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March 10, 2012 // 9:26 pm - Following up on their previous release, this weekend Iranian PlayStation 3 developers AS-Team have released ASToolPS3 version 2.3, which is a PS3 homebrew tool suite application for Windows users.

Download: ASToolPS3 v2.3 PS3 Homebrew Tool Suite / ASToolPS3 v2.3 PS3 Homebrew Tool Suite (Mirror)

To quote, roughly translated on the current features and changes:

ASToolPS3 v2.3 PS3 Changes:

  • Added right-click to extract the package files (ie you have this option or do not do this)
  • Added possibility to check firmware (Czech md5, firmware type and firmware version, eg firmware or any I do not know and I'm told. jailbreak firmware)
  • Added Game Tools tab
  • Added ability to package the easiest possible way! The most convenient method in which a child could do it 5 months. (I say that with hard work behind this was simply a tough kid from the team address)
  • Added possibility to convert a package to a package! For example, you can play the 2 or 3 pkg files as they are updated or crack Ydvnh package to convert.
  • Added the possibility to build SFB files
  • Added ability to decode
  • Added methods of using the AS fixed EBOOT MM is much simpler and better
  • Bug EBOOT Fisk
  • Update to find the game ID (about 2-3 seconds before the mess and some did not but now I find updated Harrow ID)
  • Snd several additions and bug fixes I like more (Added icons to the top bar, click Restart, deleting temp is getting better, making the guide, select Help for Farsi)

ASToolPS3 v2.3 PS3 Features:

  • Editing SFO
  • SFO fast version changed files, for example, changes to 3.55
  • Change the file ID SFO
  • Convert ELF to BIN
  • Convert BIN to ELF
  • Fixed Aybvt easy games
  • Ability to create backups of fixed Aybvt
  • PKG package file extraction
  • Patch Files Package PKG
  • By PKG package file ID
  • PKG package of games to become fully PSN network
  • Into the game with a manager and run the package PKG WSWG method without installing additional software
  • PKG package and go into the game play data and run from within manager
  • PKG into the game through the options to copy the game and manager 2DIR 2 packages every 2 to a file folder and Jdagvnh
  • External hard drive formatted as Fat 32
  • Reduce size and minimize the game to other languages ​​like French and other parts that reduce the size of my game
  • Find the firmware version inside Windows
  • Ability to create PS3_DISC.SFB
  • Possible to find the firmware information
  • Find a new software update
  • Packages can merge multiple files (for example, play and mix two packages Kirk)
  • Right-click the file in a rapid extraction
  • 2 English and Farsi
  • The easiest way to create package files
  • Ability to change between English and Persian languages
  • Find a new software update

What is New in This Version?

This version has extra features added. First feature that ADD this version is new method For EBOOT Fix. This method is exclusive to AS-Team and is much better than previous methods. Just Select output for fixed file.

Second feature That added is Simple PKG Extractor. This extractor is easiest method for extracting your Package. When you enable this feature, a new option in right click menu called “Extract PKG” is added. Now just go on your PKG file and right-click on it & select “Extract PKG” for extracting your Package.

Third feature that is added is “PKG Builder”. With this option you can easily build your favorite Package. This is easiest method is in world to build a Package.

Fourth feature that is added is “Build PS3_Disk.SFB”. With ASTOOLSPS3 you can build your favorite PS3_Disk.SFB.

Fifth feature that can be named the greatest feature added is “All in One Package”

What is That? If you remember Duplex games are 3 files:

*DUPLEX.*.Patch.vX.XX.pkg if any

With this application for the first time, you can merge them in a PKG file and instead of three PKG files just one PKG file to install. This feature is great! Also a new option for decryption PKG files Added in this version.

And latest feature that is added is “Find FW Information” Just select your PUP file to see your all information as MD5 And OFW /CFW /JFW/MFW

Other Features

  • Ability to provide backup Before Fix EBOOT
  • ID And Real name of PKG Finder
  • Convert all files to play a pkg (WSW procedure and PSN, and GDS)
  • Convert ELF to EBOOT.BIN
  • Convert EBOOT.BIN to ELF
  • Editing PARAM.SFO
  • Internal and external hard drive formatted to FAT32 (for PS3)
  • Useful links about games and PS3
  • Internal software for ps3
  • Construction of fixed EBOOT
  • Rip 3D Files And Extra Language
  • Two Language (English And Persian)
  • And...

ASToolPS3 v2.3 PS3 Homebrew Tool Suite by AS-Team is Released

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#13 - absarhegde - March 11, 2012 // 10:04 pm
absarhegde's Avatar
Here is the picture and a crash report.

[Register or Login to view code]

#12 - Tidusnake666 - March 11, 2012 // 7:34 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Guys, I have a hint why it crashes for some of you - the default language is Persian, so make sure your OS has "Support for the eastern languages" installed!

Succcessfully tested on Win7 x64 US distro with eastern fonts installed (sometimes type japanese )

#11 - windrider42 - March 11, 2012 // 6:18 pm
windrider42's Avatar
yes, it works fine.

#10 - julianog412 - March 11, 2012 // 6:17 pm
julianog412's Avatar
I really don't know man, but here it's working great, and there is no need for changing compatibility mode.


#9 - matomato - March 11, 2012 // 6:13 pm
matomato's Avatar
great and useful toolkit, works a charm on windows7 x86 (32bit)

#8 - absarhegde - March 11, 2012 // 6:07 pm
absarhegde's Avatar
then why its not working on windows 7 64bit..

#7 - julianog412 - March 11, 2012 // 6:04 pm
julianog412's Avatar
It's working great on my Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64 Bit.

Thanks for the program, it's really great

#6 - absarhegde - March 11, 2012 // 4:30 pm
absarhegde's Avatar
did anyone try it on windows 7 64bit ??

#5 - Tidusnake666 - March 11, 2012 // 3:49 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
That's A LOT of tools all-in-one!

Grabbing this!

#4 - master32820 - March 11, 2012 // 9:07 am
master32820's Avatar
great job!