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September 22, 2010 // 6:42 pm - Yesterday Hermes released a modified PSGroove version for running PS3 backups without a disc in the drive, and today Ulmez on (linked above) has updated the installer to PS3 JailBreak Backup Manager 2 along with a Compatible Games list (below).

Download: PS3 JailBreak Backup Manager 2

This Backup Manager lets /bdvd link to app_home/PS3_GAME so to load your PS3 game backup with this manager will need to have one of the Hermes hex codes on your device. To install it just overwrite the existing one, you do not have to delete the currently installed Backup Manager.

Once you have Jailbroken your PS3 you can launch the backup manager. Select the game you want to load and press X. It should then drop you back to the XMB. Now select app_home/PS3_GAME and press X. If all went well your game should load without a disc in the drive.

Not all games are work yet with Backup Manager 2 without a game disc in the drive, with an internal or external hard disk drive, so in the PS3 JailBreak Game Compatibility List add "Backup Manager 2" to the notes section if you used it in your results.

Here are my Backup Manager 2 PS3 game results thus far:

• 3D Dot Hero - External HDD - Working
• Donates Inferno - External HDD - Black Screen System Lockup
• Boarderlands - External HDD - Black Screen System Lockup

Finally, to quote, roughly translated: "Thanks to the work of Hermes is possible to load backups without having a BluRay on the reader, but as we all know the Backup Manager is leaving us for the work load a game without the disk inside.

But thanks to a very nice anonymous user that is no longer a problem because this program has been modified to not ask for the disc. So, in conclusion, it is possible to play without a disc in the console

To install it is not necessary to remove the previous one, just what you copy to a flash drive and instalais. The console will tell you that already exists and you will be prompted to overwrite it (if the ID matches, leads the original), you accept and go. Also respect your installed games on the hard disk, which is welcome.


It is important to you to know that not having a disc in the console BluRay icon appears in the XMB, you ought to go to the "app / games" to load from there select the match after the Backup Manager.


Some games do not load if no disk in drive nonetheless. Apparently not too many, but can be solved by inserting a disc, as with the original Backup Manager. Not a problem if the Backup Manager or PSGroove.

Remember that it is necessary to have the latest revision of PSGroove with Hermes changes "

Backup Manager 2 for PS3 JailBreak Arrives, Compatible Games

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#143 - ChillyCat - September 29, 2010 // 3:50 am
ChillyCat's Avatar
PS3 lookin great on a 65"

#142 - PS4 News - September 29, 2010 // 3:41 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by wakababy View Post
Lio, what patch did you make to do an autoboot game (without returning to XMB first)?

If I had to guess, he is referring to the QStart POC "Start PS3 Games Directly From XMB" that was posted a few days back here:

#141 - wakababy - September 29, 2010 // 2:10 am
wakababy's Avatar
Lio, what patch did you make to do an autoboot game (without returning to XMB first)?

I'm very curious

#140 - RapidSpark - September 29, 2010 // 2:06 am
RapidSpark's Avatar
I just have to say this. Everyone has reported many games not working, especially on that of:

With the hermes update for the Ti-84 Plus and backup manager 2 I have successfully backed up all my games and ran them without ANY issues. The list as follows:

Blur (needs any ps3 disc in hd)
Wangan Midnight
Initial D Extreme Stage
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
UFC Undisputed 2010
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (needs any ps3 disc in hd)
Spiderman Shattered Dimensions
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
Dragon Age Origins

Wish this list could be stickied somewhere as to how perfect its working with this exploit. God bless. Will update list within a few days.

#139 - JugMuffin - September 27, 2010 // 10:49 pm
JugMuffin's Avatar
160GB slim with a Minimus using hermes teensy1.0.hex and Backup Manager 2...

I've tried Guitar Hero 3 and World Tour without disc, both appear to work perfectly. Can leave the game to go back and load another from manager. Rock Band 1 and the Metal Track Pack will not work even with a disc. They sit at the black screen, and when you exit the game it does a system reset so the hack is undone.

*e* - forgot to say, using internal drive.

#138 - kettenschutz - September 27, 2010 // 8:05 pm
kettenschutz's Avatar

got the first game ever to run on my SPI FLASH exploited FAT PS3. okay, its only Prototype, but it runs fine via BUM2 with HERMES flash.. hopefully theres more to come and play with.

#137 - metroo - September 27, 2010 // 11:39 am
metroo's Avatar

Hi Tillman,

I'm using your compiled .hex for olimex. And I use the Backupmanager for No-Disk Support. It runs better than before, without question.

First I thought all games are working now, but some games:
~ Some games only load if original game is available.
~ When Game start from BM directly, there are many error messages like cannot install trophy, not enough space for install game on internal HD
~ Some error codes
~ Freeze in BM already, so not possible to change to app_home

ATM i`m not able to start RE5 Gold Edition. Tried internal/external HD. Tried with/without disk. Tried backupmanager 1.0/2.0.And tried old .hex for 1.0 BM but dont work either. Game installs and says Installation complete. and then black screen, but I can stop game.

Any sugesstions ? I don`t want install a BM which can only play self backuped games. That's stupid I think.

#136 - kettenschutz - September 27, 2010 // 5:14 am
kettenschutz's Avatar
hi, thx for the reply.. already tried the extreme bum, same issue.

#135 - p666 - September 27, 2010 // 1:12 am
p666's Avatar
[QUOTE=NinjaOptimus;312813]on page 4 or 5 there's a bunch of new BM2.0 versions but they all load from hdd0/Gamez. instead of loading from hdd0/launch12345/gamez.

#134 - tonyqc - September 27, 2010 // 1:05 am
tonyqc's Avatar
ok tired to wait here is a hex and a backupmanager working with all games.

oh, and the led works