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April 9, 2012 // 10:06 pm - Not long ago PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Rtype released a Hatari v1.6.1 DBG Atari Emulator PS3 port, and today he is back with a Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG emulator port for PS3 as well.

For those unaware, Caprice32 is a software emulator of the Amstrad CPC 8-bit home computer series. The emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models.

Download: Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG Amstrad CPC 8-Bit Emulator PS3 Port / Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG Amstrad CPC 8-Bit Emulator PS3 Port (Source Code)

To quote: Originally, I was thinking about to not release to all until I update to the Caprice 4.2.0 version, but since I've no time left to solve some vdu bug in 4.2.0, I decide to release the dbg version based on the 4.1 version.

(as you can play some old good games with this version, but be sure to know what exactly is an Amstrad CPC computer before lunch it on the PS3 ) So ...

What?: A quick port of caprice32-4.1.0 to ps3 using PSL1GHTV2 / SDL.
Why? : It was the first computer i own.
Who? : Rtype

This is just an old Caprice32 version (4.1.0) for ps3 with psl1ght V2 sdk. Have no many freetime to work on it, so don't expect to much.

You will find binary in & source code (for those who want to look at) in be sure to read READMEPS3.TXT before install.

Original project from Ulrich Doewich at Caprice32 | Free System Administration software downloads at, so credits for him.

Finally, from the included ReadMe file:

A Lame Caprice32-4.1.0 DBG release for PS3.

What?: A quick port of caprice32-4.1.0 to ps3 using PSL1GHTV2.
Why? : It was the first computer i own.
Who? : Rtype

Caprice32-4.1.0 PS3/PSL1GHTV2

Modified source code for PS3 to compile and run on the sony PS3 with the PSL1GHTV2 SDK. You can download the caprice32 original source code here:

As you can see, this is the minimal hack to the original source code to compile and run under the PS3 with PSL1GHTV2 sdk.
All the credit of the caprice32 Emulator to Ulrich Doewich at

Also i use the psg.c & 6128.h & amsdos.h files from wiituka (author: dantoine) at

Know Problems:

  • Works with a real keyboard or you have to use my lame virtual keyboard
  • Virtual kbd is weak & wrong ...
  • Some pb with SDL1.2 caprice32 code (ex: code Keysym 1.2 different from 1.3) so i make quick dirty hack not all the keys are working ...
  • Sound not working as expected ,no time for now to look at the pb.
  • I've quickly coded a lame disk browser so only file with ext .dsk or .DSK (no more than 400) are showing the files are not sorting, and the browser/browsing is bad
  • I've not tested very well, just few games , so maybe other pb around ...

Sorry for all this problems but i hope you enjoy anyway somes old good games.

Quick Install & Start:

  • Create somes dir in /dev_hdd0/ : /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW and /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/amstrad
  • Put some cpc dsk (.dsk or .DSK , no zip) in : /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/
  • Install the pkg.
  • In emulator press L1 to load a dsk, then L2 for execute a CAT on dsk and see the name of executable, then L3 for write a RUN" and finally use kbd to write the name of executable and press return (or CIRCLE)


1) L1-> load arkanoid.dsk

2) L2-> cat
Drive A: user 0
133K free

3) L3-> run"

4) complete with kdb(real or virtual ) to have :

5) Press ENTER from kbd or Press CIRCLE to load game

6) Optional Press R3 to enable DBG and SOUND (beware Sound not working as expected)


Works with a real keyboard or use the lame wirtual keyboard .

1) In game

on ps3 joystick:

BCROSS= Button1 | X
BSQUARE= button2 | Z

on real kbd:

as expected (hum not really)

2) In the file dsk browser

LEFTSTICK_UP > scroll up
LEFTSTICK_DOWN > scroll down
BCROSS= load
BSQUARE= cancel

3) System key

on real kbd:

F5 reset
F6 loaddrive
F10 exit

on ps3 joystick:

L1 load dsk browser
R1 show virtual kbd
R2 valid a virtual key
L2 type cat + return
L3 type run"
R3 toggle DBG flag , IF DGB ON > show fps and sound on


START reset


  • add sna load/save
  • update to 4.2.0 source code
  • fix sound
  • fix keyboard
  • fix browser


Special thanks to :

Ulrich Doewich (Emulator author), dantoine for wiituka (i use psg.c & 6128.h amsdos.h from wiituka), All PS3DEV, KaKaRoTo (very big thanks for your works), Hermes, Oopo, Deroad... Bonjour chez vous!

Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG Amstrad CPC 8-Bit Emulator PS3 Port Arrives

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#3 - tayeb21 - April 11, 2012 // 11:21 pm
tayeb21's Avatar
thank you!

#2 - StanSmith - April 10, 2012 // 1:52 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
Create somes dir in /dev_hdd0/ : /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW and /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/amstrad
Put some cpc dsk (.dsk or .DSK , no zip) in : /dev_hdd0/HOMEBREW/ST/

Is that correct? It doesn't work for me.

#1 - elser1 - April 10, 2012 // 5:19 am
elser1's Avatar
i had an amstrad cpc 464 back in the day.. it can stay in my memories.. LOL

good work though as there where a few kool games