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November 1, 2011 // 1:20 pm - Following up on our initial release, we (Tidusnake666, Tobster7, Alexmagno) have now finally been able to fix Disgaea 4 Translation dialogue bugs.

That means, that apart from some menu entries, the game is all in English text (we decided to exclude sound patching option, because it's still asynched, so you'll have Japanese voices - if you don't like them - turn them off )

Yeah, you've read it right, now everyone can enjoy story! Dialogues, items, skills, pretty much everything is translated!


0. Make a backup of your Disgaea 4 JAP game (BLJS-10095), and place it somewhere, preferably on the root of the drive (there's no spacebar nor special chars problems, but it's more convinient this way), i.e - "C:\BLJS10095"

1. Donwload patcher (Pre-beta version) , extract it somewhere and run D4Trans.exe.

2. Ensure "Translate EBOOT" is checeked and the default START.DAT patching method is checked ("1: Glyphicate all"). Later, if you'll have some troubles you can always repatch it.

3. CLick "START!" and choose location of your Disgaea 4 dump. Patcher has a lot of fool-proff functions, so it won't accidently patch the wrong version or mess your game

NOTE: backups will be created: "START.OLD" and "EBOOT.OLD" (If you choose to patch it). Please, do NOT delete them, it may be required in future, although you can always dump your game once again.

4. Wait till everything finishes, and you'll get "Done!" message. You can now copy your game back and play it partially in English!

4* If you want English cutscenes and Main Menu, you may overwrite your's Japanese "ANM.DAT", ANM_HI.DAT", "BG.DAT", "BU.DAT", "Dis3_0.dat" with US version equivalents (if you happen to also have an US version of the game)

0: DO NOT PATCH - No patching to START.DAT will be made;
1: Glyphicate all - Default and recommended option. Best if you're starting a new game. If you have already played alpha version of this patch and would like to play with existing save (continue playing), please note, that you *may* experience some bugs (untested), although we tried hard that you won't. If you see some, please, report and repatch to one of the options below.
2: Glyphicate only talk.dat - use it if you have troubles with options above, or you want to be on the completely safe side when continuing playing from the old saves. Apart from talk.dat, other files remain as they were in alpha version.
3: SJIS-patch talk.dat - Select this if modified fonts gives crashes or freezes. All chars from talk.dat will be substituted by SJIS equivalents. Apart from talk.dat, other files remain as they were in alpha version.
4: Use alpha-version files - Uses old good alpha version files with most of the bugs fixed. Use it if the above options give you constant crashes.

NOTE: If you haven't saw any changes after patching the game, please reboot PS3, start any BD-Game (to clear the game cache) till the main menu, exit and try to load Disgaea 4 again.

NOTE2: It's still WIP, if you know/want to help us, or just say "thanks!" please do so at, we'll be glad!

SPECIAL THANKS to Kazekeil (for his helping hand in translation), Bakaboy (for awesome D4Pack), leenfox and necroziel (for some file translations).


- None for now, except some portions of the menu not translated.


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Disgaea 4 PS3 Japanese Translation Pre-Beta Version Patcher Out

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#713 - Tobster7 - March 3, 2012 // 10:57 am
Tobster7's Avatar
Okay, then I'll make a small picture with all the voting moods and bribing moods translations in one file. I think this will be helpful.

#712 - Tidusnake666 - March 3, 2012 // 7:58 am
Tidusnake666's Avatar
There's some news on the trophies.

As I said earlier, preety much every file has a NP-checksum. Why trophy-description file has a checksum, but a file where are all stored trophies for the game - isn't. Tried and tested everything, eve repacking with "official" and hand-made tools, adding a debug flag, editing user-side insalled files - no luck. Have to kick that idea a boot. There's no known way.

About the senate, I have few ideas, will try them now and report

Okay, I've searched どちらでもいい in every file in the game, both in the S-JIS encoding (hex: 82C782BF82E782C582E082A282A2) and UTF-8 (hex: E381A9E381A1E38289E381A7E38282E38184E38184).

It may be written using a method similar to "unescape" without revealing the true strings, but my guess is that these moods can be in a picture format somewhere in those lzs files

#711 - Tobster7 - March 2, 2012 // 11:40 pm
Tobster7's Avatar

- Music Shop
- Dark Assembly/Senate
- Character Creation 20%

There's a problem with the "voting moods" (like "Total Support" etc.) and bribing at the Senate. It's not saved in the eboot.elf. I checked every *.dat file in the start.dat container too, but found nothing. I assume that either it isn't saved as plain words or it's stored in a different file other that the eboot.elf and start.dat.

Does anybody have any idea where it could be?

#710 - KaInEvIL - March 2, 2012 // 10:52 pm
KaInEvIL's Avatar
A fully translated battle menu would be the best. I'm glad this is still being worked on, thanks to all contributors, especially Tobster.

#709 - Signorelli - March 2, 2012 // 3:31 pm
Signorelli's Avatar
Keep up the good work guys! I'm glad to see this finally moving along again.

#708 - Tobster7 - March 1, 2012 // 8:20 pm
Tobster7's Avatar

- Chara Worlder and most menu messages finished
- Champain HQ 60% finished
- Some little translations like "Aptitude" or "Char Info" and some tweaks

To Do List:

- Battle menus and messages
- Item World special rooms, events and main messages
- Chara World special events and main messages
- Character Painter (not much texts)
- Music Shop (not much texts)
- Ship Editor (maybe, a lot of texts)
- Librarian (maybe, a lot of texts and it's not important)

Sometimes it's really difficult for me to translate this stuff because of letter limitations. Even the best translation is useless if it doesn't fit in place.

EDIT: Progress

- Champain Board finished (everything!)
- Torture room finished
- Some tweaks and fixes

The more you translate, the easier it gets. I think we can release a new version of our translation soon.

#707 - ahou - March 1, 2012 // 7:51 am
ahou's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Tobster7 View Post
Rubenz: Yes, you can hep us. Please look at this picture. It's about the Chara World menu to upgrade different stats. Beside of that there're the Mana costs (actual costs and MANA of the char) but what means the word above 50000 and the word over 0/3.

Not sure if this was already fixed, or of it was a typo, but the second one (ジャンプカ is jump, not throw. Throw is the fourth option.

#706 - Tidusnake666 - February 29, 2012 // 2:25 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Improvement section? I'm sure I've translated that part! Mystic!

Anyways, you're doing a great job, Tobster! Without you it would have been where it was!
Thanks alot!

I'm kinda busy nowadays with some work / other stuff and it's great to see someone working on it. In addition, PS3 is away from me, no possibilities testing.

About script - it's good to hear. Just do not go decrypting anything from BIN -> ELF, and anything won't break

#705 - Tobster7 - February 29, 2012 // 1:57 pm
Tobster7's Avatar
Thank you, Rubenz and Necroziel! This will help me.


- Shop menus with messages finished
- All Episodes and special Stages finished
- Dimension and X-Dimension Guide finished
- Hospital with messages finished
- Small fixes for better appearance

#704 - rubenz - February 29, 2012 // 1:40 pm
rubenz's Avatar
And this one 天才 = Genius