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August 24, 2009 // 11:01 am - Over the weekend geohot, famous for unlocking Apple's iPhone, has posted a few tweets on his Twitter account that he has began looking into hacking Sony's PS3 console.

He has also dropped by our Forums to enquire about the PS3 Hypervisor Decryption Keys, and has been in touch with CJPC via IRC as well.

To date, geohot has reported the following via tweets:

"ooo got access to a couple more pages of ram...still no hypervisor there tho. it's hiding in the top 2 MB.

anyone know if the 360 guys had a pt hypervisor to reverse?

my goal is to break out of the hypervisor... then see what my morals will allow.

gotta flip one little bit to hack the ps3. unfortunately the ps3 doesn't want me to flip it.

so, the hypervisor is in the first 0x1000 pages of RAM...think I could just pull an address line down and dump? not from kernel tho

PS3 memory map ... why did I think this would be useful again? i really want these dumps @ bootloader

it'd be nice if that worked, linux accesses sandboxed part of nand... 4mb of uselesses.

hacking the PS3, not hacked in three years how long will it take me?"

Apple iPhone Unlocker GeoHot Begins Hacking Sony's PS3

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#101 - Madell - September 7, 2009 // 6:11 pm
Madell's Avatar
I think that the slim has improved security on the hardware side. Just my 2 cents

#100 - wepownzyou - September 7, 2009 // 5:28 pm
wepownzyou's Avatar
Maybe Someone should have a look at the Slim Console... new/changed Hardware...Maybe Sony forget something to change. Just a thought.

#99 - Madell - September 7, 2009 // 3:55 pm
Madell's Avatar
I don't think the ps3 will be unlocked this year. I sure would hope so. But it's like 3 months remaining, and I think that by then the dev team will understand the dev tool and could make progress. Can someone give Geohot proper tools so he can go further!

#98 - UnlockIt - September 7, 2009 // 8:51 am
UnlockIt's Avatar
With Geohot and with the big ps3tool for ps3dev team, this year will definitly be the year where the Ps3 will be unlocked ;p

Keep up the good work dudes.

#97 - Ihatecompvir - September 5, 2009 // 7:05 pm
Ihatecompvir's Avatar
One of the things I'm looking forward to if the PS3 gets hacked is mods for games installed as PKG's, meaning no backup games.

#96 - agentnumber2 - September 5, 2009 // 4:27 pm
agentnumber2's Avatar
I think geo is looking for something akin to the xbox 360 hack (not quite the same, but he's looking for some points in the hardware to access something)

We'll see what he brings in the next little while.

#95 - SCE - September 5, 2009 // 3:07 pm
SCE's Avatar
news from geohot... he is really persistent which is good

@Sniglum turns out the hypervisor blocks the hw irq disable. call to hv irq function worked.

ps3 going back together, guess my screwdriver and resistor aren't high tech enough. have to wait for land of scopes and FPGAs

#94 - Demonhill - September 5, 2009 // 9:38 am
Demonhill's Avatar
Someone know if it's true that geohot switch into hardware? What he can search on hardware? BD firmware pach ?

Thank to all for answer.

#93 - tallguynb - September 4, 2009 // 5:49 pm
tallguynb's Avatar
Although GeoHot has had great success in the past, I'm willing to bet the ps3 will be a challenge, even for him.. especially alone. Here's hoping he joins up for a united effort... or at least shares his findings.

#92 - PS4 News - September 4, 2009 // 11:03 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by final94 View Post
Is this thingy, probably ordered by cjpc, a developer unit? is it now possible for the dev team to program all they want?

Yes, more details are linked here on it:
Quote Originally Posted by final94 View Post
is george hotz in the dev team of ps3news?

Not at this time, but he's been invited... see here:
Quote Originally Posted by final94 View Post
what is needed from IBM? Maybe i can help

If you work there and can be of help, definitely Contact Us and we will reply with more details... the documentation/files we are currently seeking from someone 'on the inside' at IBM isn't something that should be discussed on public forums.