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DOStoPS3 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App by d0zs is Released

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182w ago - Today PS3 developer d0zs has released DOStoPS3, a PS3 DOSBox Port homebrew application with source code that allows users to package DOS games for the PlayStation 3 and run them on Custom Firmware followed by versions 1.1 and 1.2 below.

Download: DOStoPS3 v1.0 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App / DOStoPS3 v1.1 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App / DOStoPS3 v1.1a PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App / DOStoPS3 v1.2 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App / DOStoPS3 v1.0 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App Source Code / DOStoPS3 v1.1 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App Source Code / DOStoPS3 v1.2 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App Source Code

To quote: Figured i was overdue for a scene app, so let me know how this works out for you...

v1.0 MD5: 5B74F8094A8D4658519A633CFBED1E18
v1.1 MD5: A804E723399AC9E1F65350E6844BCFCD
v1.1a MD5: C2B10172A7C155520AE8221E6BA67D0E
v1.2 MD5: 37C022B69D312E9C4C376EEC28F65BA7

This makes the task of using robohobo's DOSBox port much easier. tested on win7 x64 & xp x32.

I made use of resources and compacted everything into one exe (psn_package_npdrm, dll's, etc) so that's why it's a big file.

As always, here's the source (vb2010). I just figured out the keys, i'll make a graphical binder when i get time:

d-pad up "stick_0 button 11"
d-pad right "stick_0 button 12"
d-pad down "stick_0 button 13"
d-pad left "stick_0 button 14"

left-axis up "stick_0 axis 1 0"
left-axis right "stick_0 axis 0 1"
left-axis down "stick_0 axis 1 1"
left-axis left "stick_0 axis 0 0"

x "stick_0 button 0"
square "stick_0 button 1"
circle "stick_0 button 2"
triangle "stick_0 button 3"

L1 "stick_0 button 6"
L2 "stick_0 button 4"

R1 "stick_0 button 7"
R2 "stick_0 button 5"

DOStoPS3 v1.1 (10/3/2011) Changelog:

Added option for background image, added option for music, added icon/image dimension requirements, enabled window's UI progress bar when transferring large files, minor code improvements, and fixed temp folder "access denied" problem a couple users had.

It's not a necessary update, but if you're looking for these new features or had a temp folder problem, give this a try.

DOStoPS3 v1.1a (10/3/2011) Changelog:

  • silent update for icon dimension fix

DOStoPS3 v1.2 (10/7/2011) Changelog:

  • added graphical mapper, now uses new /tmp/ folder

Update: Pete_uk has now compiled DOSBOX 0.74 PS3 by Robo Hobo for ALL PS3 CFW (via techbliss.org/threads/dosbox-0-74-ps3-by-robo-hobo-for-all-cfws.136/)

Download: DOSBOX 0.74 PS3 by Robo Hobo for ALL PS3 CFW


Install package, then FTP or MMOS to copy your DOS games to: /dev_hdd0/game/HBDB90000/USRDIR

Launch DOPSBox, and enter the following:

mount c ~/

You're in DOS country now. (Enter dir and you should see the games you copied there.) USB mouse and keyboard are supported, and use of a keyboard in particular is highly recommended. A software mouse & keyboard are also built in.

Using soft mouse and keyboard

When loading the application PS3 game pad one begins in Mouse Mode. In mouse mode the left stick moves the cursor, Cross sends a left click, and Square sends a right click. Pressing L3 will turn on keyboard mode.

In keyboard mode, the left stick moves the cursor, pressing cross presses the highlighted key. When a key is highlighted and any button is pressed (other than Cross, Square, L3 and R3) that button will be mapped to the key, in mouse mode pressing the button will be the same as pressing the key on the keyboard. Press L3 to return to mouse mode. This is useful, for example, to map the DPad to the keyboards arrow keys.

In mouse mode, press R3 to enter joystick mode. In this mode the game pad acts as an SDL joystick.

Editing dosbox.conf

Advanced configuration can be carried out by editing dosbox.conf, which is located at:

Note that /.dosbox is a hidden directory, so you may need to make hidden files viewable in your FTP client. (You may also need to run DOSBox once before dosbox.conf appears.) FTP the file back to your computer and open it in a text editor. The Please login or register to view links details all the configuration options.


There are still some performance bottlenecks. In testing cycle values above 10000 provided the most issues. Tweaking some values in dosbox-0.74.conf may help to improve performance.

  • There are still some usability issues with the on screen keyboard. If a lot of typing is necessary you may consider hooking up a physical one.
  • Using the fluidsynth midi synth requires a soundfont is sf2 format. Place the file on the PS3 and edit dosbox-0.74.conf to set the value 'midiconfig' to the full path to the file. It's also necessary to change the 'mididevice' option to the value 'synth'.
  • There is currently no PS3 optimized loader. The DOS commands needed to launch the game need to be type every time you start the app. You can reduce the typing by adding common lines to the dosbox config file's autoexec section.

DOStoPS3 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App by d0zs is Released

DOStoPS3 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App by d0zs is Released

DOStoPS3 PS3 DOSBox Port Homebrew App by d0zs is Released

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

Comments 19

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#19 - Crezazel - 10w ago
Crezazel's Avatar
Does DosBOX run/emulate the Sharp x68000?

#18 - moja - 182w ago
moja's Avatar
Can you elaborate? Should work fine (v1.1).

#17 - Foo - 182w ago
Foo's Avatar
I'm on a TEMP user on my computer; I don't think there's anything I can do about that. Be nice if it worked on TEMP tho.

#16 - moja - 182w ago
moja's Avatar
Awesome update for v1.1. I was having temp files access denied problems, but all I did was clear out the temp under the users directory and all was well. Still - this will make it easier.

#15 - Foo - 182w ago
Foo's Avatar

Here are the binding controls for the controller:

bind DPAD_UP (Up directional button)
bind DPAD_LEFT (Left directional button)
bind DPAD_RIGHT (Right directional button)
bind DPAD_DOWN (Down directional button)
bind BUTTON_Y (Triangle button)
bind BUTTON_X (Square button)
bind BUTTON_B (Circle button)
bind BUTTON_A (X button)
bind BUTTON_RSHLDR (R1 button)
bind BUTTON_LSHLDR (L1 button)
bind BUTTON_RTRIG (R2 button)
bind BUTTON_LTRIG (L2 button)
bind BUTTON_RSTICK (Right Analog stick *ONLY IF YOU PRESS*)
bind BUTTON_LSTICK (Left Analog stick *ONLY IF YOU PRESS*)
gpad_button_rstick (I think this might be to move with the Right Ananlog, but i'm not sure)
gpad_button_lstick (And this mgiht be to move with Left Stick, and i'm also not sure)

Those are all the ones I know. The only ones left out are the Start Button, Select Button, and PS Button.

#14 - PS4 News - 182w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now updated the first post with version 1.1 and the changelog for those interested.

#13 - DemonSeed - 182w ago
DemonSeed's Avatar
I think it would be helpful for many if graphical mapping of the binding were represented on screen in the app. Not entirely necessary, but it would help people that are having problem understanding the key binds.

#12 - Xplic1T - 182w ago
Xplic1T's Avatar
so the circle box cross and triangle buttons are ...

#11 - Foo - 182w ago
Foo's Avatar
That the keyboard mapped. For e.x.: key_home "key 278" The key_home part represents what key on the keyboard it is. (The Windows key) and "key 278" represents the function. From what I made of converting them PC controls to PS3; is similar to the MW2 CFG coding. Like bind DPAD_DOWN if you wanted to move down. Then after that you will need to know the functions of the game. Hope this helps.

#10 - Xplic1T - 182w ago
Xplic1T's Avatar

[Register or Login to view code]

Any we can make sense of this how ...

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