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DexL0ve PS3 Patched DEX LV2_Kernel.Self for CEX Consoles Arrives

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164w ago - Following up on the previous update, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew development group DexL0ve have made available a PS3 patched DEX LV2_Kernel.Self for CEX consoles followed by a revision below that fixes PS3 crashing issues.

Download: PS3 Patched DEX LV2_Kernel.Self for CEX Consoles / PS3 Patched DEX LV2_Kernel.Self for CEX Consoles (Mirror) / PS3 Patched DEX LV2_Kernel.Self for CEX Consoles (Fixed)

Essentially this PKG release is a patched LV2 DEX (Debug / Test) kernel for CEX (Retail) PS3 consoles based on the recent LV2 Loader release.

To quote: From my limited understanding of PS3 coding and reading the NFO file, that by using the LV2_Loader released by Team Rebug earlier, and by QA flag'ing your CEX machine, this file is basically a patched LV2 DEX kernel that will load fully on your CEX machine and thereby give you some DEX (aka) TEST machine L0VE on your Jailbroken PS3 Console.

From Cyberskunk: Syscall 8, 9, 10 are broken in this lv2_kernel.self. The patch for 3.55 CEX lv2 has been used which ends up point to the wrong offset. The kernel will still work but if an app calls those syscalls the PS3 will crash. Hopefully it was just a mistake and they will fix it..

Finally, from the included PS3 NFO File:

[Register or Login to view code]

DexL0ve PS3 Patched DEX LV2_Kernel.Self for CEX Consoles Arrives

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Comments 140

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#80 - 1one - 164w ago
1one's Avatar
I don't think you can play signed content on Dex unless your on newest debug fw which can run all applications and has all previous keys

#79 - kreus - 164w ago
kreus's Avatar
can you elaborate on this? are there programs available to do that?

#78 - kreus - 164w ago
kreus's Avatar
Already tried, doesn't work.

#77 - WTF Name - 164w ago
WTF Name's Avatar
What if using original eboot, not paradox one which is mod by tb2 team

#76 - kreus - 164w ago
kreus's Avatar
the patch from paradox is a rar with two files inside : param.sfo and eboot.bin

Do i have to decrypt the eboot.bin or something? NabNab can u play 3.60 games on debug?

no one seems to have put the ps3 playing with this method.

#75 - Nabnab - 164w ago
Nabnab's Avatar
QA flag (don't need combo) debug setting (also debug/patch sprx) patch ID - LV2Loader fake steal -> Patched LV2_kernel or even simple LV2_Kernel debug -> Multiman fake dex that is a simple PKG debug... DEX update no... don't need.

Where you go take your self ? you need to extract the elf from the .bin (->self) and make your on self program that load the appropriate system files -> self that can be made with SDK following the PS3 Game path and load into a debugger/kernel execution that don't return a error and don't need any fail keys/fake keys that everybody want to have (only need to make official program)

#74 - Nabnab - 164w ago
Nabnab's Avatar
Have two type on .bin

Standart Self renamed .bin
Npdrm self .bin

A eboot it's anyway a .self

don't put wrong stuff please thanks

#73 - kreus - 164w ago
kreus's Avatar
there is no .self it the eboot from paradox already is a .bin

#72 - Blade86 - 164w ago
Blade86's Avatar
Why?? debug is blocked here too, but i set all to debug before.

plz try to delete the eboot.bin & rename the **.self to eboot.bin & try again dirt3 & plz tell me how it goes


P.S.: Do we still need the "IDPS-thing" ?

#71 - kreus - 164w ago
kreus's Avatar
yes i did , but i don't know why the new menu from the qa flag ( EDIE ...) didn't appear. You don't need to have both MM installed, the Dex MM looks like a patch, you can still run games like before.

I tried running dirt 3 through an Paradox eboot but still didn't work. Dont know if it was because of the qa flag or if there is some nprdm to only work with the dongle. And the Debug options on the debug menu blocks the ps3, but no ylod or similar.

I think i should have used a jig to put factory mode before using the level2 kernel.. will try it with psp jig later.

And probably have to change the IDPS.

One weird thing, when it blocks the wifi light on the ps3 turns on and off, has if it was having activity.


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