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May 21, 2014 // 11:52 pm - Following up on the PS3 Eboot Hacker updates by flynhigh09 and ICECOLDKILLAH, today PlayStation 3 developer barthen made available what he calls CCCheater 1.0 with details below.


From the included ReadMe file: CCCheater 1.0 by barthen

This tool allows you to easily cheat in realtime with just four clicks.


Requires .NET Framework 4.5
Requires a PS3 with CCAPI 2.50 installed and the target game should be running before starting CCCheater.
Requires a CheatsDB.ps3cheat text file with cheats in Codeunique 2.3 syntax (includes one exported from Aldo's PS3 Cheat Editor)


The initial version only supports cheats with 00002000 as "opcode" (write 32 bits value to memory)
Cheats should be applied on the game start screen or with the game paused to prevent crashes (patching code while it is runnig is a bad idea)

How to use

1. Start your game on the PS3
2. Start CCCheater
3. Type your PS3 ip address and press Connect
4. Choose your game & version from the list
5. Choose the cheat you want and click Apply

Thanks & credits

Thanks to FM|T Enstone for CCAPI and iMCSx for PS3Lib
Thanks to all the people who contributed cheat codes ( + +


Version 1.0:
Initial release

Note: Does not work with Cobra CFW because CCAPI is not Cobra compatible unfortunately.

CCCheater 1.0 PS3 / PlayStation 3 Cheat Homebrew App by Barthen Out

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#19 - tuixo - October 29, 2014 // 2:03 pm
tuixo's Avatar
Will this work on newly released games like from a few days ago? or maybe even hours ago

#18 - yjs1600 - October 29, 2014 // 5:02 am
yjs1600's Avatar
How do you run Eboot hacker on WIN7 64bit?

I'm trying to get unlimited money on Tekken tag tournament 2. Ver 1.03


#17 - skylinekiller - July 17, 2014 // 1:27 pm
skylinekiller's Avatar
Please can someone explain to me how to use this. I am working with MK9 update 1.06, I use the program to patch my eboot.bin, but it changes it to eboot.elf Although the directions say it converts it to .exe

What do I do with this file and where do I place it?

#16 - asianmart13 - July 16, 2014 // 6:20 am
asianmart13's Avatar

thanx for sharing this useful information.

#15 - PS4 News - July 15, 2014 // 8:14 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on their previous updates and the recent project, today PlayStation 3 developers Flynhigh09 and ICECOLDKILLAH made available PS3 Eboot Hacker v2.0.0.0 followed by v2.0.1.0 and v2.0.2.0 with the changes outlined below.

Download: Eboot Hacker / Eboot Hacker (Mirror) / Eboot Hacker (Mirror #2) / (Mirror #3) / cheats.db / (Mirror) / cheats (2).zip (Final Database Update with Cheats.txt)

Note: Download version and update to latest version via the application.

Download: Eboot / Eboot (Mirror) / Eboot (Mirror #2) / Eboot (Mirror #3)

To quote: PS3 Eboot Hacker V2.0.2.0

From ICECOLDKILLAH: New update is out!

  • fixed bug where app was not useable without internet access
  • fixed debug eboot build related bug
  • readded other games (add your own codes)

Additional info: This will be the last update for me! I will quit from developing Eboot Hacker, from now on flynhigh09 will handle the app alone! Good luck to him.

PS3 Eboot Hacker V2.0.1.0

How To:

1. Either double click on the text box or click on the "..." box to select and load your EBOOT.
2. Choose your game and apply as many cheats as you want.
3. Build EBOOT, new EBOOT is gonna be with exe.

If its an updated game it goes in dev_hdd0/game/Your Version/USDIR/ if not then dev_hdd0/GAMES/Your Version/USDIR/

If still doesnt work try:

Some Games this is needed for it to work.. FTP copy to /dev_hdd0/game/Your Version/USRDIR folder the EBOOT.BIN

Changelog for v2.0.1.0:

  • fixed online checks (delayed app startup)
  • readded debug eboot build function
  • disabled eboot compression
  • other small bug fixes

PS3 Eboot Hacker V2.0.0.0

How To:

1. Either double click on the text box or click on the "..." box to select and load your EBOOT.
2. Choose your game and apply as many cheats as you want.
3. Build EBOOT, new EBOOT is gonna be with exe.

If its an updated game it goes in hdd0/game/Your Version/USDIR/ if not then hdd0/GAMES/Your Version/USDIR/

Eboot Hacker V2 Update

  • New GUI
  • Plus more

Eboot Hacker Update

  • added in-app updater
  • added Battlefield 4
  • added The Last of US
  • added Black Ops 2
  • updated Ragnarok Odyssey ACE (1.01)
  • updated Dark Souls 2 (1.03)
  • updated GTA V (1.12)

Eboot Hacker Update

  • added version info
  • new app menu
  • auto eboot.bin encryption
  • small ui fixes

Eboot Hacker Update

  • improved game detection
  • improved region chooser
  • info message when game is not officially supported
  • small fixes, mostly ui related

Eboot Hacker Update

  • added Uncharted 2
  • added Ragnarok Odyssey
  • slightly ui changes
  • back to main page button on every tab
  • added button to build eboot in current game tab
  • region chooser after eboot detection

Eboot Hacker Update

  • added Uncharted 1
  • added Atelier Escha & Logy
  • added game detection system

I will not be adding more games but ill leave you the knowledge to do it yourself.. Last Db plus cheats.txt (linked above).

To get in more codes hit ctrl + D, Pass is ILoveBeer hit enter decrypt db to get cheats text file encrypt for db..

Must be in this format or will error n wont read db can must be eboot offsets so minus 10k from CU codes.. if want to upload for all click upload plz check to be sure it runs n opens before uploading if do or will not load either.

[Register or Login to view code]
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#14 - PS4 News - June 11, 2014 // 7:30 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Below is the PS3 EMPM Project which is a new program / app developed by 정지혜 (aka Jeongjihye).

Download: PS3 EMPM.7z

He created this program with the most used functions to help everyone who wants to mod an eboot or create packages, with this program you can:

  • Mod your own Eboots and create your own Packages.
  • Add your own cheats in your gamefile section.
  • This program supports Code Patterns, Usercheat and Netcheat codes.
  • Connect to PS3 using Ccapi or Tmapi (the one you prefer).
  • Can do Constant Writing for with the codes.
  • Auto Update Online Codelist everytime program is opened.
  • Make Patterns for eboots.
  • Supports CcAPI v2.50.

What 정지혜 plans to make this app do in the future?

He wants to create a complete mod tool and a library with all codes, so, he is working to add real-time memory viewer+real time edit (same as netcheat and ccapi debugger) and he always updating the program, everytime a new version is created, a message will appear saying "Update Avaliable".

Known issues in last update:

It keeps repeating a loop with the auto-update codelist, probably a little error in the commands, but he will fix it soon, but all other functions from app still works even with this auto-update loop.

If you wish to help with our code library (and know what you are doing), you can post in this same thread something like this:

[Register or Login to view code]

#13 - boxbundy - May 27, 2014 // 4:00 am
boxbundy's Avatar
The game region I used seems correct to me unless I'm missing something. I haven't updated the game ever.. it is straight off the disc to internal hdd. Am I supposed to update the game to a certain update for these cheats to work or is this correct?

the cheater program says everything is successful but the cheats don't work and after a minute the game freezes. If someone could check it (transformers war for cybertron and fall of cybertron) with their ps3 and let me know? I've never had much luck with cheats.

I got it to work. I had to update the game first.

One question though. How do you turn the cheat back off?

#12 - dok2033 - May 25, 2014 // 6:22 pm
dok2033's Avatar
I think you have to recheck the game region n game update 1st, Transformers last update supported is 1.01v,... delete all game updates if you are not sure.

#11 - boxbundy - May 25, 2014 // 2:40 am
boxbundy's Avatar
Was there a problem with it before? Is the lost dll the cause for transformers freezing?

#10 - dok2033 - May 24, 2014 // 10:56 am
dok2033's Avatar
Okey I add some lost dll and updated last cheat-list DB, works great with Resident Evil revelation, Army of the two TDC, Castlevania LOS-2.

So just fellow instructions above step by step as mentioned, have fun...