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October 23, 2012 // 9:17 pm - Following up on his previous releases and the BlackB0x FTP V1.2 / ReActPSN Rogero Fix for 4.21 CFW ports, today PlayStation 3 developer Comgenie has updated his Awesome Filemanager v0.06 adding support for PS3 CFW 4.21.

Download: Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager v0.06 for PS3 4.21 CFW / Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager v0.06 for PS3 4.21 CFW (Mirror) / Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager v0.06 for PS3 4.21 CFW (Mirror #2)

Comgenie's Awesome FileManager v0.06 Changelog:

Release Log 0.06

  • Added move support for faster moving files/directories instead of copy/delete.
  • Added very basic LUA support (only string/math libs + echo function). Expect much more functions to be supported in next releases
  • Several fixes for (again) people with different screens

Known issues in 0.06

  • Not possible to copy/delete any files with spaces in it
  • When copying things to the External USB, the files are marked as system files. Windows will not display them unless you turn them on as explained in:

Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager v0.06 for PS3 4.21 CFW Arrives

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#7 - GotNoUsername - September 18, 2010 // 12:30 am
GotNoUsername's Avatar
First Thx for this super program just WOW so easy to use. Can we only install demos ? Is there a way to insatll DLC or Full PSN Titles eg FF VII or Shank ? Did Some one try PSNDecrypter for pkg's from the PSP scene ?

#6 - ramx2 - September 18, 2010 // 12:08 am
ramx2's Avatar
To File Manager Developer, First of all thank you for the great app

But look at the picture plz I'm not able to see the X, the O and the [ ] on my lcd is there a way to fix that, I checked the tv settings can't do anything with it.

Help appreciated...

#5 - solrac1974 - September 17, 2010 // 11:47 pm
solrac1974's Avatar
Installing large games will be faster than using FTP, even those games with files above 4 GB, just plug in the USB HDD and install files below 4GB, then use FTP to copy only those > 4 GB files, I'm right?!

#4 - gamesniper - September 17, 2010 // 11:15 pm
gamesniper's Avatar
Lol I'm lovin' the fact that I can now copy files straight from a USB to the PS3 w/o FTP (it dies constantly for me), but I'll try waiting for an update for it w/ the feature of transfering over an entire folder at a time instead of 1 part at a time.

#3 - ash x - September 17, 2010 // 11:06 pm
ash x's Avatar
So am I right in thinking this allow us to install DLC content from PSN without downloading it? We just have to copy the files to the correct location and reboot and PS3 thinks we have downloaded via legit channels?

#2 - evilsperm - September 17, 2010 // 10:50 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
For all those about to ask if the demo manager can install retail pkg's, it will install them but you will get an error that you will need to connect to PSN to update your licence so don't bother

#1 - tonybologna - September 17, 2010 // 10:46 pm
tonybologna's Avatar
Both of these look to have great potential. I like the app to view the PS3 contents from the PS3 and not have to FTP to view internal HDD.