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October 12, 2011 // 2:14 pm - Today is a good day for Atelier-series fans! Similar to Disgaea 4 PS3 translation patch released earlier, Tidusnake666 on PS3 News has updated his work in progress and now shared a PS3 translation v0.1 of the Japanese version of Atelier Totori: The Alchemist of Arland 2.

Few thing to note before reading on:

  • Translation was done with Microsoft Translator API based program, so sometimes it, frankly saying, doesn't make sense. But, story messages are natively (officially) English, although there're some padding problems, but they do make sense.
  • Pretty much everything (skills, side-dialogues, locations, names, items, ingredients, even bestiary and much more) was parsed in translation, but approx.10% of text remained untranslated with original Japanese words. But I'm sure you can figure it out
  • Voice acting will be in Japanese (cons of Japanese EBOOT)
  • The game is fully untested, so there may be crashes, although I checked everything byte-by-byte.
  • If you don't like it, do it better!


0. Obtain both JP (BLJM60241) and US (BLUS30735) version dumps of the game. Delete any game data on PS3 you have (you can leave your saves) We'll be using US version as a base.
1. Replace US folder "PS3_GAME\USRDIR\Res\Sound" with the equivalent Japanese one.
2. Replace US PARAM.SFO with Japanese one
3. Replace US EBOOT.BIN with patched Japanese one: Atelier Totori: The Alchemist of Arland 2 PS3 Translation v0.1 EBOOT (pass:
4. Copy US version game on your ext./int. HDD, enjoy and play!


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland PS3 Translation v0.1 Out

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#67 - monte91 - October 20, 2011 // 6:25 pm
monte91's Avatar
Is padding the issue where the text runs off screen?

#66 - Tidusnake666 - October 20, 2011 // 6:10 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
It's really working and only 6 mb because of ELF comression implemented. Try to delete installed game data and repeat the fix from the beginning. It works. Really

And about Asian version, I have no idea. It may work, or it may not. Have no clue. Try it and report back

#65 - ness151 - October 20, 2011 // 4:12 pm
ness151's Avatar
Do you know if this would work for the Asian version (BCAS-20124)?

#64 - djcoston - October 20, 2011 // 5:25 am
djcoston's Avatar
This fix not works for me

It's the right Atelier Totori JPN eboot on the first post? looks like the original eboot has 20 Mb and the fix only 6Mb O_O

But thanks for all work on this and Disgaea 4

#63 - gama30 - October 20, 2011 // 12:46 am
gama30's Avatar
Great working fix

#62 - Tidusnake666 - October 18, 2011 // 6:29 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
at last, I've updated the first page! Thanks everyone!

One russian PS3-scene related site shared this news, and download counter for this patch was over 3600+ hits for just a few days!

#61 - Lezard - October 17, 2011 // 5:38 pm
Lezard's Avatar
Oh indeed! my bad... after re-installing, it worked,got the events now , Thank you very much

#60 - Tidusnake666 - October 17, 2011 // 4:08 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Lezard, maybe you forgot to reinastall game data? Delete it and then let the game install once more. It works. Tested now with Chim in Totori's and Rorona's Atelier, works as a charm

Also, necroziel, +Rep for you, eboot re-encrypted, and it works! Continue working!

Also, I'll make edits to first post later on!

#59 - Lezard - October 17, 2011 // 3:52 pm
Lezard's Avatar
Yes i have tried this too, replaced them already and it won't help for the problem i have listed above.

#58 - Tidusnake666 - October 17, 2011 // 3:45 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Lezard, great thanks for feedback! Also, have you tried this fix (posted some posts ago):

"Replace "EventCheck" and "eventprocess" folders with japanese ones!"