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November 20, 2011 // 12:21 am - Following up on the PS3 GameData Tool comes an Ext GameData Loader homebrew application for PlayStation 3 external hard disk drives by Jay-Jay.

Download: Ext GameData Loader PS3 Homebrew Application / Ext GameData Loader PS3 Homebrew Application (Mirror) / Ext GameData Loader PS3 Video Tutorial / Game Cover for Ext Data Loader

From the ReadMe File: For those that have multiple external HDDs connected to your PS3 and are using the gameData.pkg (released a few weeks ago) this tool (tweak) may be helpful to you, so you don't have to be swapping USBs in order for the gameDATA app to see your current external HDD as the (1) main ext HDD.

So for those that have been enjoying the latest PSN DUPLEX backup games, but running out of internal HDD space, plus those that have more than one external HDD (and don't wish to be swapping the external HDDs so they can be identified as the (1) USB drive, this will help you.

You will need:

  • Ext GameData Loader by Jay-Jay (linked above)
  • multiMAN Latest Version
  • gameDATA.pkg
  • Know how to use multiMAN's file manager or using FTP to transfer a folder.
  • More than one external HDD, if you have only one external HDD then you don't need to bother using this unless you tend to use a USB stick every now and then to install small files to your PS3.


  • Download the RAR file below called: EXT_GAME_DATA_LOADER_BY_JAY-JAY.
  • Extract the RAR file until you have a folder named: EXT_GAME_DATA_LOADER_BY_JAY-JAY

  • Inside that folder get and copy the folder called: 000_EGDL00001-(EXTERNAL GAME DATA LOADER) to your external HDD's GAMES or GAMEZ folder (using either multiMAN's File Manager or FTP)

    If you have more than one external HDD and you plan on installing PSN Games and etc (like those that are enjoying the DUPLEX releases) than copy this folder to your other external HDDs.
  • Copy the game cover named: EGDL00001.JPG to multiMAN's game covers directory: /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers/ - you will find this game cover image inside: EXT_GAME_DATA_LOADER_BY_JAY-JAY folder.

  • Copy gameDATA.pkg to any external HDD or USB stick (Don't install yet, please continue with the instructions below until I instruct you to).

    Note 1: you will only use this tool in order to exit EXT GAME DATA LOADER mode, so you can go back to multiMAN and load other games and etc. You will not have to use this tool to turn on EXT GAME DATA Mode- since this tool only points to whatever external HDD is listed as your USB 000 or USB 001 HDD.

    Note 2: If you don't install this tool, then you will have to restart your PS3 in order to exit this mode.

  • Now launch multiMAN. And do a rescan (REFRESH LIST) for your game list so it reads your external HDDs for the new game title called: EXT GAME DATA LOADER.

  • If you installed more than once this game title to your multiple external HDDs than you will have more than one. This is normal. What I did after this, was I renamed the game title (using multiMAN's RENAME feature) so it would say which USB HDD it would apply to.

    For example: I have three external HDDs and I copied this folder to each of their GAMES directory. So I then renamed each game title in multiman as: 001 EXT GAME DATA LOADER (USB 01), 002 EXT GAME DATA LOADER (USB 02), 003 EXT GAME DATA LOADER (USB 03) - by default the game title is called: 002 EXT GAME DATA LOADER (USB 02) - you must rename these so you can understand which external HDDs you want to load using the EXT GAME DATA mode to.

  • Now after you renamed them, proceed in going into the game menu of multiMAN for each game title you have installed on your external HDDs. Then make sure to check (enable) the EXT GAME DATA feature for each one. Once you do this, simple press O to return to the game directory in multiMAN and then just launch the title- like you do when you launch a game in multiMAN.

  • Once you return to the XMB (you should be in EXT GAME DATA mode (you will know this is true because all your game XMB icons will be grayed out (like ghost images- and they won't launch). Don't panic! This is normal.
  • Now go ahead and install gameDATA.pkg- You will need to do this installation to each external HDD you have connected to your PS3- meaning that you will need to go into multiMAN and launch each different EXT GAME DATA title that is associated with each external HDD in order to install it on that drive.
  • Now after installing the pkg, just ignore it for now and go ahead and either install a PSN game to that external HDD or play a PSN game (or any other homebrew that can be installed in the XMB). Once you are done playing that game, then find the Game DATA Mode icon (the one that you just installed) and launch it twice from the XMB and your PS3 will be back to normal mode - you must run this tool twice - you will know when you are back to normal XMB mode when you see all your game icons normal.


To devs: Hopefully a dev will make this easier for us.
To super-noobs: Please don't panic when you are in USB mode and you see all your xmb icons look like "ghost" images. This is NORMAL when you are in USB mode. Only those PSN games or homebrew apps that you have installed to that particular External HDD will show their icons as normal. SO PLEASE DON'T PANIC.
To everyone: Do not try to run the "dummy" game on the XMB called xxxEXT GAME DATA LOADER (USBxxx)- that will not load. OK.

This an explanation on what you will see on the video. Please note that I have already installed the game folder to my external HDD, plus added the GAME Cover to multiMAN's game cover folder. And I have already ran the "Quick Scan" in multiMAN to fetch my latest installations in my GAMES and GAMEZ folders.

1) First you'll see that I have my XMB Game icons order "by Album" viwe- I prefer this method because I don't like seeing the ghost icons for the PSN games I have installed on my external. In case you want to know the Library folders are set as:

  • A1 (Most Useful)
  • Emulators (Retro Games)
  • FAVES PSN GAMES (Internal HDD) - these are the ones that are on my internal HDD.
  • Loaders - here is where I keep the Game DATA Mode [HDD] icon that is installed by the gameDATA.pkg
  • PSN GAMES (External HDD)
  • Unknown - each time you install a pkg they are put here, it is your job to later move them to the above folders where they apply.

2) Now I quickly take yo to see teh PSN GAMES (External HDD) folder so you can see that all game icons are in ghost mode- because though these games are installed in my PS3 system, they are in my external HDD and my PS3 can't find these folders until I run the EXT GAME DATA LOADER in multiMAN. - now you know why I like grouping them here, so they can't clutter my PS3 in Internal HDD mode.

3) Now I load multiMAN.

4) I then highlight the EXT GAME DATA LOADER game cover in multiMAN (I've already installed this folder and put the game cover on my External HDD- so this is what you'll see when you install it- currently I am just showing that one external HDD has this game icon- I didn't want to confuse you if you saw more than one, but I do plan to install two more of them for each other external HDD so I can also install and load PSN games from them also.

5) Since I am in 4x8 game view in multiMAN. I press the SQUARE button to enter the GAME MENU for the game highlighted.

6) Once in GAME MENU, I then show you that I have enabled the feature called: EXT GAME DATA in multiman for this particular "dummy" game. (I call it a dummy game, because it's not a real game, I just fooled multiMAN into thinking it is so I can go to the next step.

7) I now exit the GAME MENU by press the CIRCLE button.

8) I then launch (press X) the dummy game: EXT GAME DATA LOADER (with the EXT GAME DATA enabled)- you only have to enable it once, multiMAN will remember your settings the next time you decide to launch it.

9) Now I am returned to the PS3 Game XMB Menu, notice that I don't go up to launch the dummy game- please don't! It's not a real game. OK!

10) Instead I go down and (notice that now the other folders have ghost icons- that means I am in EXTERNAL GAME MODE.)

11) I then open the folder: PSN GAMES (External HDD Only). Now all the icons that used to have "ghostly" icons are not shown correctly and I can launch any of these games sitting on my external HDD. (In this mode, you can also install PKGs and they will be installed on your external HDD.)

12) I launch a game, just to show you that it works.

13) I exit the game.

14) I then go to the folder: LOADERS and run the GAME DATA MODE [HDD] icon so I can return my PS3 back to Internal HDD mode (sometimes you have to do this twice- or until you see that multiMAN's icon is back to normal- in this video I only had to do this once as you can see.)

15) Have fun!

Tutorial: How to move PSN Games installed on your internal HDD to external HDD

This method is for those that are lazy (like me) to have to reinstall the pkgs to the external HDD.

First and foremost you should be well versed in knowing how to copy or move files in multiMAN's File Manger (or other tool that does the same thing.)


1. Open multiMAN's File Manager (or your preferred PS3 File Manager).

2. On the left window pane of file manager go to: [/dev_hdd0/game] folder (that's your Internal HDD's game folder (Don't confuse this with the GAMES or GAMEZ folder (see attached picture above).

3.On the right window pane of multiMAN's file manager go to: [dev_usb00X/GAMEI] folder (X will be the number of your USB HDD (examples: usb001, usb002, and etc. If you don't have a folder in the root of your external HDD named GAMEI , then please create one (all CAPS). (see attached picture above). keep in mind that every time you install a pkg to your external HDD when you are in EXTERNAL HDD DATA mode that will be the folder where your PSN games or other homebrew pgks will get installed to that particular external HDD.

Now if you are familiar with multiMAN's copy or move functions, simply highlight the folder you wish to copy or move. Press O button and select Copy or Move--I tend to use Copy for over 500+ MB folders and I use Move only for smaller sized folders. If you do use the copy function, then after it has finished copying, be sure to then delete the folder in the Internal HDD after--the Move function will automatically delete the folder after it has transferred it.)


Don't delete the game icon in the PS3's Game xmb menu. Doing this will stop the game from working in your external HDD. The game icon will show as a white "ghost" icon. This is normal. This just means that the icon is on your external HDD, and once you are in EXTERNAL GAME DATA mode, the icon should look normal.

I have come across a few PSN Games that don't work on the external HDD. So in case they don't work. Simply move them back to your internal HDD (following the reverse order on the instructions above--and those games will now only appear normal in INTERNAL HDD mode (default PS3 mode).

If for some odd reason, some games won't work. You may just have to install the pkg of the game or perhaps just the crack.pkg.

from Jay-Jay at

Video Tutorial:

Ext GameData Loader PS3 Homebrew Application is Released

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#25 - barrybarryk - December 10, 2011 // 1:04 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
A great little app that's great for saving space on your internal HDD for those games with +4GB files that can't be extracted.

#24 - HeyManHRU - December 10, 2011 // 12:23 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
This just allows you to install .PKG files to your external HDD. It doesn't do anything for game compatibility.

#23 - hugo17 - December 10, 2011 // 12:16 am
hugo17's Avatar
Is this second version compatible with more games than the previous one?

#22 - aamir007 - December 9, 2011 // 10:25 pm
aamir007's Avatar
Awesome, i've been waiting for a tool like this to save game data on my external drive. Keep up the good work!

#21 - Minuz - December 9, 2011 // 10:12 pm
Minuz's Avatar
Awesome - thanks!

#20 - PS4 News - December 9, 2011 // 9:54 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now merged and mainpaged the update, and +Rep to chr15m for the news as well!

#19 - HeyManHRU - December 9, 2011 // 8:21 pm
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Thanks for the news chr15m , +Rep.

Just a little notice though, please post news regarding the GameData tool in this ( ongoing thread, this should apply with every release if it's just a newer version of an application (posting the news in an ongoing thread).

#18 - chr15m - December 9, 2011 // 6:32 pm
chr15m's Avatar
GameDATA app for PS3:

  • Allows the user to switch location of [game data] between internal HDD and first external USB HDD
  • Allows to install PSN games (or any application/pkg) to external USB HDD
  • Allows to get back to normal mode when you use "Ext. Game Data" option in multiMAN
  • Allows saving space on internal HDD


How to use after you install gameDATA.pkg:

Make sure that no payloads are loaded (do a clean PS3 restart).

1) If you wish to install stuff to external USB - launch the app from "Game Data Mode: [HDD]"
2) You're now in USB MODE (the icon will change to USB device with "Game Data Mode: [USB]" title
3) Install PSN games or launch games - their data will go to the external USB HDD/stick
4) Play your PSN (or disc) games from external USB device
5) Once you're done with the game, either reboot your PS3 or launch the "Game Data Mode: [USB]" to get back to normal mode


#17 - Ozz465 - December 9, 2011 // 6:25 pm
Ozz465's Avatar
Thx for the news , but how about a bit more info like what this actually does?

#16 - Bartholomy - December 9, 2011 // 6:19 pm
Bartholomy's Avatar
3.55-dongle compatibility, that's what i was waiting