs now run correctly - autodetection of PAL/NTSC for No-Intro set.
  • Some extra games will run as a result of this - Asterix for instance. They will also run at the correct speed.
  • Automatic 576p PAL50/PAL60 switching.
  • Cheatfile (CHT) support.
  • Game Genie ROM support.
  • Added 'Sprite Limitation' option.
  • All paths (savestate directory/base directory/SRAM directory/default ROM directory) can now be changed.
  • RSound support.
  • Configurable controls.
  • Geohot 3.55 CFW build.

Some stuff I'm going to pursue for the next release that might prove of interest to some people:


  • NES Zapper support (mapped to left analog stick).
  • Lua script support (with mouse mapped to left analog stick).

#25 - dragonsurfer - November 1, 2010 // 7:39 am
dragonsurfer's Avatar
For those of you impatient to cheat in your nes games (like myself), there is a couple of programs out there that can be used to hardcode game genie codes into a rom. Search for FCEUXD or FCEUXDSP.. Either one of these can get the job done.

#24 - PS4 News - October 27, 2010 // 4:43 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is version 1.1 and 1.2 for PS3 firmware 1.92 and 3.41 via JailBreak. The changelogs are included in the zip file.

Currently Implemented FCEU Functions:

- .zip support
- SRAM support
- State save
- 4P Support
- Settings saving and loading

#23 - zeromx - October 26, 2010 // 11:16 am
zeromx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mestre554 View Post
I put the games in .nes they appear not to run more.. formerly was in .smc format in snesx9.

This is a NES emulator, so you need games which are originally in the .nes format and if it was in .smc then it is SNES emulator only.

#22 - mestre554 - October 26, 2010 // 3:54 am
mestre554's Avatar
I put the games in .nes they appear not to run more.. formerly was in .smc format in snesx9.